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    KNOWN ISSUE eating a map

    Oh i see it now that im not the only one who Noticed that, for me that happened with my Key Ring, didnt saw your post. For me it happens when i Eat and Switch Instantly to my other Stuff, this needs a Fix.
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    That Stack Button im also Missing so Hard you dont know man, its Extremly Annoying right now, i Love the Game but its Frustrating for me i must Say.
  3. Yes you Read right, my Charakter ate my Key Ring, im not Sure how that Happened, its gone, i think i had Food in my Hand and Switched and in that Moment he ate the Key Ring lol.
  4. TheGous4

    Feedback and Ideas

    I know how it works, but we cant Connect to each other Sadly, me and him didnt want to Fiddle arround anymore after an Hour tho. But we Play on Official, so it doesnt matter anymore anyway, thanks still
  5. TheGous4

    Feedback and Ideas

    Hello, I only Played the Game now for 11 Hours, isnt much but more than other Games where i logged in and Played for 10 Minutes logged out and Deleted them, and they had 10 or more gb as a example, this Game is Awesome, i Love it and i allways Play it with my Brother, one of the best Games i have Played, it keeps up with Skyrim in my List, it is in my ''one of the best Games'' Categorie in Steam there are 7 Games in there with Ylands, not much when you got 200 Games. I cant say much to it because 11 Hours isnt much but i got a few things i dont like. When you Build with Single Blocks it is a littlebit meh, sometimes the Block doesnt go the Way i want, but its fine better then it wouldnt work at all. And the Sorting thing, i would like something where you Press a Button and it Sorts Automaticly (Chest and Inventory), the Chests have no Space at all in my Opinion, there are so much Items in the Game (very Cool) that i needed to make alot of Chests. When i Search a Ore or some things like Clay, its Hard to Say which is what if you know what i mean. When you Loot Bamboo Trees, takes very Long, Aoe Loot with one Click would be Awesome. 2 Real Problems there are: When you try to put a item in the Chest thats already in there, with Right Click or Drag and Drop, it doesnt Stack Automaticly like it should, you need to take it out First, then Stack them together and then Put them again in. Second one: When you try to Play with a Person and both cant Connect to each other, i know you can Port Forwoard and stuff, but i dont do that, the Game has to work without something like this, all Games i Played with other People got that Working without any Problems, i dont Attack you with that, i just Say, i understand that its in Early Acces so its Fine but i thought i just Mention it, but to Play on Official Server with my Bro and other People is also Fun, even tho you dont see them much, the Buildings are great when you see them, Feels like there are other People on the Yland But there are more things i like to it then i dont like, these are the only things Actually, i dont Say what i like because you wouldnt even Read it thats how long it would be, its an Awesome Game, i didnt even know you could make a Game like that with Half of a Gb lol, its Insane how Fun it is, when you take Gta 5 it has 60 gb and isnt that Fun for me atleast, keep on the Work, also what me Surprised yesterday is that you get Free Coins that you can Buy Skins, thank you for that also besides the Free Skins already! Sorry for my Bad English, i try my best