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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am having a bit of problem with all my script modules wiped after the recent update. It seems any script modules in scenario or in composition files lost scripts attached to them. I am wondering; a. if this is a known/registered common bug to be fixed, or something I should action/amend on my end, b. if there is any procedure to follow to retrieve/save old scripts. Thank you for your time. (* don't think any log/file would be relevant with this bug, but let me know if something to be provided. thanks) GENERATESPIRALSTAIR.zip
  2. The new Ylands NPC update has a lot of people confused. If you are confused, please ask your question here! How do I find NPCs? Where do I find NPCs? How do I trade with NPCs? What do I trade with NPCs? How do I add NPCs to my map/world? How can I test out NPCs without finding them? 1-2: You find NPCs at a certain time of day in special locations such as this bazaar. Look for a bazaar like this one and be there at 10 AM to trade. 3. To trade with NPCs just walk up to them and right click. You will notice your items have a value to the vendor (gold number under each). Drop your items into the trading window and drag items from his menu into the trading window. WARNING! If you trade unequally priced items, you will LOOSE the difference. 4. They like gold. 5. Don't add them to explore maps, they will corrupt it. To add one, go to the Ylands workshop, download the comp & place it in your world. https://ylands.net/asset/231 6. Download this map: https://ylands.net/asset/3 and play it If you want to enjoy NPCs on a fun, active server, come chill: https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA
  3. dorgonbron

    Next QoL

    Next QoL update should fix the map in multiplayer where the player can keep his/her map updated all the time. Also ladders in the lighthouse are kind of bugged when trying to climb down them. In multiplayer, it is kind of difficult to accumulate ylandium. What I would suggest for that is either scale the mutated monster drops to the number of players are online or make the mutated monsters respawn or give us a possibility to farm ylandium. A grouping system could also be good if you are playing with your friends so you won't get lost if you are a new player. Those are all of the bugs and/or suggestions i have in mind at the moment. This game has much potential, keep up the good work! Edit: There's also a huge amount of unused space in the lighthouse. It would be cool to be able to build in it.
  4. Rawdeegaming

    Next patch date?

    Hey guys! I am just wondering if there's any news in terms of when the next patch is going to be released ? Best Regards Rawdee
  5. I heard theres going to be an update in 1-2 weeks, I was wondering if it'll require us to start a new game for the update? Because of the last update...protective barrier and starting a new game to acquire it (I know that in the end we didn't have to)
  6. when is the next update? the mp is unplayable and full of bug... cant play... Pls fix the bugs first... 2 days ago i was full item and i used a ladder so it telleported me to the air after that i log out and i couldnt log in anymore so i changed the server , in the other server i couldnt pick anything from ground... so i changed server again and i couldnt place anything so i wanted to change the sever again and i couldnt log in to anyserver... host unreachable.... couldnt download data... and... and... and... So when is the next update?
  7. Sir_Duck

    Next Update?

    Anyone have any information on when the next update will come out, and what they'll focus on? (the reason I sak is, I can't play the game because of some bugs - the inventory crash and the black screen upon launch)
  8. Niall Webb

    Virtual Reality Potential

    Sup Folks, Been binging on this game in between work with the HTC Vive and I don't know if it's the excessive binging of both but I feel like down the line this game could really suit VR, to some degree. I myself like playing in the first person viewpoint and I feel like creative mode would be a perfect fit. Teleporting around and in air as you fly around terraforming, and help you get close and nitty gritty for those extra details in your level. Plus with the seemingly endless potential of the game modes you can make you could get a tonne of new VR experiences from one game. Shoot outs, castle sieges, pirate battles. I feel theres a whole host of things that could be done! What do you guys think? Would you play it? Those who play VR do you agree, disagree? -Niall (Hoolio Redwood)
  9. After the new update (0.3.32375) I can't enter to the game, all it says is "downloading game binaries" and stuck on 0% for about an hour now. Win 10 x64 Nvidia GTX 1060 debog.log: [0427/001628:ERROR:resource_bundle.cc(720)] Failed to load F:\Games\Ylands\Launcher\resources\qtwebengine_devtools_resources.pak Some features may not be available. [0427/001628:ERROR:resource_bundle.cc(720)] Failed to load F:\Games\Ylands\Launcher\resources\qtwebengine_devtools_resources.pak Some features may not be available. After a while it givers an erorr, attached