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  1. yumikaze

    Dev Diary #45

    too far from my country
  2. yumikaze

    Dev Diary #25

    great update!!!
  3. Bug in Ylands can you check it? i died 2x today !!
  4. my character keep falling before died with weird background
  5. im in single player mode and today i lose my character again. after i click alchemist table, i summoned to weird place. and here my screenshoot and new error. should i send you my save game? output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. hello can any dev help my problem? i lose all my item and i lose my current character after i logout.. when i try to login its required i must create new character and after i made a character i cant find any my item (i was logout in my home building) and in my new character i didnt get letter (usually get one after died) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. can you add offline mode and vsync? my fps too high to play this game I want to caps 60
  8. yumikaze

    Dev Diary #23

    can you add offline mode? my account shared with my lil brother to play pubg
  9. yumikaze

    Translation of Ylands

    i can help Indonesian language