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  1. Jordan-290eb88b53a0e6d8

    [Ships] Block placement

    I've noticed that when building on ships the waves offset the placement of the block if the mouse is still. To combat this I have to keep the mouse moving while I place anything. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this or if a fix is being developed?
  2. Jordan-290eb88b53a0e6d8

    [Suggestion] Blueprint Design Paper

    My idea or suggestion is blueprint paper where you can virtually build/draw up your constructions in 2D, before you commit to building something, then not being able change a certain piece 2 minutes later because it doesn’t fit anymore. For example if you were building a log cabin you could make a side, top and front view on seperate pieces of blueprint paper and use them to build the outline of your construction. Being able to add measurements or a grid on the paper would be very useful too for getting dimensions right. Whats everyone’s opinion or if you have any better ideas please comment. Obviously if the building system gets changed to where you remove your own blocks easier after the time out then it wouldn’t be necessary. Or maybe a ghosted block placing system to test out designs?