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  1. Re-fund

    Bird Cage!

    @SyxtySyxBut if I get lost at sea, I can just release the seagulls and find land
  2. Re-fund

    Bird Cage!

    Anyone ever thought of making a bird cage on ylands? Can we get more animals like pig, chickens and dogs
  3. I have all the ingredients for the wind turbine but it's not appearing in the crafting menu?
  4. Re-fund

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    What changes were made to the propeller? I have all the old ingredients but its not showing up
  5. Re-fund

    When is the next update planned?

    So I can spend hours on a ship now and transfer it to another game later????
  6. I heard theres going to be an update in 1-2 weeks, I was wondering if it'll require us to start a new game for the update? Because of the last update...protective barrier and starting a new game to acquire it (I know that in the end we didn't have to)
  7. My character died from an unknown cause and now i'm stuck at the "create new character" or return back to main menu. Clicking on create new character doesn't do anything. I can only go back to main menu. output_log.txt error.log output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  8. My map keeps on resetting every time I die or relog and my ladder teleport me to a completely new island.. Sailing the ship is very buggy as well, the ship keeps on kicking me off board for some reason. I was suspended in mid air holding the ship helm as my ship sail away without me. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Re-fund

    Lag Lag and More Lag!

    Am I the only one lagging like crazy on ylands? i'm 100% sure its not on my end because my computer can run more intense game than this with no lag. I thought it's because of multiplayer mode but even solo lags me. Has anyone tried hosting the dedicated server yet and is there lag?
  10. Re-fund

    Ship Stuck!

    It seems like the water surrounding my ship is bugged out, which you can clearly see in the picture I posted (the water in front of the ship looks like its kinda chopped off). I can't move my ship at all and I already checked the bottom, there is nothing touching the ship making it unable to move. I think this happened when I accidentally placed some dirt onto the ship causing the ship to tilt forward. I removed the dirt and the ship returned back to normal but apparently this bugged out the water for some reason. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. Re-fund

    Sneak Peek #43

    Are there any plans for a Clan? It would be nice for a group of friends playing together be able to lock/unlock doors. Same with the protective barrier, it would nice if my friends can all have access to base when even when generator is on..
  12. I'm trying to play the game with my friend but for my friend it's unplayable because 80% of the time the things he craft would turn invisible! Cutting down trees also turns invisible. Another bug is climbing ladders will teleport him to another ship and dying will teleport him to a different island (he died on an island and not at sea) These are my logs, if you need my friends log I can send that also! Thank you for the awesome game! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. This game is very addicting and fun to play, the only downside are the bugs making this game almost unplayable in multiplayer. Bugs: Items turning invisible when interacting/placing Relog causes the map to erase everything Random lag spike Climbing ship ladder teleports me to another ship Item in inventory turns invisible and not accessible Boat completely stopped working in the middle of sea Suggestions: Items in inventory/chest should be combined automatically Removing dead bodies!!!!!! There are dead bodies laying around my ship/base, preventing me from building Allow more than one key per door for multiplayer (playing as a group if only one player can unlock/lock door sucks) Building blocks should be easier for taking down by the player who placed it (building a base with stone block and messing up is a nightmare if I have to hit the blocks to get rid of it)