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  1. Sazzle


    I'm just kinda bored of survival games that make you always feel so alone, yea you can do co-op with friends ect but non of mine like survival games and random people can be a risk lol there is only a few games that I've played that do what I kind of want, them being ofc FO4 which isn't really a survival game..Conan Exiles which Settlers only stand around or follow you as companions..the best game I have which does this brilliantly is Dragon Quest Builders 2, Settlers in that game do everything such as, eat at tables, sleep in beds, farm, guard, follow you and much more and they even build structures that you design if they have the required materials. I think if Ylands had something like this it would be absolutely amazing. Oh and DQB2 uses blueprints too with the settlers auto building, something that ylands also has so would it be that hard to implement?
  2. Sazzle


    Will we ever get NPC settlers? I was thinking just like in FO4 where you build some kind of signal transmitter and over time NPCs show up..Maybe they could do basic tasks like felling trees or guarding the area to ward off mutants or farming in a designated area defined by the player...Some times it kinda sucks when you build these little towns but you have no one to live in them lol I tried to figure out how to do it in the editor and make my own game mode with said features but I have no idea what I'm doing in the editor lol Be cool if the devs could implement some official settlers, even if they simply just walked around just to make builds feel more lived in..OR I just now thought persuading the NPCs you find out in the wilds to somehow follow you back home..that always got me aswell, why are all NPCs hostile???
  3. Sazzle

    Game breaking bug

    It's fine now, I'm over it lol was just annoying at the time since I built it entirely in exploration without any blueprints..so, I decided to remake the ship in again in creative and save as a blueprint in case it happened again..Thanks anyway :)))
  4. I spent all day building my ship in exploration mode, was quite happy to see it almost complete but thought it was good enough to start taking out to explore with..Visited a number of ylands gathering loot ect...decided it was time to build cabinets and shelving for said loot so, I put my ship into disassemble mode so I could place the cabinets and it ends up deleting half my ship..WTF?! I only started to play the game again when the update dropped and I think I'm already done with it lol that takes the cake when you put that much effort into a build and the Thanos of Ylands snaps his fingers and yeets your ship into the void...
  5. Sazzle

    Snowy Ships

    Why is this a thing? I thought this would of been sorted along side the rain inside ships issue..
  6. Sazzle

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    Whats up with these recipes? like they been changed and for the worst..I swear to god we use to have to make clay bricks in the kiln, now we can just make them without it..not sure I'm a fan of that..I mean wouldn't clay bricks need to be fired and hardened?? Also some of the wooden doors look like they would require Iron but it's just straight up wood where as other doors that look like they require iron actually do require iron...so weird..
  7. Sazzle

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    Would it be possible to add a mechanic where environmental sounds ect are dampened when inside a building? I built a starter log cabin but I find it kind of annoying to have the wind blowing as loudly inside my cabin as it would outside..
  8. Sazzle

    More NPC Interactability

    I'd just be happy with having them being togglable between standing and free roam, maybe have a % chance to interact with near by seating that is in a radius around them or something..
  9. Sazzle

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    My graphics? They are maxed out I don't see anything to fix? And wouldn't there at least be some collection of water under it?
  10. Sazzle

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    So I started a new game with this update and noticed a waterfall on the starter Yland that makes no logical sense..can someone change that on the next update? lol
  11. Sazzle

    Dev Diary #231 Experimental Ymprovements

    I love this, not had a real chance to play properly yet but I love the fps cam :DDD I just wish that we could stay in first person when sitting down in chairs and such lol be cool to sit and look out the window on a rainy day but it forces you into third person so kind of breaks the immersion ..can't wait for the update to drop tho so I can actually go explore :DDD
  12. Sazzle

    Dev Diary #176 What comes after 1.7

    What about people who don't want "naval battles"? I know I don't want my ships to be destroyed lol this isn't sea of thieves :)) My ship is basically my mobile home, not something I want to put alot of time into, making it look all nice and then be destroyed..
  13. Sazzle

    POSSIBLY Magical Chest

    Thank you :)))
  14. Sazzle

    [YLD-29887] My horse is gone

    Did you try calling his name? ?
  15. Sazzle

    Flexing your boats off

    Excuse the mess on land ? I'll sort eveything into containers soon...I won't show the inside as it's just a living area with furniture and a few treasures on display, fully lit with energy lamps and such, nothing too interesting lol