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  1. FavoryPluto

    P1 and friends

    Ylandium engine done during today's P1 party!
  2. I am getting error message below while trying to /exportlocal . https://gyazo.com/e5a09f093fa6a1ce8dfdd97164bdbd97 output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Pyelots don't do this to me! This is such strong movie.💔 I actually tried to teach my horse to lie down on command but he refuses me most of the times 😂
  4. FavoryPluto

    P1 and friends

    Today we cleared the map properly!!! Here is the list of bosses defeated. 1) Polar - tier 3 -clear 2) temperate - tier 1 - clear 3)desert - tier 3 - clear 4)temperate- tier 2 -clear 5)desert- tier 1 - clear 6) arid- tier 2 - clear
  5. FavoryPluto

    What’s new at P1!

    !The Good Side is now officially published on workshop ! 🤩🤩 Hope you will all have fun playing! Let us know your feedback!
  6. FavoryPluto

    Dev Diary #108

    Welcome TG ! Nice video Adam. Had a good laugh 🤣🤣
  7. FavoryPluto

    RESOLVED [YLD-20750] [YLD-19156] Horses(beta)

    I don't think I have reopened the game since then .I am sorry that I forgot 😅 output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  8. Horses are sometimes invisible for other players and names of players are flashing when riding.
  9. FavoryPluto

    We really need to be able to break multiple groups

    We really need to be able to break multiple selected groups at once in order to create one big one from them. ⬇️ For example this roof is made from one group which is duplicated and rotated and after being done with specific part such as this roof , we need a way to make it one. Right now it can be done by destroing each group individually and adding it gradually to one already existing group. This takes time and is very user unfriendly. Having one large group instead of 20 makes working on other parts of the structure easier and is necessary sometimes for adjusting details or for welding the structure into modulable parts.
  10. FavoryPluto

    Dev Diary #105

    Thank you for the update! Those are some big news! :)
  11. FavoryPluto

    Search for editor files

    🔼I couldn't agree more.
  12. FavoryPluto

    What’s new at P1!

    GREAT NEWS!!! P1 won Tencent's house building competition!!!!!!!! 🏅 1st prize- @P1Ed and Gwynvale Forest Cottage 🥈 2nd prize- @Yo HasLEGO and Nettleton Hill Mansion 🥉 3.rd prize- @MyPa553ngr and Slemish Studio Redux Creation award 🎖️ @Bob Salvador with his Modern Hippie House 🎖️ Imperial-Storm and White cabin 🎖️ @Niwaessence and WinterSmith Mansion So proud of the whole team!!! 🤩 All of our submissions received a prize !!! Photos: (creator:Mypass) (creator:Imperial) (And a lot more above this post :D :D :D )
  13. FavoryPluto

    How long have you been playing Ylands?

    December 20th 2017
  14. FavoryPluto

    What’s new at P1!

    @Yo HasLEGO's house is truly amazing. ⏫ I'm extremely proud of you guys and I can be only gratefull for having the oportunity to cooperate with such awesome artists not only those listed above here but in whole P1. Thank you for being part