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Found 1 result

  1. It's another list, I tend to feel like single suggestions per post are easier for teams to find again if need be and any additions to a list once it been read once tend to me missed entirely, but if I made them all as single posts I'd be spamming the forum so they're here (I can create a new post for each if that would be easier) From playing I noticed how heavy my game was getting and started trying to fix it and help it run, bringing certain things to my attention that could prevent someones save from getting as bad as mine is, I also stream and that's where most of these came to my attention so I can probably demonstrate each of these issues if needed. There's others such as being able to mark maps and hide energy beams but I've seen them mentioned plenty of times so haven't included those and have tried not to include things like flying vehicle type suggestions which require big additions and are likely planned far in the future. If any suggestions/feedback are already dealt with somehow and I've missed how to then please correct me since I can't imagine there's anyone that can't be surprised by something in this game Suggestiony type - Please pause I know this has been requested a lot, but having to exit to main menu to pause single player is frustrating when bringing up the menu could just pause the game. Volume options ! This is a big one for me, since the weather can be EXTREMELY loud, I try to stream the game and it's like someones turned an un-tuned radio up full blast, being able to lower engine type noises would be nice too, sometimes we want to just chill and hover around the island without the prop pack being so loud or do some digging without surprise volume increase from an echo A vacuum for mass picking up items This comes from trying to repair my islands to help my game, picking up hundreds of stacks of 2x sand is not so fun, an item like a vacuum being eventually craftable would be amazing, like a leaf blower with the backpack looking thing, just to suck everything up then we can take stacks out of it op just set it to destroy so we can clear up our islands a bit and probably improve a fair amount of performance. - Adding to this a water tank upgrade could be built so people looking to add water inland for their pools or something could suck some up from 1 place, then empty the tank where they want it. Terraformer and annihilator in explore Being able to get hold of versions of these would benefit explore, the terraformer could need you to supply it the materials your filling and any it removes you don't get the item, it just takes it away, this would let us repair the damage such as from mining so much better. They would both need energy too, perhaps the annihilator has a low count to balance it out a bit. Superglue No idea what else this item could be honestly, but the ability to lock down free placed items, I've picked up items be accident so many times trying to do something else and it's not an item I want to be able to move anymore than the rest of my furniture, I also wonder if this could help with the load if it would be easier for the game to recall a structure as a big block instead of 200 1x1x1 cubes individually. Window additions (+other blocks) Here I mean a way for windows to connect since they aren't as thick as a usual block and something to connect them over corners, I wanted a glass surrounding but had to settle for ice blocks to fill the corners, unfortunately ice blocks have no sloped half block versions so it's made it more blocky than would have been nice Despawn timer Something which may help instead of adding items up pick up the amount of clutter dropped from digging, just despawn certain (or all, whichever) items after a set period of time if the player never interacts with them. Something to edit walls I can flatten the floor with my shovel, but next to my nice smooth ground is a dangerous looking cliff edge, it would be nice to be able to flatten their sides too Feedback type- item description page should item show condition When I hover over an item in my inventory it tells em the condition, so I click it and the info box opens where I have the option to repair, nowhere here does it tell me the condition though so I have to then go back to the inventory to check if I need to repair again or it's fixed fully. A switch on the flashlight (including helmets with them on) to turn them on or off or have them come on earlier and off later. I tend to find myself stuck in darkness because it's not dark enough to trigger the light on my guardian helmet yet it's too dark too see what's going on whereas a lamp is permanently on, an option on the action wheel when a flashlight item is equipped so we can turn it on and off ourselves would be useful. Sinful Ylanders and their gluttony My Ylander seems to need to eat a couple of weeks worth of meat in a day, even if he's just sleeping all day. The meat itself is massive, what's he doing with it all ? If I feed him other food he seems to need a constant supply of food going down his throat, the hunger seems a bit excessive (some sign of their hunger like a bar would be useful too) Sinful Ylanders and their wrath I assume it's not just my line of Ylanders but they have an obsession with punching everything, I plant some seeds and he punches the last one, I don't need them intimidated, I've never had a rowdy plant issue. This also goes for when placing objects and crafting places. Crafting recipes After deciding to do a slightly large build with blue steel this issue became very apparent, the recipes don't always make sense, every blue steel item needs 5 coal and 5 iron ingots, whether it's a 1x1x1 cube or a 4x4x1 square. The resources used for the little cubes make me emotional. Animals under the map After going into my save in the editor to try and fix my world a bit (11.5GB ram to run it was a bit ot) I found masses of animals a long way under my island, maybe they were spawns or something but deleting them didn't seem to effect my islands population at all so if they're not spawn markers or something then I'm not sure what's happened. Potions recipe page There's the tab when you've found a potion which tells you the ingredients needed and says things like "any grain" but if you try to craft it it won't accept any grain unless you have the same type of grain you had when you found the recipe the first time. A specific warning that you're about to craft a ship somewhere you will regret I know there's a warning, but with no idea how deep it actually needs mistakes can be made such as building in too shallow water and needing to dig the ship out and incase there's someone who hasn't noticed yet... do NOT dig near water your sea levels go extremely weird and without spawning the terraformer you cannot fix it again. When you rag doll water loses all it's power I fell, clipped the edge of my ship, fell of the side and straight to the bottom of the water and took fall damage as if the water wasn't there. It hurt and number 12 nearly died. Seagulls fly too low I've had these hit my ship before so have seen their godly power, today when one went through the front entrance and into my ship it was a terrifying experience and I was to scared to kill it for a while because I didn't want to break anything else. If they just flew higher it wouldn't be an issue how they abuse their powers. Stack consistency Something impossible to judge currently, can I hold 100 of these or are they single units only ? this extends to the crafting pages too, sometimes I expect a stack and get 1 item (damn you blue steel) sometimes I expect a single item and get big stacks (200 ice blocks surprise!!!) Editor I know the editor is known to need addressing but addition of a map, ability to move to player and a way of turning it to day so we can see would all be nice. A way to start game physics would be good too, when repairing the ground under water it makes the water to crazy, if you try adding water in the editor you can make towers out of it as it won't flow (till you go near it in game and it comes crashing down along with your frames) The editor also often lies about saving changes, which is rude. Cave logic I know the idea is not to live in a cave, but I can so I will. They have strange goings on though light will change suddenly a few steps in as light and heat no longer penetrates onto the giant opening of the cave, so within a couple of footsteps I can go from fine in bright sunlight to dark and freezing. Propeller pack when not in use It would be nice to have it either automatically fold the blades away or have an option on the action wheel since equipping it every time will get frustrating but getting stuck on doorways is frustrating too.