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  1. Aethelis

    Stylish Feedback

    i like the new planting speed! it got me the first time tho, as i planted and destroyed the seed in one go, as i didnt expect it to be that fast just for my understanding, was the requirement for the string raised to 3 cotton due to the extinct drying rack, or because the planting got faster? then i have a wind chest.. i built two bamboo chests in the bamboo hut and each time i open one, a rather loud wind sound is played..? also, when i dig into a hill side to mine a vein, ore and other stuff is dropped on the surface on the hill, not in the mineshaft where i dig. mostly at least, a couple of stray chunks still drop in the mine. i had this in previous versions of the game too. its not that bad, as it can be used to "map" tunnels and mark oreveins on the surface, but i guess its not wanted
  2. Aethelis

    Stylish Feedback

    the chase with the panther was hilarious... i just spawned new and started to pick up a couple of branches and stones when i realized, that the spawn was also near the clay vein.. the panther that killed me was already closing in. desperatly picking up some grass while fleeing i tried to stop several times when the beast was out of sight, to make some ropes. but everytime it came anew and it took quite a while to craft the weapon and knock the panter down. glad noone filmed that
  3. Aethelis

    Stylish Feedback

    hey, finaly had time to try the new update. just started a new yland but already found lots of vein on the surface (iron, copper, coal, sufur, clay and flint) thats very handy, cool. not sure if it is new, but to me the bamboo hut is a new location to be found, cool. and the animals... the predators are a treat to a new character, a panther chased me halfway around the island.. a nearby panther awoke and joined the first with which i was battling.. a jaguar jumped me while digging up some clay, it had been sleeping on the other side of a hill.. score is 2:3 for me atm (they realy didnt want me to get that clay).. and i'm a bit scared to go out at night again! that is cool too, even with a straightbow i found it was challenging (well, i guess i'm not that great a bowman in the game as it turned out..). like it a lot so far!
  4. Aethelis


    didnt even think of this... great suggestion! when you mention theme park... you mean a ride through the caverns on some rusty tracks.. lava pits and stuff and a final jump?!
  5. Aethelis

    Adrie's Shipyard

    it even looks a bit like the old houses in a dutch city.. like it. can someone dive underneat it, or do the pierfoundations block this? also, that is a huge door.. devs, i'd like a porteculis or drawbridge styled huge-door too..
  6. Aethelis

    Adrie's Shipyard

    very neat! glad you shared them. what do you use as powersource on the Kamenka?
  7. Aethelis

    Water and Steam

    i would love a system for steam powered machines and such. this hasent been done that often imo, but would be very cool.
  8. i have found salpetre both on the surface and in caves. tho it seems that the surfaceing veins are often linked to a vein showing in a tunnel nearby. i'm not sure about this, but it feels that i found it more often on rainforest and oakforest ylands (i found just one birchforest yland, but it had salpetre as well). take this with a grain of salt.
  9. Aethelis

    What's the time?

    cool! now i want one too
  10. Aethelis

    Hoard your Ylandium Crystals

    atm, my weapon of choice is the x-crossbow, two bolts for most predators, including alpha mutants.
  11. Aethelis

    Ylands Promo Video #2 - Yeargh The Pirate

  12. Aethelis

    Sneak Peek #31

    easy one... that can only be the parrot!
  13. Aethelis

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    went over to Bear-Island to gather some stuff. found a bunch of lil red berries there, which can be used to brew a potion....
  14. Aethelis

    Open Cave on Fang-Yland

    hmm.. didnt know of J... that solved a lot of issues. Thanks! installed the steamengine on the "Windlass" and took her out for the maidenvoyage..
  15. Aethelis

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    found out, that wearing only fur boots (and the rest iron/steel armor) is enough to start to die on a desert island or standing near my blacksmith station.. do those potions also have negative effects in the wrong climate?