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  1. Magnarhd

    Combat music feedback

    We all low key want Jaws music
  2. Magnarhd

    Combat music feedback

    I absolutely love the new music in the game, sailing and exploring become a lot more enjoyable because of it. However I have to say the combat music is becoming more and more jarring everyday I play. Often it triggers when there isn't an active combat situation, e.g if you're indoors and an animal is near, or if you sail and a shark chases your boat... Then I've noticed sometimes when the combat loop starts, it wont stop even after killing whatever animal is near you causing you to re-log. Not only that but the combat music itself is naturally jarring with the loud noises and it being such a short loop with no real variation. I feel like all the new music additions are great, however combat really sticks out as the worst part of it, it's gotten to the point where when i'm sailing I just point in the direction I want to go and tab out to avoid hearing it start/stop because of sharks when instead I could be listening to the incredible sailing music. I don't know what can be done about this, but an option to disable just the combat music would be amazing, in a game like this combat isn't really a big part anyway so it's a shame to have such a jarring piece of music every time a wolf or shark is near.
  3. Magnarhd

    Max number of islands.

    I'm in the same boat, never saw more than 12.
  4. Magnarhd

    Max number of islands.

    Is there a definite answer on the max number of Islands that can be generated in explore? I've seen answers from the devs suggesting 8-15 on reddit and 8-12 on here.
  5. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if you have any plans to add the Discord Rich Presence features to Ylands? https://discordapp.com/rich-presence
  6. Magnarhd

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    Have done just now, much appreciated!
  7. Magnarhd

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    This is great news, please definitely get in touch with us, we're a community of 30 odd players at the moment and we'd absolutely love a dedi.
  8. You could create something in creative, then save the composition in the editor, then place it in your explore game mode.
  9. I'd absolutely prefer a keybind for it.
  10. Magnarhd

    RESOLVED My ship wont turn

    Would it not be better to patch out the computer until this is resolved? It happens to a ton of people because the computer is found whilst sailing.
  11. Magnarhd

    In game player list.

    I think it'd be great if we could see an in game player list to see who's currently playing on the Yland. Even if it's an admin only command rather than public.
  12. Magnarhd

    Blank Paper - Not Stackable

    I feel like there are a couple of items that are similar to this.. Things like plants only stacking to 20 etc
  13. Magnarhd

    Map bug/glitch

    So we started a new save and the map that has generated is a little interesting. Our main Yland is fine, however just off shore we're surrounded (in most directions) by Ylands that are the seafloor with weird elevation, so all of these Ylands are barren with Sharks above water. The second issue is we sailed out and came across a real Yland, however it's underwater so can't be inhabited. Not only that, but surrounding our Ylands the weather systems are a little messed up, we have snow in random spots (20m radius) even though you end up too hot if you put any fur clothing on. In all likelihood we're going to use the editor and move what we have built to a new world, I just wanted to report this as it's really unusual.
  14. Magnarhd

    Searching in the editor.

    Is it possible to search for an entity in the editor? E.g a player/animal?
  15. I'm afraid I don't know, here is the reddit thread if you want to ask the creator: