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Found 9 results

  1. So in my attempt to link my steam account to the Bohemia account, I got a message saying that my steam account is already linked to another Bohemia account, something I don't remember doing. Years ago I attempted to link my steam account to the BI account through the Ylands game, and got a email is already used or some other message, and haven't tried since. I wanna nip this now and be able to use my steam progress for the mobile version of this game. I was told that if I can't link the accounts on my own, I have to ask a developer to help, hence why I'm posting this now. Can someone help me with this?
  2. Oyunu Steam'den indirdim ve misafir hesabıyla giriş yaptım. Daha sonra hesabı BI hesabıyla ilişkilendirmeye çalıştım ve "Profilin BI hesabına bağlandı Keyfini çıkar" yazıyordu. Bu, misafir hesabımın artık gerçek bir hesap olduğu anlamına mı geliyor? Profil adım btw değişmedi. Hesabım şimdi gerçek bir hesap mı yoksa hala misafir hesabı mı? Aynı görünüyor o yüzden kafam karıştı ?
  3. I am trying to connect my iOS Ylands application to the same account I use on my PC. After entering my age, and u/p I need to enter my 2 factor Authentication details. Sometimes this works and then I’ve got a screen telling me it is synchronizing, but it hangs. Other times the 2FA isn’t working. So I am not able to connect the app to my account.
  4. PercyCreeper

    Can´t get my old account

    Hello, I played Ylands before the 1.0 release, and after that I wanted to use the link account button, because why not? But now I couldn´t choose my old name, PercyCreeper and named myself now PercyC, but is there a way to get my old name back? It say´s, that the name is used... (My YLands name is PercyCreeper, but my Charakters name isn´t) Hope you can help me, Percy Edit: I think I was given a complete new account... Is that somehow able to be fixed?
  5. I have the problem, that I can´t acces my old account because I used the linking feature (I don´t want to name my new account right know, because I want my old name, so Im stuck at the naming screen, so I don´t know if I can acces my other account). Is it possible to get my old account back or at least get my name and money back? My old account´s name was PercyCreeper and as I said, my new one doesn´t have a name yet, because of the possibility, that I can get my old name back. Hope you can do something.?
  6. First of all, is my old account gone? Because I thought the button would just connect the account with the forum, but it created a new account (maybe a bug?), now I must name the new accound, but the names I used are giving an error (is it because of no special letters like " " "_"and numbers?), my old account was "PercyCreeper" and my new account has no name... Hoope you can help me, but my last post was kinda like ignored....
  7. LilouNaylou

    link an account

    Hi ! I do not understant why in the section "My profile", in Bohemia Interactive Account there is noted : account ready to link. Can someone answer me about this, please? How to link my acount? This is a french account :-). Thanks ! Lilou
  8. hello can any dev help my problem? i lose all my item and i lose my current character after i logout.. when i try to login its required i must create new character and after i made a character i cant find any my item (i was logout in my home building) and in my new character i didnt get letter (usually get one after died) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Launcher uses email name for greeting instead of the Bohemia Account nickname ("username"). See attached screenshot for reference