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  1. Sazzle

    Dev Diary #176 What comes after 1.7

    What about people who don't want "naval battles"? I know I don't want my ships to be destroyed lol this isn't sea of thieves :)) My ship is basically my mobile home, not something I want to put alot of time into, making it look all nice and then be destroyed..
  2. Sazzle

    POSSIBLY Magical Chest

    Thank you :)))
  3. Sazzle

    [YLD-29887] My horse is gone

    Did you try calling his name? ?
  4. Sazzle

    Flexing your boats off

    Excuse the mess on land ? I'll sort eveything into containers soon...I won't show the inside as it's just a living area with furniture and a few treasures on display, fully lit with energy lamps and such, nothing too interesting lol
  5. Sazzle

    POSSIBLY Magical Chest

    Would it be possible to get some kind of magical chest or ylandium chest that has an insanely hefty amount of spaces? make it difficult to craft or something lol possibly require dimonds and a alot of magic dust or ylandium and gold or something..maaaybe even have these chest link up to multiple chests of the same kind..just an idea..
  6. Sazzle

    Prop pack thoughts

    I like the nerf, yeah maybe it's abit too short..I think 15 to 20 secs would be a good amount..but I'm good with it how ever it is..now it's more of a tool to get out of sticky situations for me rather than a cheap and fast way to cheese travel..
  7. Sazzle

    1.6: Trading Territories

    Yessssss, this is update is grrrreat :))) and we can actually harden items, thats the thing I'm excited about the most tbh lol no more wandering hands from other players and I don't need to be super careful as to what I'm interacting with anymore..ooph..I still hope they make a hoe tool that plants 3 seeds at a time or somthing like that aaaand hold click to pick up items then everything I wanted would be answered :)))
  8. Sazzle

    Dev Diary #169 Come talk to us

    Duuuuuuude, that looks so epic
  9. Sazzle

    Dev Diary #168 Fun with vendors

    wooooh good stuff :))
  10. Sazzle

    Experimental Build for Update 1.6

    haha love the update :)) although I was hoping that the work station build mode would have included the snap rotation like in editor.