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  1. Hi, Whenever you want to rename a variable in a script then the text size is significantly smaller
  2. Hi, Whenever I create a new scenario in the editor and save it then a extra blank scenario under the name "My game name" is created.
  3. Fompster

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 6 Winner

    If you are looking at it then its not very secret is it? 😜
  4. Fompster

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 6 Winner

    Hope its not too late
  5. Fompster

    Dev Diary #99

    Yay! Ive been wanting this for a while
  6. Hey, So I have a bit of a funny bug going on. Whenever I try to attach a literal to a tile it tries to flee the scene. Of course here are the logs output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Someone stop them before its too late!
  7. Hey, Ive mentioned this once before here So what is happening is that some entities in my compositions are slightly displaced and end up looking a bit odd. and this time I remembered to save my logs output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  8. Fompster

    Contest Building Contest #1

    This peacock has left the nest and joined the competition And another photo for scale His name is Pex by the way
  9. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18844] Excited Weld

    Whoops I didn't save it 😅 I do have the normal crystal but I dont know how useful that is
  10. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18844] Excited Weld

    The reference point is the culprit but either way it is still a bug and should not be doing that
  11. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18844] Excited Weld

    @Igor Q. if you look at the video, I have two of (almost) exact welds. One shakes normally and the other one doesnt
  12. My weld gets a bit over excited whenever I hit it: output_log.txt, output_log_clean.txt
  13. Fompster

    Contest Building Contest #1

    Darn it only one? This will be hard 😅
  14. My bad, also all of these issues appear in the same log file but I think I could reproduce it if it is needed