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  1. Amber Icon

    Add Basic Scalable Shapes

    I believe that, at the very least for use in the editor, the addition of basic scalable shapes would be extremely beneficial. (cube/tunnel, disk/tube, sphere, pyramids) The amount of utility that this change would grant to the game would be exponential, even just to be able to cut down on the number of objects and triangles that the game has to handle would be exceedingly helpful. Add to that, it would be a boon to creative ease and capacity for all players and creators. With just one cube that can be scaled separately on x,y, and z axis between 0.001 and 1000, you could have walls of varying depths, platforms, roofs, broken floor tiles, floors, boards. If possible even add arches or triangles of different angles. Lastly, if it were to be something available to regular players in survival or what-have-you, just require materials based on the volume of the object.
  2. Is that dev diary currently available, or is yet to be posted?
  3. Amber Icon

    Formula Based Position Editing

    Maybe another time, I gotta start work.
  4. Amber Icon

    Formula Based Position Editing

    Just tested it and (1/2.6666666666) .375 moves the block the same as 1. Why?
  5. Amber Icon

    Formula Based Position Editing

    That did work, but I am not able to just type in a decimal, only an integer. If I want a decimal I can only put in a formula, so in this case 1/5.333333 to give me .1875. The thing that confuses me now, is why then is 1 the base movement? Why does 2 double it? 10 m is 10 base block sides. so 3.75, but that isn't what it is displayed as.
  6. Amber Icon

    Formula Based Position Editing

    This is default movement. 1 movement step 1m = 1 basic block side. This is a custome movement with 1 movement step set to 1/2 or .5 m. It clearly does not let you move an object 1/2 of a block side.
  7. Amber Icon

    Formula Based Position Editing

    It appears that you are partially correct. However, while it seems that this does work with integers for position and angle, it does not work for decimals, so you can perform X+-5, but not X+-.5 which isn't as helpful since you likely aren't using as complex numbers as when dealing with decimals. Additionally the Custom Constraints setting while allowing for multiplication/division, doesn't seem to actually correlate with the world grid. That is to say that a .5 m Move step does not move a block .5 m, but rather .66 m
  8. I jumped on board back in 2016/17 and I was so excited about this game as an opportunity for creation and simulation. But something that has consistently bugged me is that there are so many things (often simple things) that are not present. For example, arches, door frames, floor planks, large blank wall pieces, seamless angles for beams, resizable basic shapes (sphere, pyramid, square, etc...). If I could just hop into blender, whip up an arch, or a wall piece, and pop it in game I would, but as it stands, I, and apparently much of the community, are using hundreds of pier supports to create wall slats in order to create a more convincing design. However those have visual artifacts, they are not 'perfectly' sized, they are so time consuming to implement, and they are absolutely a burden on any system trying to load a build. Seriously why isn't there a better option with 6 sides instead of 6*48 or 100 or 1200? Even have a community vote thing, have people submit on the forum somewhere what basics they might want (description image, sketch, 3d model, etc...), create and add them for a limited time event and if at the end of it people like them in game, then keep them.
  9. It would be nice, and convenient if the ability to use simple math in position editing/movement steps were added. For example, it would be nice if I wanted to move a structure precisely to just in a coordinate or angle selection type +/- .475 or 13 degrees. Especially when trying to make things symmetrical. Or for example I could take the base movement step and add times 10 or divided by 2, 3 or 4. I think it's not a crazy request, and I don't think it would be incredibly difficult to implement.
  10. Still think this would be fantastic and deserves attention.
  11. I was playing around with the editor and it seems far too difficult to create a custom map without using the worldgen tool. If I wanted to create a specific biome, setting or place, it would be so much easier if players/creators could import a predesigned heightmap into the game that could be used to generate a map. [almost exactly the way that cities skylines allows players to import and export heightmaps] These maps could then be easily tweaked, decorated and filled with the rest of the tools available in the default editor.
  12. Like a basic tool. Maybe make it with a stick or pole, string/rope, and clay. Use this to create a "work zone" where you can dig, or place dirt/sand/stone. It would work on the world grid and work only with diagonals and straight lines. This would allow players to make very precise mines, retaining walls, artificial islands, paths, basements, etc.
  13. I am playing around with the editor and it seems a fair bit difficult to create a map without using the worldgen tool. If players want to create a specific place, it would be so much more streamlined if we could head into the game with a predesigned map that we could then tweak and fill in the editor.
  14. Would it be possible for single player and creative modes to get a suite of "Builders" tools that allow players to move placed objects? Furnishings like doors, tables, beds, chairs and such are the ones that are more desperately needed, but if it were possible to have the tools also "deconstruct" actual building materials as well it would be a nice bonus. The reason why I suggest this is that thus far I have had issues building onto or modifying existing randomly generated buildings and camps. Sometimes a cabin that was initially a boon turns into an eyesore that leaves no option but to move my entire base to a new area of the island or painstakingly dismantle and replace the structures, furniture, walls and more. I also understand that in multiplayer this would be an issue, but it must be easy enough to make them bound to perhaps the player shield generator thing, or make them only accessible by admin commands.