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  1. Hezim

    Dev Diary #179 Placing Patterns

    got no words any more
  2. Hezim

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    I'll just say what me and my friends discussed and really wanted to get improved in exploration. 1. Propeller is way powerful we got attacked by some players the fight happened in the skies we really want to see some way of balance so players dont just fight in the skyes. 2. multiplayer server is way too small with limit of max 8 players, try and increases this number especially if you guys plan to make local maps much much bigger. 3. caves are boring, too small and always feel the same. 4. add some sort of world bosses random in caves seas and land. 5. maybe add coldown to summon/unsmmon ships. why? one of the episods we had when we started playing exploration we dident hit the propeller then we started exploring we got atacked by one player he started shooting at us from his ship then he used the propeller and we could not do anything about it, we tryed to board his ship but he unsummon it. 6. One of the coolest thing in exploration is building a ship and start exploring the world, but it gets boring especially in the seas feels pretty empty. mabey add npc pirate ships that atack players or monsters in the sea. Btw all this are just som ideas and some things we would of loved to be ingame. Keep up the good work ? Ps. Sorry for my english
  3. Hezim

    Is this a bug?

    Is this a bug seems like the square line don't match with the item
  4. finally the dev show some love for exploration keep adding these cool features. would be cool to add some sort of danger in sea like pirate ship or megalodon. Btw is there any plans of adding exploration to mobile?
  5. Hezim

    Gift ylands on steam

    i want to gift ylands to 3 friends of mine, but cant do it becaus of this error ( Due to regional price differences, the gift you are trying to send cannot be sent to the recipient's region ), is there any way i can buy ylands cd key?
  6. just wondering what is the plan for explorer mod map size will it change? as of now it seems like there is about 8-12 islands correct me if i'm wrong. cuz i really wish the islands where infinite love to explorer