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  1. mac maz

    Demo? Trial? Where is it?

    Keralis yt channel, look his awsome movies sorry for that idea im idiot
  2. mac maz

    Map Editor Water & jump to a saved location

    Hello About water my sugestion is can placing solid cube water block in editor. Now its very funny that the ocean water hole cant filling itself to normal level
  3. Or creating yours ship from blocks and add something like floatting block (crafted from sponge or something ) inside that game would know that must to float on water, then i can have real catamaran :-) or modern yacht not only 17th century look like ships
  4. mac maz

    (suggestion) windows

    Biggest windows 3x3, 4x4, 4x6 or connected windows [like mod for minecraft 'connected glass'] colored+transparent windows