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  1. JohnMFSteel

    Workshop feedback

    Yeah im not 100% sure so I guess let's ask @Nikki Severin What would be better for this sort of situation, loading up 1 topic or making multiple similar topics
  2. JohnMFSteel

    Workshop feedback

    Ye I know It's why I started this one, should be easier for them to sort through topics than comments
  3. JohnMFSteel

    Workshop feedback

    Games: I would like it if we could share scenarios, rather than just maps. I don't see the point of leaving a map unprotected if all the scripts are gone when a player tries to edit it. I'd like it if we could design our own game details page on the website, but also if possible in game. this should include some default templates and draggable/editable page aspects. I would like it if details between website and game were separate. In game I would have details about how to play, maybe some rules if necessary. On the site I would Put Patch notes, a means of giving feedback.. ect. Everyone probably has a different idea of how pictures should be displayed. Screenshots don't need to be locked to a box, they could be used as a game page's background or banner? You could potentially even allow verified creator to use custom page elements allowing them to "set the scene" for their game. Compositions: These are capable of being full featured mods essentially, even more so once we can add custom models - tags - being able to Predefine a category for your composition would help reduce the number of pages. -Searching by Author name -Composition size (block count, entity count, ect.) -Script performance impact -Composition groups would be nice for making "mod packs" -The ability to create uniquely named pages for favorited/downloaded comps so they aren't in one big list
  4. JohnMFSteel

    {Suggestion} Build mode feature

    @spiritchaser28 What I am asking for here is Ctrl+Letter to give a random degree of rotation on the respective axis. I like the hold for free rotation, and the press for 90 degree snap rotation. I do wish we didn't have to hold right click to maintain height changes, I think it would be enough if swapping items reset the height. Also this is something I would like to work during standard placement and in the advanced placement where you hold right click One example would be my flower bed free rotation worked fine.... I feel however it could look way more natural if the rotations of the flowers were RNGed Another is the marble material. It can be free placed to nice effect, and it doesn't collide that I can tell so nothing weird happens when you clip lots of them. Making it look natural manually however is time consuming.
  5. It might be nice if ctrl+F, G or H gave you random rotation on that axis
  6. OK considering how the game is a persistent(ish) world. Perhaps a encountered player list is necessary. You could apply an icon to appear above players heads out of a selection of icons, to represent their relation to you in a personal way. This could serve as a medium for keeping notes about players you encounter. Be they trader, raider, hero, friend, adventurer, explorer, ect... and if they are a trader for example maybe what resources they offer. It could allow for controlling players "ranks" across your various shared maps from one menu and of course the thing people sadly have to care about most, a convenient means of blocking/reporting players without adding them to friends or rushing to do so. you shouldn't be able to message anyone on this list, just a means of keeping track of your encounters. I think players should need to be in LOS to get added to your list, popping into a multiplayer map adding everyone to your encountered list and moving on seems bad somehow. Or if they post a message in game chat after you are loaded in. but maybe if the list logs in details about them it still shouldn't do that till in LOS Also it would be could if it displayed what they looked like last time you saw them. Edit: It could theoretically allow players to revisit multiplayer ylands quickly by visiting the map owner's encountered player page
  7. JohnMFSteel

    Larger Building Blocks

    I like tiny blocks, the smaller the better. I feel you about the lag though In editor we can weld building pieces to improve collision and reduce lag. What about a welding machine tool? Could have the hammer break welds or a blowtorch to break welds. Personally Id like it if we determined our own pallet of block shapes and sizes. I can totally imagine an in-game menu for defining block shapes. The resource cost of the block could be generated dynamically based on the volume of the block you design. You should still probably start with the defaults, but you could change them out like changing favorited colors in the color picker.
  8. JohnMFSteel

    RESOLVED {Bug} Item icons not updating when dyed

    Yeah, in the end everything ended up dyed. This was more about the barbute helmet requiring me to relog to update its icon. The rest updated after 5-10 min in-game.
  9. JohnMFSteel

    {Suggestion} Ship Steering

    So, one of the other games I play is Sea of Thieves. Now the system for piloting ships in that game is obviously far too complex for Ylands. The way SoT's helm controls work however, would be a big improvement for Ylands I think. Currently (as you know) when turning the ship you have to hold the button, looping the wheel turning noise, and potentially stressing your fingers. Just encase none of the devs have played SoT, the way helm control works is. You can turn the wheel to a fixed amount clockwise or counter. It also makes a knocking noise when you align the wheel to center, and at each maximum turn position. Also with the potential that sailing could be possible on mobile, I have a suggestion for the control UI rather than the tap and hold to steer. A vertical slider for controlling speed with a percentage readout. And a half circle slider for controlling turn direction with a degrees readout.
  10. JohnMFSteel

    Dev Diary #172 Bigger ylands

    Such exciting news 🤩 How big we talkin?
  11. JohnMFSteel

    Soo....lets talk about resources

    Gonna have to agree here, Zirconium and Gold are way too common now, copper and coal are now the rarest. I'm fine with copper being rare but coal should be in basically every cave. Personally though I think generating ore by depth rather than in the cave is the best way to go. Mining in this game feels really good, but there is no reason to do it other than terraforming. A variety of ore vein shaped Terrain volume templates, a little ray casting, and next thing you know you have believable ore veins all over the map. And a reason to maybe implement a quarrying
  12. JohnMFSteel

    RESOLVED {Bug} Item icons not updating when dyed

    The elvin clothes took several minutes to update, and the barbute helmet required disconnecting and reconnecting for it to update
  13. The yland was huge, and like nothing I had seen in Ylands before. Very beautiful, an absolute joy to explore. I came across another really cool one right after this. The map was unavailable in it, and it was super stormy and somewhat hard to navigate, VERY COOL!
  14. I died With my pack in the inventory. When it dropped it lost the colors I had dyed it. However the icon and preview kept the color Edit: Just a small clarification, I am referring to the propeller housing not the steam tank
  15. Barbute Helmet Elven tunic(Updated to correct color after a time) Elven pants(Updated to correct color after a time) Elven boots(Updated to correct color after a time)