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  1. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #257 The things you say

    Keep up the good work and don't let some grumpy people spread their grumpiness
  2. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #209 Deep Down, Like Super Deep Down

    Love it Can't wait to die under there
  3. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #207 Ylands in 2022

    Keep up the great work
  4. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #194 Over the horizon

    Very nice
  5. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #187 Picking it up!

    No more weird ladder builds to get my flying logs sounds great
  6. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #178 EA Surprise

    Oooh I like surprises
  7. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #170 1.6 is out

    Welcome aboard
  8. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #164 - Special ylands and Leaderboards

    Sounds cool, yet another reason to set sail
  9. Gobbokirk

    My Last (official) Post

    You will be missed, best of luck in your next assignment and same to who ever has to fill your shoes here!
  10. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #106

    Sweet Been so many updates lately that I've been stuck just waiting for next update and then something is teased for next one, hehe. Looking forward to testing this out again
  11. Gobbokirk

    Dev Diary #63

    Good stuff, looking forward to testing it :)
  12. Gobbokirk

    Clay virtually nonexistant

    On the topic of finding stuff, are the deposits always visible at ground level or is there a chance to find more stuff further down under the dirt?