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  1. So I have had YLands for over 5 years, tried coming back last fall but the bugs were annoying. I had to keep deleting and restarting. Decided to come try again, starting with tutorial. Deleted all the previous progress to start fresh and clean. I went to one of the first discovery/event islands for Combat. I was supposed to kill 3 pumas. I killed one but my inventory was full, it was dark, so I made a chest and put most of my inventory in there. Killed two more pumas. Quest counter only was giving me credit for two of them. Checked inventory, realized one of the three puma skins was in the chest, so I took it out, put it back, relogged, took all three "Puma Pelts" in and out, it will not give me credit for finishing the combat quest. Checked the island hoping maybe there was a fourth puma I could kill, to get the credit for killing three. Nope. So now I apparently need to exit, delete all my progress and start over again? I have restarted numerous times the last time I tried coming back, due to bugs. Will i ever be able to just simply play? (Yes, sorry, I am feeling annoyed.)
  2. someone here trying to get help and getting a little frantic (they don;t seem to know where to go) https://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/0/3038228835120862664/
  3. Sprout

    Ylands 1.5, what’s the verdict?

    Way too early to tell. At least for me. It seems to be still somewhat an early experimental beta stage and not an actual "release" of 1.5, which I am fine with as I think they needed to get SOMETHING out to us. I mean, the 1.5 beta branch before was really just an EDITOR test and not really exploration, and if 1.5 update is all about exploration, I am not sure I learned anything from that beta. With today's "release" of 1.5, I cannot tell what changes actually are still in "testing/experimental mode" versus a permanent change in features. Can we really only have one saved world, and need to delete it before restarting a fresh or different game? Is this single pregenerated world the only possible "world," we can no longer generate fresh new worlds with a single click in "EXPLORE" mode? I tried creating a new world in the editor using Exploration default but it seems to be the legacy exploration and not the 1.5, plus I get a notice I cannot save progress after exporting it locally and trying to "play" it as a singleplayer game, so i dunno what is up with that. Also my computer has been acting up and completely shutting down when I play Ylands today, three times today, may just be a wild coincidence and possibly unrelated, but between that and the "can't eat so starve" bug I have not actually gotten very far yet. Anyway I am still encouraged by having something - anything - to get our hands on, and I rather gather they are going to be adapting to feedback for at lead another month or two, maybe much longer and that is very promising. So I am still in the highly optimistic stage, just too soon for me at least to give any sort of "verdict" yet, or even any real initial impressions. So far I have not seen big changes but I just have not gotten far yet. What is YOUR impressions?
  4. Sprout

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Is this a permanent new thing, where we can never ever have more than one save game or world at a time, or is this temporary and part of the testing for the 1.5 update? Will we be able to generate our own unique worlds later on, or will we always need to use the single pregenerated "world" that is currently there? Under those options, what does enabling/disabling "Legacy Exploration Visibility" mean? Are all singleplayer games now ONLY possible under a "cloudmode" with no local saves; meaning if Bohemia Entertainment ever goes under/is sold/stops supporting the game, we cannot continue to play at least singleplayer for years and years to come?
  5. Sprout

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

  6. Sprout

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Is there a way to delete our savegame as it won't let us restart on a different island. I hope that eventually we can generate fresh new worlds for restarts and not always be trapped forever in this one. I couldn't find a path to a local singleplayer save so I assume it is saved as if multiplayer. I tend to restart games a lot so I hope this is temporary and part of the playtesting and not a new "feature".
  7. Sprout

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    I am not able to progress because I get "I am not ready" anytime i try to eat despite having the "hungry" icon showing. I was initially able to eat some raw food but later tried to eat cooked foods and now cannot eat at all despite an icon showing I am hungry. I tried relogging, no luck. Not able to generate a new world, only play a premade one,, but i assume that is intended for now. Hopefully they will fix whatever is giving me the constant "Not Ready" messages. Or if I am in fact full, please make the "Hungry" status go away. ** Actually I am apparently starving to death and screen is flashing from loss of hitpoints even though inventory says "I am Fine" while ingame icon shows me hungry and rapidly losing health. Also, it won't let me quit and start fresh, only continue the bugged game. I wanted to restart in a different biome but I am not able to start over, or to delete my current game
  8. Sprout

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Very exciting news!!!
  9. I am sure their idea was, if they attracted talented "Creators" then the players would follow. However I really think they got that absolutely backwards. If they had a great game that was also easy to mod -- as examples, Morrowind or Minecraft or even Rimworld -- then the popularity of the game will naturally attract modders/creators adding to the overall success of the game. But not the other way around. It doesn't matter how good the editor is, if the basic gameplay is flawed and buggy and broken then it is useless to think creators are going to come along and somehow magically save it. I suspect most of the best creators, such as Red Eagle, originally came for the game and then stayed for the editor. But that game is gone, now. The game started as an Exploration game. What did you do with your original "Exploration" staff the past many years, when the editor was taking full attention at all turns and the game was literally falling apart? Did you keep your full dev team over the past few years while focusing on creators? Or did you let them mostly all go and hire instead the current editor team? Who I am sure are all perfectly nice people but I really wish some of your hesitation at not firing staff, had also applied to the original team of developers who designed the original game. Someone high up apparently thought they were no longer important or worth saving jobs for. I am still hopeful for 1.5, because I would like to see one day that game again that I originally fell in love with, many years ago. Long before Steam. Long before free to play. Over the past few years, it has decayed and been neglected. My hope for 1.5 is that they reverse their mistakes, and focus on players and gameplay first and creators second. I tried out the test editor for the beta but it is, alas, clearly (again) designed for the creators not the players. I can't save and if I try to edit in a boat to test sailing, I get stuck in the edge-of-the-world 10 feet from shore. So clearly not yet ready for me to do any testing, which is ok. I can be patient, but you may have already lost your window of opportunity in attracting players. A lot who left, have moved on to better things and it may not be possible to lure them back, especially if they see your priorities are STILL backwards. Fix the game first, please.
  10. Sprout

    Allow 'PAUSE' in Singleplayer

    So, 2.5 years later, how do we pause in singleplayer?
  11. Sprout

    Runaway boats

    Well, I give up again for now. just had yet another boat zip away out from under me and off to where I can never catch it. It's too far for me to swim anywhere. I will come back and look at the game again in six months maybe. The boats issue is just too much of a gamebreaker for me for now, especially on top of issues with ores etc. There are other games that are enjoyable to play, this one is just too much frustration.
  12. I think it would be nice if this was a toggle that the server host could select (resources respawn, yes/no?) as when i play singleplayer, i like the fact that they don;t respawn which forces me to keep exploring further. But I can see how on multiplayer this would be an issue -- if you are not one of the "early" players, they you end up losing out on a lot of resources, in addition to griefing potential. I'd like to see server host have a lot of options. Resources scare/plentiful? Resources respawn yes/no? Game difficulty low/high? Players get a PB yes/no?
  13. Sprout

    Runaway boats

    I would like it if boats that had no captains, would automatically slow to a stop after a certain distance. I have been trying to be careful but I keep having an issue where I am under the assumption i am doing one thing (driving forward, disembarking, stopping) and suddenly i am in the water and my boat racing ahead far faster than i could ever have hopes to catch it. It makes me so irritated i usually just quit that game entirely, and come back later to a new fresh game, but eventually it always occurs again. I am not 100 percent sure whether it is some sort of lag-glitch that I can't entirely control, or something I am doing wrong. I've played this game for 2.5 years now, since well before it went to Steam, and it just periodically always happens to me. Maybe I am a slow learner, I don't know. But I think a boat with no captain or crew should eventually slow to a stop. __________________________ edit: Ok once I logged out and when i logged back, the sails were unfurled meaning I could catch it. Another time I could not. Not sure what was up with that.
  14. Sprout

    Some of suggestions and bug reports

    How are you getting seeds to farm? How are you getting seeds to plant? I cannot get seeds from cotton or anything any longer...
  15. Sprout

    0.15 First Impressions

    Is there no longer any farming? I cannot figure a way to get seeds from plants ... going to be hard to get cloth for so many things. Do I need to first make a hoe or something? I am rather unhappy if farming has been simply dropped from the game.