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  1. So in my attempt to link my steam account to the Bohemia account, I got a message saying that my steam account is already linked to another Bohemia account, something I don't remember doing. Years ago I attempted to link my steam account to the BI account through the Ylands game, and got a email is already used or some other message, and haven't tried since. I wanna nip this now and be able to use my steam progress for the mobile version of this game. I was told that if I can't link the accounts on my own, I have to ask a developer to help, hence why I'm posting this now. Can someone help me with this?
  2. mid endian

    Next Update?

    Two things I see that can help with this problem. Allow ownership of different structures and ships. Second, allow host to set a toggle that can restrict the destruction of structures and ships. This can give more control against griefing should the host of that area set it like that. Also having ownership of buildings, means no need for a demo hammer. You would be the only one able to get all the parts back on it, unless you share it with another who is helping you on a build, or give ownership to another.
  3. mid endian

    Next Update?

    If player griefing is an issue then, player generator can be restricted to Islands only you start. The main issue is the use of the demolition hammer. Having it tied specifically to the player generator that you can lose very easily, creates an obstacle to revising your creation in the new exploration mode.
  4. I must say, for paid DLC content, exploration mode needs a lot of work, and more time and resources put into it. Perhaps an option for the older exploration style, where Birds had to be found that can guide you to other Islands, and trees would let you gather sticks another items from them. At least give players a choice of which exploration style they want to use, old versus new, but with the new creatures and graphics.
  5. mid endian

    Not enough resources for multiplayer

    So then put the choice into the host. Make it so we can set up whether sticks can be taken from trees like it used to be. At a minimum though, no knife, no teching upward. Running out of Flint on that new starting island is just way too easy. Instead of griefing problems, you have a recipe block that new players can't even get past, whether on an open server or not. Some options prior to setting up an exploration game, would mitigate much of this and at the host's decision. It's not really a fair comparison, but there is a few games that allow you to set up survival maps and toggle on certain features on or off before creating it. Can't the same be done for this game?
  6. mid endian

    save the horses and farm animals ..

    Perhaps a way to add a radial action that will remove your own horse from the world, so you can then call it later on.
  7. mid endian

    Terraformer Question

    Didn't you demonstrate the dirt method in a video recently?
  8. mid endian

    Questions on weather system

    That's good to know. I guess we'll have to set weather to none globally for weather at each position as well m I also assume weather changes are tied to game hour and not real time, as weather patterns change when sleeping.
  9. mid endian

    Questions on weather system

    Since we've been able to create exploration custom maps through the editor, I've been wondering how weather is handled by the game. Does it automatically progress on each biome independent of one another, and will it stop working if I use a weather script command for a custom weather pattern I want to set up? Does custom weather stop the default weather patterns from operate once I use them? My worry is I would have to set up a weather pattern for every single Island, even if I affect one of them locally. I've looked and couldn't find a command that forces weather back to a default state.
  10. mid endian

    RESOLVED [YLD-16004] Naming Composition Bug

    Basically all the movement controls and the third person mode are still active when punching in the name of your composition. I don't know how to get it to stop when I'm typing, so I just Ctrl C and Ctrl V from a notepad file.
  11. mid endian

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    For at least an ability for us to mod in an AI ourselves. Developers made some noises about possibly using Java to write code in the future. That opens up a lot of possibilities provided the API allows it.
  12. mid endian

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    Looking forward to that AI patch too
  13. mid endian

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    Even if the developers don't plan to add domestication to the game, I'd still like the option to set it up ourselves.
  14. mid endian

    Just wanted to say thanks to Ylands devs!

    Okay, that is pretty cool. You don't even need to create something in the editor, just load up the current save and optimize the heck out of it in one go.
  15. mid endian

    Ability to disable crafting of certain items

    If this is for the server, it might be better to do the opposite. Make certain areas that can be modified but when they leave, they can't plant or dig out the terrain.