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  1. This happened to me to except everything is gone but the hull and it flickers into existence from time to time. Once the whole boat disappeared and teleported into the middle of no where and had to go get it in editor.
  2. I have this glitch where all the sails,blocks, items, helm and v placed items that were placed on The Hull of my ship disappear, which leads to me being stuck in the middle of the ocean. I’ve exited the world and reloaded it and it takes a few tries until the blocks load back onto the hull, I have tried going out of view range and coming back to see if it was just a visual load in glitch but it still didn’t work. This is a great game and I really want it to be the best it can be.
  3. From time to time after moving or picking up items, items in my inventory appear out of the inventory tab and are now on my screen. These items I can not use or drag but do disappear when I exit my inventory. I’ve noticed this mostly happens in multiplayer. Please fix this.