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  1. JohnMFSteel

    Dev Diary #114

    Should we be reporting content that doesn't meet the standards? or just leave it to periodic review?
  2. JohnMFSteel

    Nitrado Woes

    Ah I see I misread, I shouldn't try to answer questions so close to bed lol. I don't think there is a way to turn a game back into a scenario, as that would also expose the authors scripts & logics I would imagine. also as an additional thought if nitrado is asking for scenario files I would assume that to be an error because of the aforementioned issue with giving away a scenario file
  3. JohnMFSteel

    the wiki

    wiki could use some updating, it would also be nice if the pages included small use cases to give people learning an idea what various code blocks might be used for.
  4. JohnMFSteel

    Nitrado Woes

    DRIVE:\...\Steam\userdata\<youruniquenumbers>\298610\remote\Scenarios I think it is the .yland files found here
  5. JohnMFSteel

    New workshop layout.

    I don't remember where but I think Adam said they are working on a page just for compositions
  6. JohnMFSteel

    thoughts about mobile games

    1st a bug. I have noticed sometimes welds break in mobile and some items inside displace their position 2nd a suggestion. I don't have a game controller extension for my phone so my thumbs take up a good amount of the screen when I play. While play is smooth it feels like everything might feel a bit better on mobile if the scale of things were a bit different. Like the characters, creatures and trees mainly. Some small things would need to stay the same so they are tapable but some big things might feel better smaller on mobile. Something y'all might want to experiment with a little I wouldn't spend too much time on it though mobile plays pretty well as is.
  7. JohnMFSteel

    Chat integration

    https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dcintegration. I'm not aware of any full games doing it, but this mod does it for minecraft
  8. JohnMFSteel

    Chat integration

    It would be super cool if we could integrate servers' chats with discord servers
  9. play.ylands not displaying properly when you go into new games and try to reveal more games it gives duplicates of the games already shown in the new lines
  10. JohnMFSteel

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    you buy it with coyns which you can buy with a debit or credit
  11. JohnMFSteel

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    @bojo2736 you not being good at using steam is not their fault, it is absurdly easy to buy coyn you don't have to put money on your wallet first just use a credit or debit. I didn't say buy something of value it's all digital the value of literally all of this is actually 0 I said Coyns are a solid value which is a comparison statement about the fact that they cost half as much as many other in game currencies not a statement of their actual true value which they do not have
  12. JohnMFSteel

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    @bojo2736 I'm not sure why nobody has told you this but selling you more in game currency than you want is a standard game practice. It's so you will try out some of the other things on offer and there is no point complaining about it because Coyns are already a very solid value just buy something on offer or save up for the next time you are going to make a purchase. it's not something even remotely unique to this game.
  13. JohnMFSteel

    Consider turning this ship around

    I'm pretty new to the game and I can honestly say I like the current direction I see. They just need to expand on it further as they have already stated and shown they are doing. it would be cool if there were more sets of archipelagos across great distances of ocean though. I get how them building out the editor and working on exploration at the same time might seem like one thing would detract from the other but they are already making the assets for themselves to make the maps in the first place there is no reason not to add to the in-game editor as they go even before there's a finished and polished game map for them to show us On combat, I have to say that combat is a very important aspect of the game to me, and while I really like the current combat style. fighting co-op is kinda clunky and you tend to end up hitting friendlies(nothing worse than hitting a new friend😥 (That said nothing better than demolishing an enemy player with any friend🤺)). The AI is also in need of a big tune-up I have an S20 to test my mobile games on and let me tell you it can handle fast-paced combat smoothly so bring on the intelligent AI as far as not reporting bugs during the experimental branch the only reason I didn't is that I asked where to put them and got no answer I did begin compiling a list though. When I received no answer I reverted to standard and ditched my list not to say I have no complaints though. Some of these editor bugs are ridiculous and hot-fixes don't seem to be a thing here (which I might understand. Putting a band-aid can create a bigger issue than just stitching the wound, but it's still very frustrating putting up with bugs) the current ore system is a bit too simple it might be better if ore veins dynamically generated under the world surface at various depths corresponding to density things like clay can obviously remain on the surface. it just makes 0 sense to dig continuously into a solid lump most materials also the game has amazing capabilities for building underground but there is nothing to lead the player down the animals bi-products need to be given significantly more consideration animal tendons could be a thing for rope, intestines for tubed meat foods, various bone parts for various things sadly when I think of bone I think fertilizer but that is quite wrong bone is basically null space when it comes to farming uses same as putting rocks in a pot to help drainage. maybe it's lame but I feel like even if you are just going to simulate the killing of an animal it is important to then also simulate that animals are so much more than just meat and leather I feel like this is probably already on this list but durability/fuel consumption the whole super helicopter backpack thing ruins the game when you get it because you no longer need your boat or even legs it needs to be using fuel like no tomorrow I mean think about what it is. switching to a better tool just cause it looks nicer feels bad I need my tools to break so I have to replace them. I strongly recommend backtracking on all the tools and taking a peek at tinkers' construct and seeing if something like that might be possible because that is a way better tool system and makes a lot of sense for this game to be honest I need lava as soon as possible making infinite stone appear with no cause feels bad.
  14. JohnMFSteel

    Ylands, this just feels too much...

    I see what you mean okay so I did a bit of math myself and if I did it right the value you get back per coyn is about 36% and per Robux you get back is a little under 29% 1 Robux Value(cost) = 0.0118(USD), 1 Coyn Value(cost) = 0.0042(USD) (numbers & percentages are rounded) (this is not including any local sales tax you might have to pay) on a separate note since you mention creators hopefully getting to sell blueprints it would be nice if we could make special blueprints that involve some animation cause that functional granary that Mello made would be so amazing as a blueprint
  15. JohnMFSteel

    Ylands, this just feels too much...

    So 1st I would like to say I don't understand why this game keeps getting compared to Roblox. They seem nothing alike, and Roblox is an old game that looks terrible. that said this is their current conversion rate $.0035/R$ (which comes out to $350 USD for 100,000 Robux) found here https://www.roblox.com/developer-exchange/help which I can clearly see is more than double the conversion rate for coyn As far as steam and microsofts part in it, why not just sell the coyn straight from YLands website? do they demand a cut anyway?(if so that's super bad of them)