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  1. Hello everyone. Ylands is big in our community (320+ gamers) and we play the game a lot, this post is going to kind of a review / suggestion post for how I feel / wish the game will improve over the next patches: More stability to allow more players on a server, we are hitting user max on a daily basis. Admin teleportation In-game Server announcements (When we need to restart a server, it's great to be able to warn players) More stability to ships (We keep getting glitched off) Fix to map not saving on Dedicated Servers Deployable water (To allow creating lakes on islands) Allow multiple users to use the barricade. Option to allow moving the barricade or crating of 1-2 additional barricaded to expand land ownership. Claim Island (This could be a feature, where the first one to plant a flag on an island, become the owner and can set some rules / covernants - Anyone approaching the island, will be informed of who owns the island and see the info for the island. This is just some of the idea's and issues I've had while playing the game. I can't wait to see where this game is heading in the future, we are loving it already! Let me know what you guys think of my ideas Best Regards Rawdee
  2. Rawdeegaming

    How to: the console

    I really need a: /globalmsg to be able to announce when we restart the server. It often gets laggy and needs restarting.
  3. Rawdeegaming

    Eating Rocks

    Yesterday, I accidentally ate my map After a little bit of testing, I figured out that if you have food on your hotbar and quickly scrolls over to another item, from the food. You can eat anything! :-D I have 1 piece of bread and I've been eating dirt ever since! P.S, I am loving the new patch! <3
  4. Rawdeegaming

    Share your beautiful pictures!

    Hello all Ylanders! Thought I'd start a thread, where we can all share great images from In-game! I'll go first!
  5. Rawdeegaming

    Spinning Glitch/Bug Camera

    I also sometimes get stuck and pulling out the repeater rifle and aiming also fixes that issue. I have no idea why that might be, it does not fix it with the bow / iron bow.
  6. Rawdeegaming

    Spinning Glitch/Bug Camera

    I've had this issues too. It's REALLY odd, but what fixes it for me, is equipping the repeater rifle and aiming with right mouse button. After that my character stop spinning.
  7. Hey, Here's a funny little thing, not sure if it's just a server sync issue. I cut down a MASSIVE forrest (Have gotten 600 logs so far) From a distance, the stumps can be seen, when moving closer, they are no longer visible. Photo 1: From a distance Photo 2: Closer Photo 3. Standing on a invisible stump
  8. Rawdeegaming

    Next patch date?

  9. Rawdeegaming

    Next patch date?

    Hey guys! I am just wondering if there's any news in terms of when the next patch is going to be released ? Best Regards Rawdee
  10. Rawdeegaming

    Ship of Doom!

    Here's an image of the ship, where the cannon is just lit. It's been like this since it got me stuck in the boat.
  11. Rawdeegaming

    Ship of Doom!

    I do not know what we have done, but the game has broken for me, not for other players though. I've built a ship and made cannons on it, while using a cannon, I suddenly got stuck in the ships hull. I tried /unstuck 0 and that made things worse. I cannot move, even after a relog, I am in the same position. I think we found a pretty critical bug. I am not sure if that's something you're interested in seeing logs from, or even joining the server and try and use the ship yourself. I just crashed the game for another player as well. Seems like I've made the ship of doom! If someone wants to see the bug in real life, I'll gladly give you our server name and password. After getting stuck, we managed to get free with /unstuck 0, but could not move from there until getting killed. Going over to the boat, will get you stuck again, just by being near it. For some odd reason, the VOD is not visible on the streaming page, I've asked support about it, cause everything was recorded. When I have the VOD, I'll post a link here. output_log.txt error.log
  12. Rawdeegaming

    Log file size (1,7GB)

    Just noticed, that the logfiles on the server was suddenly 1,7GB each!!! Is this normal ? I have moved the log files to a new folder, to save in case someone wants to see them. I also removed the Energy items I had in game which another user suggested was the cause of the massive error spam in my console. It's not spamming errors anymore, all I have left is this:
  13. Rawdeegaming

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    I have a gaming community with around 300 people, a bunch of us have fallen in love with this game. We have a dedicated server in Germany I'd love to host this game on. Can I get the needed information to get the server up and running? Thank you. -Rawdee