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  1. FavoryPluto

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    Hi there! I can't see how the situation is unfair, because the truth is anyone could have submited a game they made before competition was annouced as long as they weren't shared on ylands workshop. The only difference is that you wouldn't know it, therefore I don't think we had any form of unfair advantage over others. At the end of the day the effort we put in as well as number of hours we worked are real as everybody else did. We have all equal chances in this competition. So i hope you can see where we are coming from one day. We are just people who wish to share their creations with others and enjoy the nice commnuty Ylands is famous for. We do what we do because we love doing it and we love doing it as a team not for the selfish means non we are trying to get any sort of unfair advantages over others. I don't think there is any more point contuining this so i hope this message to be the last one in this post concerning those issues. Let's jsut all focus on a brighter tommorrow and on beign the best versions of ourselves.
  2. FavoryPluto

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Je lepší pro tohle založit post v bugách apod .? Je to velká změna a bude chvilku asi trvat než se to pořádně vše otestuje. Každopádně by jsme měli být rádi za to co máme a náležitě si to užívat Já hraju od bety a je neuvěřitelné vidět kam se hra posunula během let ? ?
  3. FavoryPluto

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Je pravda, že je toto takový náš dáreček předčasný ?
  4. FavoryPluto

    Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    Awesome! I can't wait to have huge explore party Comonly known as Pluto's missadventures ? It's really great to see community's voices are heard.
  5. FavoryPluto


    @Cthulunatic was my huge inspiration for this project. His mad wizard persona known to all is present in every block of this game! Forever gratefull for my team! ?
  6. FavoryPluto


    Hi there guys! I'm very sorry to hear this from people that I once considered my closest friends in P1! I submited this game, because I have huge respect for the work of people who made this possible and I simply love this game.?I think it's right that their hard work also gets a chance to shine you know . I understand why you brought this up. This game was never published on international version of Ylands ever before! In my eyes China's version and international are like moon and sun. They coexist in one universe,but they can never touch each other, Which si why this issue never crossed my mind while publishing the game. In my eyes Ylands was always a place of relaxtion and a place where hearts of many people come together towards one goal. We are all creators,we all want to just share our games with the people and see them being enjoyed and recognized and we all want to feel rewarded for our work. I don't see anything bad about that. Who knows maybe we also can come together again one day to create something awesome In either way I would love to see Ylands forum as more positive place in the future. Please don't hesitate to contact me in PMs. I'll always take my time to listen!
  7. Hello everyone! Making this game was a long time creative dream of mine! ?I wanted to create a colorfull dreamland of limiteless imagination where magic is truly alive and allows you to live your own fairy tale story! ??? Yes quite literally, because you will be summoned to a fairy tale world, where king's treasure had been stolen by evil wizard! become a hero and doge magic spells and traps prepared for you and retreive the stolen treasure! Run all the way from the Kings Majestic castle, through different biomes full of adventure. Enjoy beautiful and sometimes spooky scenery and ocasional explosions untill you arrive to the wizard's castle! Or fall to the dark side and become the evil wizard himself and cast omnious magic spells to stop the heroes from taking your treasure! You can play to win or join for the experience of exploring a bit. Be inspired or even smell the flowers. (Just be carefull they like to eat humans.) There is something for everybody! This game is best enjoyed with a group full of friends! ?? Link to workshop: https://play.ylands.com/asset/8919 Photos:
  8. FavoryPluto

    HorseCrazy is joining the competition

    When you came in for the horses and happened to be crashing a party instead! ? Well i will get those balloons then! ?
  9. FavoryPluto

    Covid Relief Building Contest -- $100 prize!

    All of those look really great! ? Keep going! ?
  10. FavoryPluto

    Covid Relief Building Contest -- $100 prize!

    @Indian Chief Come on :P We all know you can build too! I was really hoping to see your build :D You should totally give it a shot.
  11. FavoryPluto

    Covid Relief Building Contest -- $100 prize!

    Glad to hear you guys are in! ? Can't wait what will you come up with!
  12. COVID RELIEF BUILDING CONTEST What if we came together to build awesome builds & make the world a better place! @RedEagle_P1. said: "I will donate $5 to charity (Coivd relief) for every photo submission of in-progress work up to $100." And more of us are likely to join him!! ?THE GOAL Create a custom build that provides entertainment to explore players, contains some form of a challenge or a small puzzle. Maybe a floating island? A treasure in a tower full of hungry beasts? Mythical sword hidden in a cave temple? That is all up to your own fantasy! To be clear this is a building competition, no script needed. If you have a vision for a code, puzzle function for your build, it's always a +. We can help with that and we highly encourage you to build with future code in mind. !PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COMPETITION IS NOT SPONSORED OR ORGANIZED BY BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE! ?THE PRIZES ?1.st 50 USD ?2.nd 30USD ?3.rd 20USD ?RULES Understand that you are building a ruin for people to visit on a explore server. Each ruin should fit with the biome it's in & have a relevant prize: 1️⃣Choose the biome your ruin will fit in: - Tundra - Polar - Etc. 2️⃣ Choose the prize people will get: -Weapon with special color/effect - Rare building materials -Etc. 3️⃣Download a composition HERE to see the maximum allowed size or place down 14 4x4 marble blocks. ❌Avoid excessive violence, sexual themes, horror, NSFW content. ❌Don't make something massive, keep it simple, fun and not-laggy. Too many blocks cause lag. Weld objects to reduce lag. ❌Cannot use Ylands workshop assets or prior-made content. ? DEADLINE 09.08 - 10 PM CST time zone. Submit by using THIS LINK. + Don't forget to reply I'm in right under this post!! ?JUDGING We will host an online streaming event, where we will vote the winners together! ? ?CONNECT WITH US We are always happy to answer your questions below this post or on our DISCORD, where building tutorials and advices are also shared!!! ?LEGAL Anything you submit in the competition via the official link in order to win the prize will require a copyright transfer as we will be putting it all in one big server for everyone to enjoy
  13. FavoryPluto

    So... Dreams

    I wouldn't mind dedicating whole party to your games at all
  14. It is very hard to see blocks behind the text, which makes them really uncomfortable to use. https://gyazo.com/6c44a4b1c1fd80460b1caf7869ded0d9
  15. FavoryPluto

    Z editoru do blueprintu

    Pokud je to jen otevřená explore mapa. Tak jen uložte a hrajte z hl menu ze záložky explore.