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  1. Darkhog

    Dev Diary #8

    I wish there will be another way to obtain steam key than e-mail. I mean, e-mails can get lost so IMO it should be available in your account or on Ylands' bohemia store page (if you bought it there). I haven't got the key. Not sure if you've sent those yet, but if you did, it probably got into spam or whatever.
  2. Will people who bought it on Incubator like me get a steam key?
  3. Darkhog

    Player-created paintings

    Then you'll end up with mediocre MS Paint. With my solution, it'll be actually immersive and fun to use/play with, just like rest of the game.
  4. How about a possibility, aside of premade paintings, to add ability to make your own in-game? You'd craft an empty canvas, a brush, various paint buckets and water to clear brush. By using brush on paint bucket of specific color, you'd get ability to paint with it on a canvas. You can clear painting by using brush on water bucket. If you want to mix colors, you'd use brush on a bucket of paint in different color without cleaning brush first, resulting color would be mix of all the colors brush was used on without cleaning it in ratios proportional to how many times each color was used. So e.g. when you use clean brush once on blue paint and once on green (ration 1:1), you'll get yellow. If you then keep using brush on green paint, you'll start to get first greenish yellow (ratios 1:2, 1:3 ... 1:5) and then yellowish green (1:6...1:10). The colors would be mixed like paint would, not light. As for painting process itself, I'm thinking about something along the whiteboard in Duke Nukem Forever.
  5. Darkhog

    RESOLVED Picking up/dropping items

    Between 17 and 30, I think.
  6. Cool, thanks. And I completely get that sharing knowledge by replying to specific questions is ineffective. Anyway, from my game, where levels are built from untextured 3d primitives, each up to 242 vertices, I've did some tests and as it turns out, I can put out even like 800k of lowpoly spheres (biggest object in terms of vertex and tri count, 242 vertices) without any noticeable hit for the performance, colliders and all (each separate gameobject and each contains few scripts that have bit lengthy Update() method). So I guess you should be okay for a while. Possibly max limit is even triple of that, but I didn't test for that since it's not likely that anyone will use even half as much objects in their level (and even then, most of the stuff is being built using cuboids and cylinders, which have less polycount). Anyway, good luck to you guys!
  7. Darkhog


    That's all right, I don't need dates. I just want to know if this is within the realm of possibility or is it completely out of the question.
  8. Darkhog


    I know you're not planning it right now, but I'd like to ask if Steam is in the realm of possibility or if you decided against using it and are adamant about your choice. And if so, what would be point of time YLands would be added to Steam? Bonus question: If/when this happens, will current buyers receive Steam codes for the game?
  9. Darkhog

    RESOLVED Picking up/dropping items

    Another related thing. Dunno if it's just me, but sometimes I have to double click right button to pick up item. Game is kinda laggy for me, but still, I should be able to pick up things instantly. Are you doing any input inside FixedUpdate()? Fell into that hole myself. The thing is that FixedUpdate is executed only once each frame, which means that if framerate is low it may not pick up when you press a key. You should use Update(), instead which is called as fast as it can be. If there's input-dependent code in FixedUpdate(), I'd suggest polling for input inside Update(), setting private bool and checking if that bool is true inside FixedUpdate, instead of polling input system.
  10. First of all, great game. There are some performance issues (which will be resolved in future I believe), but mostly the game is bugless. Now, onto feedback thing. The terrain tools need to be all in 3D, including flatten/paint/smooth ones. The current ones would be fine if the terrain would be a heightmap one, but it isn't (which is great, by the way). As it is now: The flatten tool fails to work properly if there are empty (air) voxels between the level you try to flatten the ground to and the terrain above.The material paint tool is hard to aim properly, even in first personSimilar to paint tool, smooth tool is hard to aim properly AND it's very hard (to the point of impossibility, although I think you can agree that there are no impossible things, there is only lack of skill needed to complete the task) to smooth out layered terrain, like e.g. when sculpting (example being dragon shown in the trailer, although I don't know whether it is terrain work or a prefab)As a Unity game developer myself (won't plug my game here, even though it also does low poly untextured, unless specifically asked by the devs/mods), I'd like to thank you for creating such easy to use and powerful building system. As a person who wants to do something similar in the future (although in more realistic setting), i.e. building from single building materials, such as bars, planks, bricks, etc., instead of slapping prefab walls, floors, etc. like e.g. in Rust, I'd like to ask you if you're using some tricks like combining meshes or if those are just freeform prefabs connected by nothing. Finally, one thing I'd add to the building system would be more kinds of bricks. Or at least ability to select material of one. Those sandstone ones can easily get boring, we need clay and stone bricks (and different kinds of stone). So far you've made great progress and I wish you best of look.