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  1. HetNeSS

    Dev Diary #53

    FPS are noticeable, agreed. Jumped straight up from "normal" graphic settings to "ultra" with stable 60 fps all the time around. I do starting to kinda like those updates, really. Like, smooth and not quite celebration-like, but in the end, it makes a difference
  2. HetNeSS

    Dev Diary #51

    I would prefer the water physics personally. Hadn't seen any gamebreaking bugs or stuff that's supposedly missing or some sort. There is not much to do in-game along the house building and naval expeditions, and that's a little bit of a problem on my thought
  3. HetNeSS

    Dev Diary #24

    Happy holidays, guys! And have a great time
  4. Happens only sometimes by quick non-stop clicking on any processing button so game would not process properly the item processing requests. The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object 'SceneManager') is missing! (Filename: Line: 1744) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. Seem to happen with every block if it was collected too quickly for system to understand it was been tooked/crafted/picked up. Sometimes the missing icons may result of images being located under the inventory grille, in place of those with dark coloured things at the background which do surround the inventory panel. Same as this time, did enter the SP game, cut down a hell of a lot of trees, did shoot a crossbow into some flying in the air logs, did continue the mass-cutoff while collecting all the goodies. When he turned back to get back home, he noticed that the one stack of wood logs (i believe?) has been gone missing. Immediately closed the game, and sent a report to this topic output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt (Just some time earlier, 3 items has been bugged out in a row (maybe more, hard to tell. 3 for sure))
  6. HetNeSS

    Couple suggestions for the map

    Developers did confirmed on the steam discussions forum that something like that will come in the distant future. Having a hard time to locate my base each time using the map for myself http://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/1/1499000547472714195/
  7. HetNeSS

    Sailing the seas

    Well, you can usually hear the birds, so..
  8. Corn cannot be transformed into a roasted vegetables at the cooking spot.
  9. There is multiple glass panels available at the kiln menu. Although they're being different in size, they're still named the exact same way, making it hard to recognize between each other outside of the crafting requirements menu
  10. Iron hammer can't be put in the crafting order by using blacksmith station using the same kind of iron hammer. Although it was been described that the creation of the iron hammer can be done with any kind of hammers, but it does not approve the iron kind of hammer, forcing players to use stone hammers instead to put the iron hammer into the crafting order. DxDiag.txt
  11. You can plant multiple seeds into the exact the same location. Surprisingly noone did reported that already. Or maybe it's just too obvious to developers not being known about this bug already. Still, posting it here, just in case.
  12. Seems like this can affect other items as well. Same problem was with pieces of charcoal, icon of which was spotted being missing after wandering around the production area of the base. It may break each time it shifts into the character inventory screen from the klin. Each time the item was being added into a stack by game, by it's means. At least it's my very best guess so far. To conquier this, you may free your 10th slot of quick-access bar on the HUD, so new-crafted items will shift this way. If the operation was done this way, item icon is being shown in the quickbar slot without any breakages. From there you can pull it icon from the quickbar to any other desired slot to be able to use it in any time, and the icon on the quick access bar will remain in existence, but the one in your inventory will remain missing by any case.
  13. In changelog list of version 0.6.41974 was mentioned that the red shells was being removed. Still there is a recipe including red shells in it, for the red pigment. Including the image below. DxDiag.txt
  14. Well.. I think I now do understand why it was done this way. Small-size blocks, while being more "effective" at building, do hit block rendering limitation quite soon, so.. You have to use big-sized objects for construction, whereever do you like it or not.