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  1. mid endian

    Does write to log work in MP

    It will likely be created in the same directory as where the server is being started from. I can try some tests tonight after work and see myself.
  2. mid endian

    I'm excited for patch 0.12!

    Administrative tools or console commands, an ability to create our own Explorer map without the severe restrictions that the current editor has. That is something I keep looking forward to, and hope we all get some day.
  3. We could really use something like this. Sometimes we have to make use of several events at once, just referencing a global function isn't enough.
  4. yeah, it's happening to me too. I'd like to know how to remove this invulnerable state, and if there's something I can do on another's server.
  5. We have keychains and maps that stay on our characters after death. Why hasn't the Creator Cube been set up in a similar way? All I'm suggesting is if a person has the cube in their inventory, it stays on them after respawning. Manually dropping would be the only way to remove it from inventory.
  6. mid endian

    My protective barrier didn't recognize me

    I learned the personal generator can be placed in a composite. If you could place a complete but unowned generator in the game, you can then composite it in the editor. Afterwards, just Afterwords, just place that in exchange of the one that doesn't recognize you anymore, then just switch it on and take ownership again.
  7. mid endian

    What are you playing this weekend?

    Shadow of War. Felt it worth a go since microtransactions were removed.
  8. I used to be able to put a basket, torch or Lantern, on a raft or small boat. Now I can't put any place a bowl on a raft, even in free place mode. This has happened on every server I joined, would like to know if others have this problem too.
  9. mid endian

    Petition to re-add first person view

    Yeah, this can't wait until the next update. We need a hotfix soon, so much of what we do in the game is now unplayable without first person.
  10. mid endian

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-13344] logs drop in floor

    This needs to be fixed now. We shouldn't have to wait for the next major update, so I hope we see a hot fix that deals with objects stuck below terrain instead of dropping on top of it.
  11. mid endian

    Need help with a buying script

    Think you'd have to dig through an array of player inventory that adds up the gold total.
  12. mid endian

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-11208] creator cube failure?

    Far as I know, the creator chive doesn't protect from drowning. Power helmet is required. I honestly thought that that was by design.
  13. mid endian

    Ylands - Change time of day in editor

    Scripted weather seems pretty buggy. Wasn't able to switch from a snowstorm to a clear Day by interacting with two separate objects. Using a delayed seems to work, but then it only works once and that's it.
  14. mid endian

    What's Wrong?

    We are also missing tools to help manage the servers. There is no god mode for the admins, no way to call up objects without need of a creator cube, not even a way to get a creator cube. If we are not able to edit exploration games once this is out of Early Access, we need these tools before that ever happens. Like, several patches ago.
  15. I like this idea. we take for granted ore deposits on numerous MMO games, but this does allow control of scarcity, and respawning of each resource. probably doable from an exploration map as well.