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    respawn beacon?

    hey, after i spent a large chunk of yesterdays gameing time by rowing a raft to the yland i died on, i thought about the matter a bit. my prime choice would be some sort of respawn beacon (i'm not too picky about its look, be it a bed or a dais or what ever). the main reason is, that its important to get the ship back, without the need to build a new one. so something that can be placed on a medium and/or large ship would be nice. this could be further explored by a construction for placement on land. something i can build in my base, or more importantly on a yland i'm exploring or to which i resettled. it would be for more advanced characters i guess, but idealy craftable without yllandium or other rare stuff. on my first yland the spawn was inhabited by a wild puma, and i so wished i could respawn im my camp, without running the gauntlet everytime another thing would be either a small craft that is faster than the raft (and without pressing W the whole time), or something like advanced paddles for the existing two. just to get that other ship from a distant yland, without sacrificing a lot of advanced ressources, faster than a raft does. cheers
  2. hey, i did play around a little with the buildingblocks and such. in exploration. i'm not sure yet how muh i like the solidify mechanic. it certainly adds to the challange the game poses to me, on the other hand it doesnt encourage experimentation that much. one example was with ship building: wanting a ship that looks "right" or even cool, but also was more or less efficient. i tried different spots for the two different masts, different orientations and such. everytime i had to hurry for a look from the distance, a short try how it moves and then dismantle what didnt fit my tastes. for this the 3 minutes are a bit tight. building on land was a very different experience: its a bit hard to guess how big a buildingblock is atm. there are some indicators with the required resources, but maybe there could be another hint, a size letter like the log and massive log has one? so i started to build with those small single block thingies. really like the "autorepeater" if building in the same directon. but then i missplaced a block and had to remove it (for the floorplates to fit). this was a horrible thing. i bashed it with a stoneaxe, then a iron axe, then the p-axe. something that show at least IF you damage the block would be cool. the final step was a bundle of dynamite.. i used those before, on dirt/rock mainly. so i thought that the stonebricks should go away too. well... i expected that most of the stonebricks and floorplates would be destroyed, but only the single block i wanted removed actualy was (which finaly proofed, that one of the axes did damage it). i also expected some collateral damage too, but was then a bit surprised, that the stoneblocks between dynamite and dirtground didnt block damage much (or at all?). surely a funny end to a bit of a frustrating remove-action. from other sandboxers, i'm used to be able to move around my craftingtables. mainly to put them into a house after its built or something similar. i was a bit grumpy about that first, but most craftingstations are cheap to build, so that fine for me now. only exception is the blacksmithing station, those 10 leather make the difference. (okay it was one out of ten islands which had very few animals, most of which were panthers, whose pelts a bugged). so: - i would like to have the solidify timer to be a bit longer, especialy for ship related stuff. - i would like to see if i damage a block and idealy how badly damaged it allready is. - some sort of indicator on how big a buildingblock is would be nice (floorplates are ok). i know i can try them out and explore, but yeah.. - also, that might be a topic which could lead to a new potion. a potion that can make solid items soft again. i'd really, really like that and it would probably fix most of my "not so nice" points above. - and the last thing is building time.. i admit that this is mostly because i'm a lazy dude, but it would be more exciting to see a project take shape faster. i'm a big fan of building elements that i can stick together, not for fences or similar stuff, but for walls and such. maybe there could be drawingstation, where we can make blueprints for bigger elements (like a wall or roof) and place it in one go. (stonehearth has something like this e.g.)
  3. Aethelis

    Stylish Feedback

    hey, finaly had time to try the new update. just started a new yland but already found lots of vein on the surface (iron, copper, coal, sufur, clay and flint) thats very handy, cool. not sure if it is new, but to me the bamboo hut is a new location to be found, cool. and the animals... the predators are a treat to a new character, a panther chased me halfway around the island.. a nearby panther awoke and joined the first with which i was battling.. a jaguar jumped me while digging up some clay, it had been sleeping on the other side of a hill.. score is 2:3 for me atm (they realy didnt want me to get that clay).. and i'm a bit scared to go out at night again! that is cool too, even with a straightbow i found it was challenging (well, i guess i'm not that great a bowman in the game as it turned out..). like it a lot so far!
  4. Aethelis

    Stylish Feedback

    i like the new planting speed! it got me the first time tho, as i planted and destroyed the seed in one go, as i didnt expect it to be that fast just for my understanding, was the requirement for the string raised to 3 cotton due to the extinct drying rack, or because the planting got faster? then i have a wind chest.. i built two bamboo chests in the bamboo hut and each time i open one, a rather loud wind sound is played..? also, when i dig into a hill side to mine a vein, ore and other stuff is dropped on the surface on the hill, not in the mineshaft where i dig. mostly at least, a couple of stray chunks still drop in the mine. i had this in previous versions of the game too. its not that bad, as it can be used to "map" tunnels and mark oreveins on the surface, but i guess its not wanted
  5. Aethelis

    Stylish Feedback

    the chase with the panther was hilarious... i just spawned new and started to pick up a couple of branches and stones when i realized, that the spawn was also near the clay vein.. the panther that killed me was already closing in. desperatly picking up some grass while fleeing i tried to stop several times when the beast was out of sight, to make some ropes. but everytime it came anew and it took quite a while to craft the weapon and knock the panter down. glad noone filmed that
  6. Aethelis


    didnt even think of this... great suggestion! when you mention theme park... you mean a ride through the caverns on some rusty tracks.. lava pits and stuff and a final jump?!
  7. Aethelis

    Adrie's Shipyard

    it even looks a bit like the old houses in a dutch city.. like it. can someone dive underneat it, or do the pierfoundations block this? also, that is a huge door.. devs, i'd like a porteculis or drawbridge styled huge-door too..
  8. Aethelis

    Adrie's Shipyard

    very neat! glad you shared them. what do you use as powersource on the Kamenka?
  9. Aethelis

    Water and Steam

    i would love a system for steam powered machines and such. this hasent been done that often imo, but would be very cool.
  10. i have found salpetre both on the surface and in caves. tho it seems that the surfaceing veins are often linked to a vein showing in a tunnel nearby. i'm not sure about this, but it feels that i found it more often on rainforest and oakforest ylands (i found just one birchforest yland, but it had salpetre as well). take this with a grain of salt.
  11. Aethelis

    What's the time?

    cool! now i want one too
  12. hey. i asked this elsewhere, but couldnt find it anymore. i found some nice resources today and unlocked new gear. i thought that i should post this here: do not break the crystals for dust, you might need a lot of them for a nice set of armor (at least by the looks of it) later.
  13. Aethelis

    Hoard your Ylandium Crystals

    atm, my weapon of choice is the x-crossbow, two bolts for most predators, including alpha mutants.
  14. Aethelis

    new stuff discovered

    hey. stumbled across two items i never saw, or more precise, noticed, before: piece of coal and nugget of pure green. someone got a clue what these are for?
  15. Aethelis

    Sneak Peek #31

    easy one... that can only be the parrot!
  16. Aethelis

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    went over to Bear-Island to gather some stuff. found a bunch of lil red berries there, which can be used to brew a potion....
  17. Aethelis

    Open Cave on Fang-Yland

    hey, after i cheated me some coal, which i was unable to find, i felt bad and started a new game. just wanted to try and maybe have something other than tropical island for once... and wow, i was surprised: a temperate island that starts to rise towards the high mountain in its center at the shoreline.. after a desperate struggle against wild and murderous beasts in the first two nights and days, i finaly started to explore. and wow... several surface veins of coal, a flying cube, forge place and a redbrick tower. and two unseen cave anomalies this one is pretty large and surrounding the iron tower like something bad happened long ago. there are even some mutated beast running around down there. the other one is similar but smaller on a cliffside. that is so awesome, i thought i'd share it. i really dont like crawling underground, and such an open cave is a great thing for cave-sissies like me what ever the cause is, i hope its NOT a bug. i was eager to play again since i did go to work this morning, so if it is unwanted, make it a feature..
  18. Aethelis

    Open Cave on Fang-Yland

    hmm.. didnt know of J... that solved a lot of issues. Thanks! installed the steamengine on the "Windlass" and took her out for the maidenvoyage..
  19. Aethelis

    Propeller pack exploration mode

    found out, that wearing only fur boots (and the rest iron/steel armor) is enough to start to die on a desert island or standing near my blacksmith station.. do those potions also have negative effects in the wrong climate?
  20. Aethelis

    Open Cave on Fang-Yland

    now, that everyone seems to have a fancy ship, i started one too.. again my vision collided with the possible stuff in the game. the plan was to put the sails onto the sides of the hull, like wings, but i cant rotate them to the horizontal. well, plan B. collided too, as windmills cant be turned to horizontal too. hmm.. plan C... *tumbleweed* at least there is a guardian for my harbor now: (little riddle for you: if a boy could pass her gaze, and a knight couldnt.. would the eyes be the right color?) also, found the purpose of the game and finished exploration mode today:
  21. Aethelis

    DEV ANSWER Bug List

    on 2: there is a screenshot of those invisible polygons over in the Terraforming tread. i know the bug as well, but have not been able to reproduce it on intent, it just happens from time to time.
  22. hey, just had build a table and chair on the lower platform of the red brick tower, then tried it out and got stuck between the oven and the chair. as i are a klever git, i used /unstuck.... did warp me to the save ground below.. there goes another savegame :´( would it be possible to either fill the base completly or leave more room, so unlucky /unstuck-users can dig to freedom again?
  23. Aethelis

    Open Cave on Fang-Yland

    almost froze to death in this one..
  24. Aethelis

    Tundra Concept

    dog sleds, reindeer sleds, skis, snow shoes, arctic parrots, some more fur clothes like a cape or shoulder thingie... i like the white wolves a lot (at least to watch ) arctic islands (finaly found one today..) could have northern lights in the night?