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Found 5 results

  1. Rawdeegaming

    Eating Rocks

    Yesterday, I accidentally ate my map After a little bit of testing, I figured out that if you have food on your hotbar and quickly scrolls over to another item, from the food. You can eat anything! :-D I have 1 piece of bread and I've been eating dirt ever since! P.S, I am loving the new patch! <3
  2. Loading up a new gam since the 12/19 update, I have noticed that my bottom hotbar is out of frame. I can only see the very top portion. Tried changing resolutions and experienced the same behavior. Included a screen shot. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Just a little thing, but it is spoiling the game for me. I am afraid that I have a real problem with the game placing items automatically in my hotbar. How do I remove them and place them back into my inventory. I have tried clicking and dragging them, and also control clicking and dragging, but it isn't working. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
  4. Hi Ylander Devs! The Hotbar Red indicator for a broken item can be broken! When repairing an axe the axe must be kept 'active' in the Hotbar or it will retain it's Red indicator as broken, although it IS actually Repaired. Please see images below: 01 Hotbar Red indicator for broken axe 02 Inventory confirms axe is broken 03 Cause bug by changing Hotbar item 04 Open inventory to Repair axe 05 Repair the axe while not holding it 06 The axe IS repaired 07 BUG the axe is shown broken Work around 08 Workaround - Place something else in Hotbar 09 Workaround - Place the axe back in Hotbar 10 Fixed - The Hotbar displays the axe as Repaired - Smashing! I came across this while playing a few days ago, added it to my list of things for feedback and have chopped a lot of trees to try and replicate the issue today, but it IS repeatable now I know what caused it, (changing to an empty hand before doing the repair). I have not tested this for other items. I hope this is helpful!
  5. As I've said before, absolutely loving this game. I do want to mention at least 3 bugs; The horse bucking (which is hilarious) sort of gives a lasting epileptic seizure ^^ Kinda funny but distracting lol. Another bug is when you use the sleeping mat, sometimes your character decides that it's not time to wake up yet and will go instantly back to sleep. I absolutely love the way the mats work though! Last bug (off the top of my head) is that things put into the hotbar (tools etc) seem to get bumped by objects you pick up; most notably if you're holding something. And lastly not sure if this is a bug; but rocks on top of the ground are difficult to target with the pick; only seem to be able to remove them with an axe. One question I have; can blocks/buildings be dismantled (where you can reuse the blocks or have some sort of supply return)? Couple suggestions; a checkbox in the crafting menu where you can display all recipes (the ones unlocked so far) or the ones you have materials in your bag to craft with. Another suggestion is larger storage items; you can end up filling 2-3 barrels with just wood byproducts (lol just an example). Lastly; an autosort of the inventory would be nice. Loving this game, I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!