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  1. leo_chaos

    Dev Diary #246 Listen, Playlands, we need to talk

    So glad, the couple of times I've tried this it was empty, boring and really took away from my opinion I had of the game from before.
  2. Swear I tried this code a few times, will have to try again next time I play, perhaps I tried every combo but this one lmao Glad I got the numbers right at least
  3. leo_chaos

    Cinder Mystery Yland

    If so I don't think that's a particularly good way of doing it as once you pick them up you don't necessarily remember where from, I'm used to breaking down items to make space too which could have caused issues yesterday I have however written them all down and marked my map where they were and every other thing I saw which could have had ANY relevance to anything. Still can't solve it lmao
  4. leo_chaos

    [YLD-32265] Beastbane encounter

    I've just got this spear too, the name and damage are the same as on the wiki but it's got the iron spear visual
  5. leo_chaos

    Cinder Mystery Yland

    Nope lol I know the door code from destroying the safe last time but I can't work out the safe at all
  6. leo_chaos

    Cinder Mystery Yland

    Update: Today it's unlocked again and I don't need to repay, don't know if something changed or yesterday was a bug
  7. leo_chaos

    Cinder Mystery Yland

    I spent some points and unlocked one of the ylands (had Cinder in it's name), I'm not sure what I was missing. I'll put some in spoiler so I can't potentially ruin anything (this bits not a spoiler and potential warning for others) I left and clicked reset so I could retry from the beginning, which relocked the whole yland and I now need to spend the points again to go back there which I'm not too fussed about but I didn't expect it and wasn't warned that I'm aware of. (I dismantled the yland and possibly broke something, in case you didn't read the spoiler but wondered why) Kind of feedback, questions about if I missed something and a possible warning, not really sure what to make of the Mystery Ylands though with this as my first encounter. Sounds a bit ranty, it's not intended that way, it wasn't made as a overly negative post.
  8. leo_chaos

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    I'm glad, I like the new map change, how the random encounters are set up is good and I'm glad they're back to exploration finally. I'm used to EA games and I'm happy to wait for things to improve etc, 1.0 versions which have long standing issues are a bit of annoyance for me though since it should be the quality of a finished product regardless of more being added and changed in the future so I definitely judge harsher after that point. 100% which is why I said about the fun and tediousness being individual tastes, bosses are exciting for some and boring for others. To me puzzles are a fun challenge if done right but easy to make tedious and to someone not into them they're frustrating and boring. The solution is either have multiple ways of achieving the same goal or probably the better though not exclusive one (at least main goal) and more along the lines you said, just stick to the game plan and if anything tweak it to feedback, if players don't like the game perhaps it's not for them. Slight issue here though comes from what bojo2736 is saying, the game we have now isn't the one we were advertised and bought. To me the Avatar change was awful, they matched the game aesthetic then became freaky looking things I would expect to see in any game, I'm sure a lot of people love them though. It's also where they tripped themselves up IMO, they took the original game idea of explore and the editor...shifted focus, threw Playlands etc at it and it went a bit downhill until recently. If anything's changed and not just new optional assets added they're always going to get mixed reviews about it. GUI and music are improvements from one persons view and abominations from another, some can be failed attempts with good intentions like the few GUI changes we've had over time or just the preference of the studio. My main issues with GUI now is the organisation of it all in game, I'd still prefer gauges to show heat and hunger since humans don't just suddenly go from fine to suffering from heat/starving, it's a gradual thing. Obviously the main menu too, probably the most weirdly cluttered I've ever seen. Maps similar I suppose, it's a change which could be tweaked but not everyone's going to like it, the kind of things I mentioned above might help best of both worlds so people can just not use some features if they don't want though. The loss of water manipulation and land near it and I assume the 1st person camera are technical issues, I agree with removing them to focus elsewhere then coming back to them, but I wouldn't have expected 1.0 to happen before then. At least my main issue with 1st person was It let you place items properly and that's solved with the current implementation, since I play in 3rd person anyway it's not an issue for me anymore. The prop pack's essentially a requested change by players, though from a long time ago but it's also an example of not being able to please everyone. Really struggling with the prop pack issue though since it's still extremely op, perhaps they need an upgrade for it which puts it back how it was or some kinda middle ground but with massive build requirements? I think the idea was to ease movement rather than become main source and they just took so long to actually address it, my 2018 post it must have already been being looking at since Ane mentioned charging it. The only thing I miss about the old one was being able to just fly up a bit to keep me safe if I need to answer the door or something due to lack of pause. It's very different I agree, what I meant though was with music the worst case is turn it off and play without or play your own music. It's not the same and I WOULD rather a game has music I'm happy with but unless it's a music orientated game I'm not going to stop playing due to it. Perhaps the old music should be in the old style exploration I saw on the menu to essentially just give access to the old game (I assume it's just the few ylands spawned at random how they used to be)
  9. leo_chaos

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    The editor I thought was a really good idea, making it free wasn't a bad choice either but the amount of focus on that instead of the game was a failure. I got Ylands cause I thought it looked like Minecraft without the block style which I don't particularly like. There's just nothing end game, currently I'm going to new areas (I haven't even been all biomes yet but there's nothing really to do anymore) and mapping the ylands looking for the random buildings so I can learn recipes and find non craftables might have a use for. I build a massive steel structure in the middle of the sea in the old game, but I don't see the point in something like that ATM cause I don't see much point in playing for long again till more's added too see with less frustration, I got a few more hours the past couple of days though at least. Regardless I have 100% in all had my moneys worth from the game, it's just a shame to see it not reach its potential after being 1.0 and after so long.
  10. leo_chaos

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    The combat is AWFUL in Ylands, it also forces combat on those who don't want to. Apart from how you get them, adding new mats just for something like this or needing more seems very tedious to me, perhaps needing Ylandium or Zirconium and them not being so abundant could help. Ylandium used to feel like a massive achievement and effort to get, yet now I have too much. The issue is fun and tedious are individual tastes. If I was stuck fighting bosses in how the game currently is I dunno if I'd bother coming back at all, I got it for an exploring orientated game, not combat. I like exploring new area types to see things I haven't seen before and solving puzzles. I would rather scrub my bathroom than play a game like FIFA yet millions of people love it.
  11. leo_chaos

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    Yup, I think the Playlands and making the game free but with exploration as a "DLC" was supposed to get more people to try the game and end up buying, which IMO backfired quite drastically. The issue was adding Playlands and so much focus on anything BUT exploration meant the players that WERE playing got bored and stopped, so anyone trying out the free stuff had a multiplayer part of the game which wants you to spend money for minigames but there's no other players there and there's no word of mouth since the early players were mainly complaining that there was no progression on exploration fixes. The issue now is getting the attention back, I've kept my eye on the changelogs and updates even when I wasn't playing and so have a few others I know, but most of them are so "meh" The music change for example, seemed a nice idea but who cares how a game sounds if you don't play it? Adding a couple of new enemies you see once in a blue moon... so ? NPC's were a nice thought but even now they're like zombies, they wander around their building pointlessly till they vanish at night with no schedule of daily actions or anything and their wares are helpful at best. It's basically polishing a turd, the base gameplay needs improving before worrying about this kind of thing The world map and Ylands which can be reset so you don't finish exploring your whole game in a few hours - yes ! finally something which actually adds and is likely to get some old attention back. It needs a lot more stuff before it will keep anyone back though, what's the point of exploring the same looking places over and over for ... nothing new ? (still seeing old frustrations REALLY doesn't help keep anyone who comes back either... still no damn pause)
  12. leo_chaos

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    I don't think it's AS easy for new players, my first playthroughs it took me a while to get end game stuff, then you learn what's pointless to build and what's worth it and massively streamline your progress. I think even in its current state the prop pack's OP, I now just hover to move quicker, hover to kill stuff to I can not get hit, fly into caves landing to charge up occasionally, grab what I want and get out, I don't even have to waste time killing them in there. The only difference is I have to spend 1-2 secs potentially at risk and old pack I was never at risk. How do you make it harder to get without increasing how tedious it already is to get? crafting steel is boring when you need so much and it takes different crafting stages on different crafting stations which need their fuel monitored.
  13. leo_chaos

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    I agree, patience been chipped away at from years of mainly updates which added nothing to exploration and so much effort put into the lobby type stuff which seems few players have any interest in though, my old suggestion posts had common complaints at the time which are still common enough 3 years later but since those posts Playlands was added which most I've ever seen was 3 other people in there, I just joined and was on my own, it makes the wait for improvements rather frustrating, especially when it got released as 1.0 during that time but explore was still barren. I'm happy to wait for progress when progress is actually being made, thankfully exploration is getting attention again now, I just hope it stays in the right direction. Hopefully lighting is improved too, the scuba mask light is pointless, you can't hold anything underwater (but can eat) and carrying a crystal is a better lightsource than any tech we can make lol.
  14. leo_chaos

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    1. Did people stop playing because of the music ? I stopped due to exploration being ignored and left to rot. 2. First person's a weird one since it seems to work fine, I assumed they took it out due to seeing through walls etc though that seems hard to do now, possibly as the caves are less random and cramped. 3. Some parts seem a mess, crafting menu is just all over the place and doesn't even update when you get an item like crafting a rope means you need to leave the menu and go back to use it, break and item stats need to be more accessible instead of in another screen, how hungry or hot/cold we are is also pretty vague. Other parts should be improved, things like the compass could be a wearable accessory which lets you keep it on the screen. 4. I actually did, the old prop pack was OP, once you had it you were untouchable. It would be good if it had a charge or something where it would stay on, but when empty it works as it does now and overheats after 30 secs. 5. I have suggestion posts from 2018 which plenty of are still relevant and I've seen others complaining about the same things more recently, unfortunately I put a lot of them down to the exploration abandonment. 6. Might be better to make the map craftable then goes into the toolbox or something and works similar to how it does now, maybe some kind of knowledge skill to eventually marks island levels when you land on them if you want it to use it (would add some exploring back instead of instant knowledge what and where when you enter an area) I don't really see the current map as a big issue though. I DO remember getting irritated by not being able to craft one at some point/needing it active to fill in/needing pen or something to also fill it in. Zirconium is WAY common though, I have more than I'll ever need within a couple of days but I can't find any coal. IMO I'd say the actual issues, especially with early players is that explorations still massively lacking and exploration was the main game and focus before the editor and whatever that lobby thing is took over and it instead became an abandoned side attraction. I think it HAS improved with the new world map/basically unlimited ylands and they seem to have acknowledged the abandonment, but still needs a lot of work such as more variety, like more biomes and mini-biomes with the fauna/flora etc that comes with those, more end game stuff like energy versions of the crafting stations. Then there's things like the energy system which doesn't seem to have been touched since I made a post about parts of it in 2018 so it's still awkward and clunky, nothing notable seems to have been added like machine automation of any crafting or stations with improved outputs, alchemy is pretty pointless and could be expanded and having to take things out of inventory containers each time to use them's weird. I get the choice for not wanting fully modern tech like planes etc but we have a prop pack, mining drill and energy generation whilst still relying on basic fires for crafting (except cooking). Basically what we all bought as an alpha version of the game hasn't changed much apart from: Random UI changes (main menu's a mess and has been for a long time, at least let us customise it and remove parts, literally all I want there is explore and MP explore options. Lobby was pointless and awful when I tried it, I don't need immediate access to any creation games and have 0 interest in Top Rated/New & Updated. Why would this clutter even be on a main menu ?) Anything to do with affecting water being removed A couple of things like bones being removed A few cosmetic type additions like enemies, blocks etc Avatars becoming weird mutants instead of angular like everything else The music change and recently the map changes which was the only one to have a big game changing impact and actually extend the playtime by not limiting you to a few ylands.
  15. leo_chaos

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    My old share works fine and I can still make new ones for up to 8 players, only reason someone would rather a small server is so the game runs constantly I suppose. I was much more active before compared to now and the same with others I speak to, it was early access and we had done the content in the game a fair few times both single and multiplayer and play other games too, but we've still watched the updates and occasionally jump on to see changes. If a games in early access then bugs etc should be expected, anyone leaving for that reason doesn't understand what early access is. It would be much worse if they concentrated all their effort into the servers over the game, yeah online people might have stability but everyone else would have gone due to the game stagnating. They mostly look like the review bombing behaviour that's becoming more common on Steam, if anything the toxic attitude on there is hiding any potentially legit negative reviews so they're less likely to get addressed and if it's enough to make Steam act then all the reviews won't count within a time period so again will cancel out any legit ones too. I honestly don't understand why there's so much toxicity about the launch beyond people's sense of self entitlement. The games progressed a massive amount from how it was and the only actual reason I can see someone being upset about the F2P change is that they bought the game in the last couple of months specifically for the editor and have no interest in the exploration. I must have easily got my money's worth before it was even released on Steam.