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  1. Hi There, The amount of wooden blocks which can be created from a log seems incorrect. So is the number of blocks 2*2*2 equal to the number of 1*1*1. This way it's cost less logs to create floor of 4*4*1 than when I create the same floor with 1*1*1. In the example included you can see that despite the size, the amount of blocks which can be created is the same. Please safe (my) planet from deforestation ;-). Kind regards, Rob
  2. I am trying to connect my iOS Ylands application to the same account I use on my PC. After entering my age, and u/p I need to enter my 2 factor Authentication details. Sometimes this works and then I’ve got a screen telling me it is synchronizing, but it hangs. Other times the 2FA isn’t working. So I am not able to connect the app to my account.
  3. Hi, Some suggestions for the new exploration: - The new exploration is great the only downside is the absence of ores. As indicated in other replies ores should be found in caves but with only a stone spear it is too hard/impossible to kill all the mutated animals when not having an iron sword. Please make it possible to choose the availability of ores (abundant or scarce). Or a little iron ore on the first Yland - When on a horseback wild animals won't respond when driving by. I'm not sure if this is 'by design'. Now it is possible to drive in a cave on horseback and all the mutated animals won't respond. This is great to find resources and for now a solution to my 'lack of resources' problem. - Wish: when on horseback I like to have the ability to use a weapon But overall great refresh of the exploration, the adventure is back Kind regard, Rob