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  1. vengz

    map not saving

    i was traveling and discovering with my ship suddenly server kicked me out and when i connected i was lost in the middle of the ocean... i had a nice base...
  2. vengz

    Sneak Peek #45

    Pls dont wipe servers everytime, we build to much things and after 1 update everything will be gone...
  3. vengz


    pls fix these bugs... players can put dirt in protective barier area... they can put full of dirt infront of your door... they can come near to your walls and Use 'C' to see in your base and use your storages,Chestsss and pick your items... THEY CAN STOLE YOUR ITEMS OUT OF YOUR BASE ,, THEY CAN USE YOUR STORAGES , CHESTS OUT OF YOUR BASEEE...
  4. vengz

    when is the next update?

    merry christmas !
  5. I think the main reason that i cant connect to the server is ( Downloading Data ), I think for connecting to servers the game need (HIGH INTERNET SPEED) for downloading. When i want to connect to the servers it get all of my internet speed and make my (INTERNET SPEED) too low or weak and cause of this my it doesn't establish a connection between me and the server and it kicked me and say host unreachable. and other reason is : Every time we want to connect to the server it download to much data from the server, Why shouldn't download it once? Pls fix the servers and mp first in the next update. We need mp and servers to be playable first (NOT BARRIER )
  6. when is the next update? the mp is unplayable and full of bug... cant play... Pls fix the bugs first... 2 days ago i was full item and i used a ladder so it telleported me to the air after that i log out and i couldnt log in anymore so i changed the server , in the other server i couldnt pick anything from ground... so i changed server again and i couldnt place anything so i wanted to change the sever again and i couldnt log in to anyserver... host unreachable.... couldnt download data... and... and... and... So when is the next update?
  7. when i kill my self and i create a new character it wont be spawn and the screen will be freezing just can exit the game
  8. for example when i pick grass from the ground i wont have it , i mean when i look at my inventory there is nothing in it, everything i pick from the ground it wont be in my inventory.
  9. when i want to join server it's downloading data from server so it download like 30% or 50 % or 70% or sometimes 98% of the data then it goes back to menu and say host unreachable. pls fix it. unplayable mp
  10. I was playing in official eu 5 then i disconnected i and backed tomorrow and now i cant join in the server. Why??
  11. In the new update every thing is good also mp is good and playable and fps is better than before but there are bugs with crafting and sometime 1_you cant open crafting menu. 2_Cant craft anvil it shows a massage failed 3_ Cant Place some of the objects like stove Pls some one help
  12. I think one of problems that make low fps is load objects from low distance. For example if there is a town and you are far away from it , it get disappear or it is unloaded, When you get near to it , Too many objects want to be loaded and it makes the fps realy bad. I think it should be fix and it load the objects from far distances.
  13. it happend to me some days ago , you have to exit and then ply it will fix i think
  14. vengz

    Need help with ENERGY

    Ty Guys, Helpful informations <3