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  1. The starvation also seems to be negated if you log off while laying on a sleeping pad. I haven't confirmed it with other type of beds.
  2. Adam Gilmore

    Animals Freeze after unknown time

    Soon as we duplicate it again i will send those.
  3. Adam Gilmore

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    I would like a DS invite as well
  4. There is about 4 of us that play together on a MP Server we are hosting. we have noticed that the ownership of our horses keeps changing between different people in the group. The new owner can't use the horse even though it now claims they are the owner, and the original owner as well cannot use it because they are no long the owner. It hasn't been the same person each time either. different people will randomly get ownership of the tamed horses. No discernible action or pattern at this point.
  5. After running a multiplayer setup for some time, the animals will start to freeze up. some of them will move some will not. Unconfirmed but it seems like the entire group of animals freezes. like all Bears or all horses. Hard to say how long it takes before this happens. I also haven't tried to do it without the multiplayer aspect.
  6. When putting food on your action bar there is the case where you can scroll wheel over to a none food item and then eat the item that isn't food. I have duplicated this by eating a map and a flint lighter. It looks like the "Eat" action doesn't change fast enough and lets you eat whatever that item may be regardless of whether it is food or not.