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  1. Fompster

    P1 and friends

    We have also finished our main base to protect us from the non existent mutants
  2. Hi, On my server (Rhino's Flavory land) I have a stone chest that where I show text above the entity like this: However, there is a chance that if you place a stone chest whilst playing then it will also have the words "SHOP" written over it. It honestly seems quite random. The same thing also happened to a needle which contains the same script. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Thanks
  3. I have no idea if this is relevant as I never linked my account but I seem to have 3 different usernames on the ylands forums and workshop combined and it is quite confusing how this happened (once upon a time there was just one Fompster )
  4. Hey, I was chatting to some fellow and the spacing in the chat got a bit weird suddenly, the formatting may just be due to the cyrillic characters but im noticing this for the first time. here are the logs: output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt Thanks
  5. Hey, If you place explosives on a duckboat then you are able to sail through terrain. Gotta say, it was the best ride ive had in ylands, especially when it shot into the sky 😄
  6. Fompster

    people greifing with blueprints

    @Igor Q. have you tried removing blueprints?
  7. Fompster

    Ice Lord Beta

    But wait there's more 😅 ~ I wasnt really paying attention but I teleported here somehow after the fight had started ~ ~ My teammate got cloned (I think the body just didnt despawn properly) ~ Whilst roaming about the map I somehow managed to get two skills but it didnt do anything when I pressed the keys. There was another player on so maybe they did something to trigger it. ~ and once again its more of a ylands thing but the custom window wouldnt go away after I died (only happened once so far) Good luck Igor
  8. Fompster

    Ice Lord Beta

    So far I have died after two hits but really like it. as for the bugs... ~The text that the boss says is repeated for each player ~ Everyone apart from the host? is immobile after the cut scene ~ I can see the health of myself and another teammate when they join but not if I joined after them ~ Someone dropped their spear and couldnt get it back (you can override the x key with a custom keys, dont think it works with the others) ~ You left the backdoor open ~ More of a Ylands bug but the mouse dissapears when you die and you cant confirm the roles and if you press esc ylands freezes for a while and then you get thrown into another game (still no mouse though)🤔
  9. Fompster

    Delete Blueprints

    Hi, People sometimes come into a server and cover the map with indecent blueprints and just leave never to be seen again. So can it be made that either admins have the ability to disband them or delete the actual blueprint when despawning the corresponding project table? Many thanks
  10. Fompster

    Dev Diary #108

    Its great to see the BI team in their natural habitat, its so rare to see them these days😛
  11. Hello, Ive got a few internal errors in my scripts and I hope @Houp or someone else from the dev team to check them out log_userscript.txt output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt userscript.zip Thanks
  12. Hello, When you edit a group and then delete everything inside a group then the message "ESC to cancel" still stays there even if you do press escape. If you undo your progress then it will show your whole group again but not in editmode. Also I noticed that you can no longer right click to stop editing a group. I dont know if it was done intentionally but it would be great to have it back. Thanks
  13. Fompster

    Scrips break on servers

    Does this mean that the issue of logic objects breaking is due to them not being properly scripted? Cause it seems to be effecting other independent logics which have a one lined script and breaking those too (such as pulling the leaver and getting a transaction window) And yes the game was restarted 😅
  14. Fompster

    Scrips break on servers

    I had opened Ylands after that but for what its worth I continued the save just now and ran through the broken triggerzones for a bit log_userscript.txt _userscript.zip
  15. Fompster

    Scrips break on servers

    No it was just an exported map which I hosted for a bit