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    It's a solution for quick-moving, yes thank you. But I still miss an overview in Editor. I even can't watch a whole 1-size Ysle from above.
  2. How do you self host? I don't need to save games and don't need servers. I only want to play short Editor-made game scenarios with friends privately. But without sharing these in ylands workshop and with more than 3 players. So a self hosted game sounds perfect for me. But how do I get an actual Scenario from Editor privately self-hosted?
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    Hey Ylanders, Is there any Map-Overview in Editor? Can't find one and it would be easier to have an actual Map in Editor-Mode to jump from object to object and have an overview of your whole world. Best Greetings Fapi24
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    My wish list for the Ylands Editor

    I agree with this, hope that too... so many great ideas here >-<
  5. Hey Ylands Team and Community, The best part of this game is creating your own scenarios/games and play these with friends (my opinion) and thats why I spent the most time with trying things out in your editor, but I still miss some features. I know this game is not finished yet and you have planned a lot, nevertheless I wanna make a whishlist for some futher possibilities in your editor: 1. The possibility to transfer islands (not just objects... with terrain!) into editing maps. 2. Easier terraforming there you can set that the terrain dont get up higher than a ceartain hight (to pretend unwanted hills etc. if you hold left-click for terrain an area faster) and bigger sizes possible. 3. An overview of your map in the editor and maybe editing basic settings for this map in this overview (like the "generate new terrain" option, but you can set climate zones in your map and auto-generate islands on certain places (you can choose where on the map) with configurated and all individual sizes (very little islands should be possible too), but without deleting your existing map). 4. The possibility to have multiple maps in your game (like different game levels). Maybe these things are already possible and I just dont know that... Let me know if there is something I can already do. Thanks for your amazing work! LG Fapi24