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Found 17 results

  1. Ylands has grown and changed a lot since I started playing the early access game. Most of the changes have been wonderful, but some of them have definitely lessened my enjoyment of the game. The last several updates have unfortunately come with several changes that are making it harder for me to enjoy the game. Most of the "nerfing" of items is frustrating, but adding cobalt to making a copper wire seems a bit of a stretch. It seems like you are working to make the game harder with the nerfing you are doing and with enemies that can kill you, but you can't fight back, like sharks and ghosts. It seems to me that the "kill anything that moves before it kills you" type of game is a dime a dozen. I really dislike those games as it is very stressful to me, but it seems you want to make Ylands one of those games. The part I love about Ylands is the multiplayer where you set your barrier and can be neighbors with people you don't know, but you can "meet" them and make new friends and help each other out. The latest thing that is draining my enjoyment of the game is not having the ability to turn the weather off any longer. I was so excited to search for the new island types to start my new home, but the weather has become a serious impediment to that. I know weather exists in real life, but it doesn't need to be so extreme in the game. Of the short amount of daylight hours I have to search islands, a good portion of those are spent waiting for the fog the clear enough that I can see, or the rain to stop so I can avoid objects in the water, and then wait on the fog to lift again. I'm losing my excitement over the game and that makes me very sad. I'm probably in the minority here, but I want my Ylands to be fun again.
  2. Raccoon-d673154438c9b428

    [Feedback] 20 Hour Playtime

    Hello there! I'm Samuel and i just want to share my game experience with you. I have a very small playtime (20 Hours) and finally reached the "endgame". The Game is impressiv, its fun and not as buggy as i expected. I'm gonna list my Pro & Contra in very short terms. My english is very bad so, already sorry for that. CONTRA 1. Terraforming is very buggy and not fun. 1.1 Flattening does not work that good atm, tried to make a cellar with Clay Blocks but the Dirt glitches into the cellar and trough the wall and so on. Sure its not that easy to make it work like we would wish to. 1.2 Miningbehavior feels strange, sometimes you "mine" a very big space and afterwards not a single voxel. Maybe a result of desync. 2. Worldgeneration is bad. Without the option to change some generation behaviors this will break my interest very soon. 2.1 I hate "Automatically generated Structures" and the "Loot Boxes" the most. 2.2 I would like to change the Map-Size to A. Unlimited or 40+ Ylands. (Yeah thats a Performance Thingy i know why its "limited".) 2.3 I would like to have the Ore-Patches mostly in the ground and very rare but very rich. (Opinionthingy, thats why i need a custom generation). 3. (Maybe not your Issue) Desync. After 15 Hours Coop i died to "clipping" - "glitching" animals, trough walls and trough tree's. I didnt hit a single hit with the spear yet. Our Current Bandwidth is 1.8Mbits and we sit next to each other. (Sure its still Internet-delay) 4. (Not that big Issue) Useless Cosmetics (Opinionthingy since you focus on both Exploring and Custom Games its fine i think) 5. Crafting Search sucks hard. PRO 1. Very sweet graphic's and good Voxel Generation/Sprites (Example Picture) 1.1 Good Atmospheric design style -> Cave's are really spooky. The Ocean is very "Heavy" as Wooden Rift. 1.2 Animals are fancy too. 1.3 Overall all Items/Workstations are very good. 2. Craftingsystem is really good for a "click-craft" mechanic. 3. Blueprint system with the camera is a great idea. 4. Its fun! 5. Book's with real content are awesome. 6. You could basically do everything you want. 7. Researchsystem is really good. The "Key-Items" helps too. SUGGESTIONS 1. I would like to have more deepth, actually its really good for the start, even as DLC its okay. (With the kiln etc.) 2. Modding Support. Everygame benefits from it. Some games are only still alive because of it. 3. Community Discord, i've read a bunch about you talk about it but that was 2017. It feels much better to talk to a person live than with a great downtime. Sure its much more work for you or you're community manager but as customer its an awesome feature. 4. Backpacks 5. Remake or Improve some Animations, a bunch of it glitches or looks very bad for the situation. Overall its a very good game for an Alpha Stage and i hope i see more great Updates. PS: Your "Not-A-Robot" buggs. Samuel
  3. TheGous4

    Feedback and Ideas

    Hello, I only Played the Game now for 11 Hours, isnt much but more than other Games where i logged in and Played for 10 Minutes logged out and Deleted them, and they had 10 or more gb as a example, this Game is Awesome, i Love it and i allways Play it with my Brother, one of the best Games i have Played, it keeps up with Skyrim in my List, it is in my ''one of the best Games'' Categorie in Steam there are 7 Games in there with Ylands, not much when you got 200 Games. I cant say much to it because 11 Hours isnt much but i got a few things i dont like. When you Build with Single Blocks it is a littlebit meh, sometimes the Block doesnt go the Way i want, but its fine better then it wouldnt work at all. And the Sorting thing, i would like something where you Press a Button and it Sorts Automaticly (Chest and Inventory), the Chests have no Space at all in my Opinion, there are so much Items in the Game (very Cool) that i needed to make alot of Chests. When i Search a Ore or some things like Clay, its Hard to Say which is what if you know what i mean. When you Loot Bamboo Trees, takes very Long, Aoe Loot with one Click would be Awesome. 2 Real Problems there are: When you try to put a item in the Chest thats already in there, with Right Click or Drag and Drop, it doesnt Stack Automaticly like it should, you need to take it out First, then Stack them together and then Put them again in. Second one: When you try to Play with a Person and both cant Connect to each other, i know you can Port Forwoard and stuff, but i dont do that, the Game has to work without something like this, all Games i Played with other People got that Working without any Problems, i dont Attack you with that, i just Say, i understand that its in Early Acces so its Fine but i thought i just Mention it, but to Play on Official Server with my Bro and other People is also Fun, even tho you dont see them much, the Buildings are great when you see them, Feels like there are other People on the Yland But there are more things i like to it then i dont like, these are the only things Actually, i dont Say what i like because you wouldnt even Read it thats how long it would be, its an Awesome Game, i didnt even know you could make a Game like that with Half of a Gb lol, its Insane how Fun it is, when you take Gta 5 it has 60 gb and isnt that Fun for me atleast, keep on the Work, also what me Surprised yesterday is that you get Free Coins that you can Buy Skins, thank you for that also besides the Free Skins already! Sorry for my Bad English, i try my best
  4. revisoryvirus

    Here's some Feedback

    Hey! I've played the game 60+ hours now and I have some feedback. - I do a lot of inventory management, and it's getting a bit tedious. We have 45 slots in our inventory. 17 or so spaces are used up by tools, repair kits, soil/herb/seed container(+), a weapon and a map. Every time I farm for wood, my inventory is filled with bark. Bark does only go up to 20 stacks, and I don't understand why. Bark is not very useful. You can use it as fuel or make bark armor. Wood pieces go up to 200 stacks and are what I use as fuel if not coal. So when my inventory is full of bark, the best way to get rid of them is to make a chest and fill it up with bark. #barkbarkbark - The other way to get rid of bark is to use the "destroy" function, but I can only destroy one at a time? I may be dumb here, but I can't find any way to "destroy" a whole stack, it would help a lot. Maybe a warning message first if you have butterfingers. - Would be great if the green lines showing the electricity was hidden, and only visible when used special goggles (or the engineering helmet). - If you make a cube out of stone panels (or stone bricks or whatever), and want to fill it with dirt, it's not going to be easy. The reason is the dirt goes through the walls, I really wish they didn't. - I bet this one is a faq, but a water bucket(or a water gun(thingie) made with the locksmith table) to make water features in a garden or make a river, would be great. - If your ship is stuck or you may be clumsy with a pickaxe or a shovel and dig in the sand in the water by the shore. It will make big ugly rings in the water, and it's no way to fix it. The sea will now permanently have a big outline in the water, and it looks weird. - It can be sometimes difficult to notice how hungry my ylander is if the chat box is used a lot, a hunger bar would be appreciated - When seagulls collide with my ship, it's the scariest thing ever. The ship get's flung everywhere!(pretty sure you know this already ) - When I traveled to a Yland, the underground cave was blown up! Monsters were on the surface of the yland, and those "red-glow-in-the-dark-crystals" everywhere. When I went and collected all the crystals I could find, and killed radioactive animals, the lighting was all over the place. It went dark, light, dark, light and so on. But I was still outside, but the game thought I was in a cave. - In the crafting menu, we have some panels. I wish there was a panel for crafting stations. - I made my base in a rainforest, I can't play with the sound on. The rain is SO loud! A weather effect slider in the volume options would be awesome! This is only what I could think of right now, great game! Looking forward to new features
  5. It's another list, I tend to feel like single suggestions per post are easier for teams to find again if need be and any additions to a list once it been read once tend to me missed entirely, but if I made them all as single posts I'd be spamming the forum so they're here (I can create a new post for each if that would be easier) From playing I noticed how heavy my game was getting and started trying to fix it and help it run, bringing certain things to my attention that could prevent someones save from getting as bad as mine is, I also stream and that's where most of these came to my attention so I can probably demonstrate each of these issues if needed. There's others such as being able to mark maps and hide energy beams but I've seen them mentioned plenty of times so haven't included those and have tried not to include things like flying vehicle type suggestions which require big additions and are likely planned far in the future. If any suggestions/feedback are already dealt with somehow and I've missed how to then please correct me since I can't imagine there's anyone that can't be surprised by something in this game Suggestiony type - Please pause I know this has been requested a lot, but having to exit to main menu to pause single player is frustrating when bringing up the menu could just pause the game. Volume options ! This is a big one for me, since the weather can be EXTREMELY loud, I try to stream the game and it's like someones turned an un-tuned radio up full blast, being able to lower engine type noises would be nice too, sometimes we want to just chill and hover around the island without the prop pack being so loud or do some digging without surprise volume increase from an echo A vacuum for mass picking up items This comes from trying to repair my islands to help my game, picking up hundreds of stacks of 2x sand is not so fun, an item like a vacuum being eventually craftable would be amazing, like a leaf blower with the backpack looking thing, just to suck everything up then we can take stacks out of it op just set it to destroy so we can clear up our islands a bit and probably improve a fair amount of performance. - Adding to this a water tank upgrade could be built so people looking to add water inland for their pools or something could suck some up from 1 place, then empty the tank where they want it. Terraformer and annihilator in explore Being able to get hold of versions of these would benefit explore, the terraformer could need you to supply it the materials your filling and any it removes you don't get the item, it just takes it away, this would let us repair the damage such as from mining so much better. They would both need energy too, perhaps the annihilator has a low count to balance it out a bit. Superglue No idea what else this item could be honestly, but the ability to lock down free placed items, I've picked up items be accident so many times trying to do something else and it's not an item I want to be able to move anymore than the rest of my furniture, I also wonder if this could help with the load if it would be easier for the game to recall a structure as a big block instead of 200 1x1x1 cubes individually. Window additions (+other blocks) Here I mean a way for windows to connect since they aren't as thick as a usual block and something to connect them over corners, I wanted a glass surrounding but had to settle for ice blocks to fill the corners, unfortunately ice blocks have no sloped half block versions so it's made it more blocky than would have been nice Despawn timer Something which may help instead of adding items up pick up the amount of clutter dropped from digging, just despawn certain (or all, whichever) items after a set period of time if the player never interacts with them. Something to edit walls I can flatten the floor with my shovel, but next to my nice smooth ground is a dangerous looking cliff edge, it would be nice to be able to flatten their sides too Feedback type- item description page should item show condition When I hover over an item in my inventory it tells em the condition, so I click it and the info box opens where I have the option to repair, nowhere here does it tell me the condition though so I have to then go back to the inventory to check if I need to repair again or it's fixed fully. A switch on the flashlight (including helmets with them on) to turn them on or off or have them come on earlier and off later. I tend to find myself stuck in darkness because it's not dark enough to trigger the light on my guardian helmet yet it's too dark too see what's going on whereas a lamp is permanently on, an option on the action wheel when a flashlight item is equipped so we can turn it on and off ourselves would be useful. Sinful Ylanders and their gluttony My Ylander seems to need to eat a couple of weeks worth of meat in a day, even if he's just sleeping all day. The meat itself is massive, what's he doing with it all ? If I feed him other food he seems to need a constant supply of food going down his throat, the hunger seems a bit excessive (some sign of their hunger like a bar would be useful too) Sinful Ylanders and their wrath I assume it's not just my line of Ylanders but they have an obsession with punching everything, I plant some seeds and he punches the last one, I don't need them intimidated, I've never had a rowdy plant issue. This also goes for when placing objects and crafting places. Crafting recipes After deciding to do a slightly large build with blue steel this issue became very apparent, the recipes don't always make sense, every blue steel item needs 5 coal and 5 iron ingots, whether it's a 1x1x1 cube or a 4x4x1 square. The resources used for the little cubes make me emotional. Animals under the map After going into my save in the editor to try and fix my world a bit (11.5GB ram to run it was a bit ot) I found masses of animals a long way under my island, maybe they were spawns or something but deleting them didn't seem to effect my islands population at all so if they're not spawn markers or something then I'm not sure what's happened. Potions recipe page There's the tab when you've found a potion which tells you the ingredients needed and says things like "any grain" but if you try to craft it it won't accept any grain unless you have the same type of grain you had when you found the recipe the first time. A specific warning that you're about to craft a ship somewhere you will regret I know there's a warning, but with no idea how deep it actually needs mistakes can be made such as building in too shallow water and needing to dig the ship out and incase there's someone who hasn't noticed yet... do NOT dig near water your sea levels go extremely weird and without spawning the terraformer you cannot fix it again. When you rag doll water loses all it's power I fell, clipped the edge of my ship, fell of the side and straight to the bottom of the water and took fall damage as if the water wasn't there. It hurt and number 12 nearly died. Seagulls fly too low I've had these hit my ship before so have seen their godly power, today when one went through the front entrance and into my ship it was a terrifying experience and I was to scared to kill it for a while because I didn't want to break anything else. If they just flew higher it wouldn't be an issue how they abuse their powers. Stack consistency Something impossible to judge currently, can I hold 100 of these or are they single units only ? this extends to the crafting pages too, sometimes I expect a stack and get 1 item (damn you blue steel) sometimes I expect a single item and get big stacks (200 ice blocks surprise!!!) Editor I know the editor is known to need addressing but addition of a map, ability to move to player and a way of turning it to day so we can see would all be nice. A way to start game physics would be good too, when repairing the ground under water it makes the water to crazy, if you try adding water in the editor you can make towers out of it as it won't flow (till you go near it in game and it comes crashing down along with your frames) The editor also often lies about saving changes, which is rude. Cave logic I know the idea is not to live in a cave, but I can so I will. They have strange goings on though light will change suddenly a few steps in as light and heat no longer penetrates onto the giant opening of the cave, so within a couple of footsteps I can go from fine in bright sunlight to dark and freezing. Propeller pack when not in use It would be nice to have it either automatically fold the blades away or have an option on the action wheel since equipping it every time will get frustrating but getting stuck on doorways is frustrating too.
  6. TLDR/Overview: Crafting and Building is not fun and needs serious work. Extended: I've played it for 12 hours before deciding to refund because I wanted to give the game a chance. 10 of these hours were playing the early game in survival restarting a couple times after making mistakes. First a few smaller issues Inventory is a mess, no easy sorting and not easy to find items. Constant bugs that hid items from my inventory and required me to exit and enter the game Items need descriptions, I can only assume that you already knew this and are working on it Item pickup seems fine at first until you start to deforest the place, I find myself running around like mad spamming right click at the floor First Person isn't finished yet and found myself using it quite a bit. What needs to be fixed is quite obvious and I can only assume the devs are working on that. Not going to go into the in-game store, but will say that It hasn't seemed intrusive to me and all purchases are clear on what you are getting and completely cosmetic, I think some people are still just riled up from EA's Battlefront 2 controversy. Now into the meat of it Crafting is tedious and is more of a mess than the inventory, I think the crafting needs a massive rework or complete overhaul as it is clear that it is part of the core gameplay. Problems with crafting: Can only make one item at a time (requiring spam clicking when mass crafting) Mass making building materials with something like a saw would mean it would constantly break (this is so annoying and only see it as a hassle) The above issue also adds to the frustration when not being able to craft something because you need one more pole to craft (and idea for a solution is to it to auto craft these items and consume the raw resources, maybe add a crafting time as well, so it takes longer to craft in one go if you don't have components than it would if you had all components already (see factorio's crafting system for ideas)) It isn't inherently clear that a repair kit consumes the hammer as smithing only requires it to use (initially I thought my hammer disappearing was a bug and found it very annoying after finding out why) Navigating the crafting menu was annoying, always having to search for things, wasn't clear at the beginning that recently crafted items are on top and thought it wasn't sorted in any manner (the crafting menu's look needs to change to make it fun and efficient for the player) Wanting to craft things that haven't shown in your recipe list is annoying, I had to go to the wiki in my first hour just to find out what things are and how to craft them (no game should require you to search online for relevant info) it can also lead to not knowing what is required to craft an item cause you don't know what sub-components you need As said crafting is part of the moment-to-moment gameplay, therefore, it needs to be fun, streamline and easy. Having categories and search bar is a start but certainly isn't enough, it's a little better with spawning blocks in creative mode menu where there are categories for types of blocks such as logs and stone block, etc. Building is also tedious, frustratingly time consuming and punishing, this also needs rework as it is another part of the core gameplay. I get the impression that the building system is trying to be realistic to a sense (kind of like ECO's block for block building system, but it works better there because blocks are inherently larger) Building is a slow process (even in creative mode), between collecting resources and building it feels as though it can take 30-60 min to build a shell of a relatively small and simple structure Placing blocks can be very annoying, where I misplace blocks a lot and have a hard time to get the block to go where I want it too, especially with the different sizes of blocks, I almost always used first person while building Once you place a block you have 2 minutes to undo it otherwise you have to spend what feels like way too long to destroy it and get nothing back for it, this comes off as very punishing as personally and sure many others like to experiment with buildings and it feels really bad after a structure is built and it looks bad and you have to either start new somewhere else or break a lot of it and get nothing back but scraps I'm not suggesting to have the time limit extended, but maybe a tool that could recover the block Having large blocks such as the massive log, it only has the one length and it's very hard to change or adapt. I suggest a carving axe or tool of some kind that could remove a voxel from a larger block, this also reduces the amount of different types of blocks and increases the amount of potential looks a structure could have that doesn't require placing small blocks several times over Crafting different styles and sizes of blocks is annoying cause you may craft many blocks that you no longer want cause you don't like the look of them or they turn out to be the wrong size and there isn't a way of reverting this. The creative building system is better than the survival but could still be improved, let's use logs for an example, instead of craft a bunch of different size logs you could have just the one log that you can place when placing it the player had the option of the size and length there (sort of like the variations in creative mode) and it consumes the amount of resources according to the size of the block Building also needs to be fun and rewarding (no matter how realistic you want your building system to seem) and should definitely take as long as it currently does to build something like a small cabin (sidenote: I may be cause I'm supposed to start out in a hut first, but I shouldn't be limited by that or anything, you should encourage players to build however they like) Looking at the dev roadmap, I see a lot of adding content to the game rather than refining what they have, may I suggest an equal focus on these because as I have pointed out the core gameplay is very flawed and no matter how many cool new things you add they all are going to involve the building and crafting system, which to me isn’t fun or rewarding as it should be. Whether my game gets refunded or not I hope for the best of this game and will repurchase at a later state if these are improved Any questions feel free to ask.
  7. hey, i did play around a little with the buildingblocks and such. in exploration. i'm not sure yet how muh i like the solidify mechanic. it certainly adds to the challange the game poses to me, on the other hand it doesnt encourage experimentation that much. one example was with ship building: wanting a ship that looks "right" or even cool, but also was more or less efficient. i tried different spots for the two different masts, different orientations and such. everytime i had to hurry for a look from the distance, a short try how it moves and then dismantle what didnt fit my tastes. for this the 3 minutes are a bit tight. building on land was a very different experience: its a bit hard to guess how big a buildingblock is atm. there are some indicators with the required resources, but maybe there could be another hint, a size letter like the log and massive log has one? so i started to build with those small single block thingies. really like the "autorepeater" if building in the same directon. but then i missplaced a block and had to remove it (for the floorplates to fit). this was a horrible thing. i bashed it with a stoneaxe, then a iron axe, then the p-axe. something that show at least IF you damage the block would be cool. the final step was a bundle of dynamite.. i used those before, on dirt/rock mainly. so i thought that the stonebricks should go away too. well... i expected that most of the stonebricks and floorplates would be destroyed, but only the single block i wanted removed actualy was (which finaly proofed, that one of the axes did damage it). i also expected some collateral damage too, but was then a bit surprised, that the stoneblocks between dynamite and dirtground didnt block damage much (or at all?). surely a funny end to a bit of a frustrating remove-action. from other sandboxers, i'm used to be able to move around my craftingtables. mainly to put them into a house after its built or something similar. i was a bit grumpy about that first, but most craftingstations are cheap to build, so that fine for me now. only exception is the blacksmithing station, those 10 leather make the difference. (okay it was one out of ten islands which had very few animals, most of which were panthers, whose pelts a bugged). so: - i would like to have the solidify timer to be a bit longer, especialy for ship related stuff. - i would like to see if i damage a block and idealy how badly damaged it allready is. - some sort of indicator on how big a buildingblock is would be nice (floorplates are ok). i know i can try them out and explore, but yeah.. - also, that might be a topic which could lead to a new potion. a potion that can make solid items soft again. i'd really, really like that and it would probably fix most of my "not so nice" points above. - and the last thing is building time.. i admit that this is mostly because i'm a lazy dude, but it would be more exciting to see a project take shape faster. i'm a big fan of building elements that i can stick together, not for fences or similar stuff, but for walls and such. maybe there could be drawingstation, where we can make blueprints for bigger elements (like a wall or roof) and place it in one go. (stonehearth has something like this e.g.)
  8. Hi team, Well what can I say? What a fantastic game, I purchased Ylands not long after watching the E3 Showcase and have been enjoying it ever since. I load up Ylands on a daily basis and play for many hours. At the moment I streaming Ylands on a daily basis on a popular Streaming service (not sure if I am allowed to say which?) to promote and show off how wonderful Ylands is. I am currently using the explorer mode on the basis I want to discover all recipes and crafting at my own time and speed. I was playing Ylands on a dedicated server to begin with, with a few friends, however they have decided to call it a day for now, until there is a more major solution/fix to the server problems. With finding Ylands a great game to play in a relaxing environment, it does have its moments and frustration points. Perfectly understandable considering it is in Alpha. So anyway on to the gripe at hand lol. The multiplayer game that I am hosting for the forth time (as the other times we have had to delete and start over) has decided to bug out again, I have been meaning to post on numbers of occasions, but I just want to get in and play lol. So at the moment we are not able to access storage baskets and chests. If I decide to log out to the main menu, the storage chest I just tried to access flashes up on the screen before the game closes? We can still create/craft/mine etc, but accessing inventory and chests is impossible . Multi re-logs does not fix the problem and am not sure what else to do? I have been saving extra game saves in different folders on my system, to do roll backs, but I have become a little tired of rolling back after creating so much, so for now, I will hold on playing multiplayer and wait out for a fix or solution. I look forward to hearing from you Team and keep up the good work, Sith
  9. Hi Ylanders! Congrats to all on the promo vid, v nice! I have been doing some testing of the Stylish Sharing pipeline and thought I'd give some feedback, I probably need some clarification on what is / is not currently possible! I have been able to upload a Composition and Scenario (IMHO - confusingly called 'Game' in workshop) that were created from scratch with the editor but have been unable to upload one of my Explore games opened in the editor. Is it possible to share a played Explore map? If so how do we do this? Also, why are the editor options different for a 'Game' edit session, e.g. no terrain tool, no Play option? Here is what I tried, what worked, what didn't and some comments:- Uploading a Scenario (which the workshop calls a game): 1. Open a saved Scenario. 2. I have all the options as when starting a new scenario, e.g. Terrain and Play. 3. I'm happy with my Scenario and choose File>Pack for sharing, IMO This is self explanatory and couldn't be easier! 4. The console gives feedback that the Game is ready to be shared, good. 5. The console tells you where the saved file is, Cool. 6. What it doesn't tell you is that to avoid an overwrite it suffixes the file name with a number, Not so cool! 7. A notification message would be nice and possibly an option to choose the filename... ...pre-populate a suffixed number by default (for those of us that don't read notification messages and just hit return! ) 8. I then tried a couple of File>Save As 's which worked OK but I have the same comment as above about overwriting filenames and... 9. Console feedback, OK. 10. Console feedback, IMO weak. It didn't confirm where or what filename had been saved. 11. Tried another Save As of the same Scene with a different save name. 12. Worked OK. 13. File>Saved As again but this time didn't change the filename which results in the 'automatic' suffixed number to the file name which presents the following to the user next time they open the editor, duplicated files... Trying to upload an Explore Game: 1. Open a game (created in 4.0 Stylish Sharing). 2. Why are the editing tool options different? e.g. No Terrain tools, no Play? 3. File>Pack for sharing... Nothing seemed to happen, I waited, waited and then decided nothing was happening... 4. The same thing happened for File>Save As... nothing seemed to happen after entering a filename and clicking Save... 5. I waited and waited and then assumed nothing was happening and clicked cancel. Behind the scenes, the automatic file suffixing: At some point during the testing my Laptop sprung a leak! Sorry I can't be more specific as to what caused it...
  10. Aethelis

    Stylish Feedback

    hey, finaly had time to try the new update. just started a new yland but already found lots of vein on the surface (iron, copper, coal, sufur, clay and flint) thats very handy, cool. not sure if it is new, but to me the bamboo hut is a new location to be found, cool. and the animals... the predators are a treat to a new character, a panther chased me halfway around the island.. a nearby panther awoke and joined the first with which i was battling.. a jaguar jumped me while digging up some clay, it had been sleeping on the other side of a hill.. score is 2:3 for me atm (they realy didnt want me to get that clay).. and i'm a bit scared to go out at night again! that is cool too, even with a straightbow i found it was challenging (well, i guess i'm not that great a bowman in the game as it turned out..). like it a lot so far!
  11. Fish720

    Item Models

    I killed a Leopard and picked up its loot, the skin item model when in hand goes through the characters body. (Looks Hillarious, had a good laugh) Also the meat, your character holds it in the center of the meat, would be a lot better if you held it on the bone. To be honest there was a lot of item models that clip through the character model. The hit box for the spear is very off I think, tried to kill my friend but couldn't hit him at all, but he could hit me easily with a stick. I went on the explore game mode only and I made a raft to try get to another island, but after being at sea for 5 whole minutes of travelling I didn't find another island. Not sure if that's because they haven't been added to the game yet. I was playing online with my friend and created a "server", but we had to make it with dashes or with the letter "A" at the start because there is no scrolling function on the server finder. It also goes straight off the screen because there are too many. I think something that could be added to the game is (once you select an item you want to craft and it shows you the materials) you hover over the materials and a "pop-up" tells you an example of where you can find them, because I had difficulty finding things and had no idea what I was doing really. I have finished the time trial and will be buying the full game once I get paid, really hope I can help with any feedback I can give because I think this game has a lot of potential. I would have added screen shots of some of the things I mentioned, but I didn't think of it at the time.
  12. Hi Ylander Devs! The Hotbar Red indicator for a broken item can be broken! When repairing an axe the axe must be kept 'active' in the Hotbar or it will retain it's Red indicator as broken, although it IS actually Repaired. Please see images below: 01 Hotbar Red indicator for broken axe 02 Inventory confirms axe is broken 03 Cause bug by changing Hotbar item 04 Open inventory to Repair axe 05 Repair the axe while not holding it 06 The axe IS repaired 07 BUG the axe is shown broken Work around 08 Workaround - Place something else in Hotbar 09 Workaround - Place the axe back in Hotbar 10 Fixed - The Hotbar displays the axe as Repaired - Smashing! I came across this while playing a few days ago, added it to my list of things for feedback and have chopped a lot of trees to try and replicate the issue today, but it IS repeatable now I know what caused it, (changing to an empty hand before doing the repair). I have not tested this for other items. I hope this is helpful!
  13. Hi Ylander Devs! The written prompt indicates that bird nests contain bird nests, rather than eggs or feathers. And once the eggs or feathers are removed the prompt indicates that there are two nests. Please see images below: I'm sure many people have spotted this and I apologise if I'm duplicating, duplicating!
  14. Hi Ylander Devs! On my computer the Screen shot saved file names are not in the 24 hour file format. e.g. A screen shot taken at 17 minutes past 10 in the evening should be 22:17 but is saved as: Ylands_170505_101750 Please see image below:
  15. Dear developers, I am currently enjoying your game a lot. I finished the learning ysland and the other one where you have to free the engineers and I had a lot of fun in the process. However, now since I'm spending time in the explore game mode, I'm finding that there's a serious lack of guidance right now. There's no real indication of how to build a forge for example and crafting looks really confusing, It could really be improved to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to understand. I know survival isn't the primary focus on the development in this game, as it is more about creativity and creating any type of game mode you'd like, but the survival aspect is really fun already and I believe you can get a big audience for just that aspect of the game. Things I like: Building is absolutely brilliant! It's the most precise and easiest building mechanic in any survival game. The graphics are amazing. I'm loving the creative freedom Your humor. There are so many items, I love it! However, these things need some work in my opinion: Stack splitting and being able to drag, destroy or drop a stack of items. The overall crafting needs more work, it's just not clear how I can progress with items and gear. Animations - some animations are very stiff, lacking or not aesthetically pleasing. Walking sideways makes your character appear like he's moonwalking for a second. Also, chopping wood could use an animation that gives more feedback on if you are actually chopping wood or not. Sometimes I find myself hitting the ground before realising that I have to find that sweet spot to chop a tree. If the character would take on a different stance, it would really be more immersive as well as easier to see if I'm actually chopping a tree or not. Animations overall could be more fluent. Performance - I think the game loads the whole island at once, I'm not a programmer, but right now the game requires a lot of processing power. I hope the UI will change in the actual release of the game. Overall, I'm really enjoying this game, and I truly hope it will catch on. I just was immediately intrigued after playing the tutorial, I'm curious about future updates. Here are some pictures of my little shelter that I'm working on right now, even though the survival experience doesn't yet feel complete, I'm having a great time. It takes a while to create a shelter, but it actually feels more worthwhile than in for example; Minecraft. Don't be discouraged by the more present list of things I dislike, I'm loving the game, thank you for developing this piece of awesomeness. I wish I could somehow be more involved in the creation of this game because I'm really feeling it. isn't there a way to help out using my graphic design skills or something? Haha, anyway, cheers and keep doing what you do over there.
  16. First of all, great game. There are some performance issues (which will be resolved in future I believe), but mostly the game is bugless. Now, onto feedback thing. The terrain tools need to be all in 3D, including flatten/paint/smooth ones. The current ones would be fine if the terrain would be a heightmap one, but it isn't (which is great, by the way). As it is now: The flatten tool fails to work properly if there are empty (air) voxels between the level you try to flatten the ground to and the terrain above.The material paint tool is hard to aim properly, even in first personSimilar to paint tool, smooth tool is hard to aim properly AND it's very hard (to the point of impossibility, although I think you can agree that there are no impossible things, there is only lack of skill needed to complete the task) to smooth out layered terrain, like e.g. when sculpting (example being dragon shown in the trailer, although I don't know whether it is terrain work or a prefab)As a Unity game developer myself (won't plug my game here, even though it also does low poly untextured, unless specifically asked by the devs/mods), I'd like to thank you for creating such easy to use and powerful building system. As a person who wants to do something similar in the future (although in more realistic setting), i.e. building from single building materials, such as bars, planks, bricks, etc., instead of slapping prefab walls, floors, etc. like e.g. in Rust, I'd like to ask you if you're using some tricks like combining meshes or if those are just freeform prefabs connected by nothing. Finally, one thing I'd add to the building system would be more kinds of bricks. Or at least ability to select material of one. Those sandstone ones can easily get boring, we need clay and stone bricks (and different kinds of stone). So far you've made great progress and I wish you best of look.
  17. During Ylands' Early Alpha, you will most likely run into problems, have suggestions, or see something that you'd like to see differently. And we want to hear what you have to say! This guide includes a few tips about how to give feedback to the development team. Are you in the right place? If you're submitting a bug report, please post it in the bug reporting section. If you have feedback/suggestions for the game, please post that in the feedback section. To see a list of the most current and frequent issues/questions, please check this post. A few things to try before creating a topic: 1) Check this post to see what to do in case of technical issues. 2) Use the search feature and see if anyone else has had the same issue. If there's a topic marked with a green "Resolved" text it means that it has been solved. 3) Ask yourself if this is an issue that will be able to be resolved over the forums. If in doubt, send in a support ticket. Please note that: The more details, the better - screenshots and videos are always welcome! The Forum Guidelines still apply to the bug reports/suggestions. When you create a topic, please avoid using non-descriptive titles such as: "HELP!!!" "Problem!!!". Please use a clear title that includes your problem.