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  1. mid endian

    Terraformer Question

    Didn't you demonstrate the dirt method in a video recently?
  2. mid endian

    Questions on weather system

    That's good to know. I guess we'll have to set weather to none globally for weather at each position as well m I also assume weather changes are tied to game hour and not real time, as weather patterns change when sleeping.
  3. mid endian

    Questions on weather system

    Since we've been able to create exploration custom maps through the editor, I've been wondering how weather is handled by the game. Does it automatically progress on each biome independent of one another, and will it stop working if I use a weather script command for a custom weather pattern I want to set up? Does custom weather stop the default weather patterns from operate once I use them? My worry is I would have to set up a weather pattern for every single Island, even if I affect one of them locally. I've looked and couldn't find a command that forces weather back to a default state.
  4. mid endian

    RESOLVED [YLD-16004] Naming Composition Bug

    Basically all the movement controls and the third person mode are still active when punching in the name of your composition. I don't know how to get it to stop when I'm typing, so I just Ctrl C and Ctrl V from a notepad file.
  5. mid endian

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    For at least an ability for us to mod in an AI ourselves. Developers made some noises about possibly using Java to write code in the future. That opens up a lot of possibilities provided the API allows it.
  6. mid endian

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    Looking forward to that AI patch too
  7. mid endian

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    Even if the developers don't plan to add domestication to the game, I'd still like the option to set it up ourselves.
  8. mid endian

    Just wanted to say thanks to Ylands devs!

    Okay, that is pretty cool. You don't even need to create something in the editor, just load up the current save and optimize the heck out of it in one go.
  9. mid endian

    Ability to disable crafting of certain items

    If this is for the server, it might be better to do the opposite. Make certain areas that can be modified but when they leave, they can't plant or dig out the terrain.
  10. mid endian

    Lazy Players..

    Custom console commands can also be used to do administrative tasks, spawn in Creator Cube for cleanup or four setting specific areas, and the admin list can be checked using a group label of some sort.
  11. mid endian

    Does write to log work in MP

    It will likely be created in the same directory as where the server is being started from. I can try some tests tonight after work and see myself.
  12. mid endian

    I'm excited for patch 0.12!

    Administrative tools or console commands, an ability to create our own Explorer map without the severe restrictions that the current editor has. That is something I keep looking forward to, and hope we all get some day.
  13. We could really use something like this. Sometimes we have to make use of several events at once, just referencing a global function isn't enough.
  14. yeah, it's happening to me too. I'd like to know how to remove this invulnerable state, and if there's something I can do on another's server.
  15. We have keychains and maps that stay on our characters after death. Why hasn't the Creator Cube been set up in a similar way? All I'm suggesting is if a person has the cube in their inventory, it stays on them after respawning. Manually dropping would be the only way to remove it from inventory.