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  1. Goodday, Today me and a friend experienced this weird bug, and i didn't find a post about it.. so i'll try to explain it the best i can with my poor Englandish We are playing in a private online multiplayer world. We have Person A, and person B to make it a bit easier. Person A is the host of the server.. Person A has built two boats.. for both person A and B to explore more Ylands. After Exploring a Yland, person A and B return to their boats. Person B sees a blacked out boat, and is not able to control it.. Person A sees both boats perfectly fine and can control both of them. When person A controls the 'blacked out' boat, person B will see just the boat sailing along, without a person in it. Person B will see person A at the last place before he entered the boat. Person B will permanently see person A in that position, even if person A leaves the boat. (only re-joining will solve this) Both persons can still hit eachother, only person B doesn't see he hit someone. I hope this is somewhat clear, if not.. just ask me, and i'll try to explain it a little better. Kind regard,