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  1. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    Constant Game Freezing/Crashes

    Thank you for info and logs. We will do maximum to solve this issue. Thank you
  2. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    Lost everything....

    Hello, thank you for the info. Can you please send us your logs and crash logs? It would help us to solve the issue. Thank you
  3. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    DEV ANSWER Demolition hammer bug

    Hello unfortunately, since the last update not blocks but only resources are returned to the inventory. So these blocks are not available right now.
  4. Thanks for your feedback We are looking into this.
  5. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    a few small technical shortcomings

    Zdravím K bodu jedna nejsme si vědomi, že by tlačítko windows mělo minimalizovat hru, ale otevřít nabídku start. Bod dvě máme v systému zadaný. K bodu 3 bych poprosila poslat scénárko, kde se to děje.
  6. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    UNDER REVIEW "Your Last session is no longer reachable"

    Hello if you are playing via steam you should be able to download it via steam cloud automaticaly. If not, there is anything we can do to help you
  7. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    [YLD-29883] Writing Tools

    Hello thank you for the report. We have this in our system now.
  8. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    [YLD-29893] Ship Compass Triangles Incorrect

    Hello The arrows should display underwater encounters and not islands because since we have all islands visible and closer together there was no need for islands indicator.
  9. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    [YLD-29882] Breaking and Destroying Item Number Bug

    Thank you for the info we have this now reported in our system.
  10. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    Exploration - Loosing all my stuff

    Hello, we are really sorry for this inconvenience We will look into your logs and investigate the issue.
  11. Ahoj odbarvováni věcí prověříme a ta blueprintová oblast by měla být opravená v následujícím patchi.
  12. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    {Experimental Branch} Animation break

    No this should be fixed in 1.7
  13. Hello, inviting friends from game in exploration can be done only via map. If you are using password in your map you need to share it via region map with your friends
  14. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    RESOLVED Unable to start New Exploration

    Hello, thanks for the info. Are you using controller and if so which one?
  15. Misa_Bondejcgirl

    [YLD-29712] Incomplete blocks

    We have it in our system now Thank you for reporting this.