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  1. k1llerdodo

    Goodbye for now!

    Hey everyone, I'll introduce myself a bit; I'm Dodo or Dominique. i love building in editor and finding new techniques myself and when i feel good (and have the time aside the leading) you will see some of my builds popping up in our games as well ^^ i hope to get to know everybody on the forum here as well, feel free to send me a pb or post here if you have any questions for me.
  2. k1llerdodo

    [Completed] KnockOut

    we tried playing this on stream in the server... IMPOSIBLE well made tho
  3. k1llerdodo


    Hey everybody, As a celebration for this competition I wanted to invite all the creators that joined in on this competition to join us in our weekly party at P1 to play each others games and have fun! I've gone through the forum and gathered all the games that said completed but feel free to send me some further information on your own game if you want to. Day: Saturday Time: 19:00 UTC+1 Discord: https://discord.gg/krqH4db2ja I will be streaming the whole time as well: <www.twitch.tv/k1llerdodo> I hope you will all join in to see what everybody has made! I can't wait to see it myself! Gr K1llerdodo, New community manager of P1
  4. k1llerdodo


    I love this "little" guy!! great build ^^
  5. k1llerdodo

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    I do know that but signing it is giving your word. And what are we if not to be keeping our word. At P1 we pay everybody for the hours they have made even before their game has been handed in. They get payed by money we get from donations wich we are very lucky to get from people that believe in the community. If you want more information you need to speak with red, he knows more ins and outs
  6. k1llerdodo

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    At P1 we have an nda and contract stating that all the work you have done on P1 games while being at P1 belongs to P1 and not the person who made it. Therefor P1 is the owner of the assets in the game and not the people who worked on them. This is like this in many cooperations around the world and without this it would be very hard to work as such a large group since any person could step away and prevent us from handing things in. As for your last statement about me saying making it better meaning we are not the original creator; this is the same concept as the new update 1.5 comming out for ylands. They have improved on their game and so have we edit; i wanted to quote, didnt seem to be able to add it. Kinda new here
  7. k1llerdodo

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    as one of the new leaders of P1 i can personally stand for the many of hours that multiple people put into making these games even better, trying to remove buggs, optimising and building even more cool assets for the games.
  8. k1llerdodo

    [Completed] - GeoHunt!

    i see i forgot the link to the workshop: https://create.ylands.com/asset_detail/8948
  9. Hi everyone, We've tried to make this game for the competition. Geohunt! Two teams face each other scrambling for Ylandium. But watch out! When the golems that protect the caves catch you, you are left back at your base without your hard earned dust. Will you get enough dust back to your cave to win? I hope you guys like what we've made and I'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard on this ^^