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  1. Fompster

    background color of input text widget

    @Adam Snellgrove I set all the colors to white / grey and yet when I select the box the background changes to blue
  2. Hi, The input text which you can use in the custom window gets executed twice when you type something in it. I also want to bring this post back to attention since it got ignored Thanks
  3. Hi, Im currently trying to export my map but it gives me this error I honestly have no clue what it means so could someone tell me what is wrong with my map 😅 Thanks
  4. Hey, I dont know if this is a bug or lack of feature 😅 Right now there is no way to change the background color of the input text widget when you type in it, right now whenever you type something in the color defaults to a dark blue even if the initial chosen background color is white (for example). Thanks
  5. Fompster

    Indestructable items

    No, only the people who get the idea of doing it. I know I can add in some extra scripts to remove the materials that they get from breaking objects but it would be so much simpler this way
  6. Fompster

    Indestructable items

    Hi, If we make something indestructible, could that item also be indestructible inside your inventory so that way people cant break the items and exploit the game which creators make 😅 Thanks
  7. Hi, The hotbar doesnt disappear anymore when you open up a custom window. Do we need to do that manually now or is this a bug? Thanks
  8. Fompster

    1.1: Eastern Endeavors

    Honestly I think its an improvement, looks much more natural now 😅
  9. Hello, So the ghost has finally possessed someone and now the player wont stop banging his head against the floor. The player seemed to have died and get bugged, I couldnt interact with him at all (trading or selecting him through a script). I tried kicking him from the game but the character just continued doing this. Other players could see him doing the same thing. Logs: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Thanks
  10. Hey, There was a offline player that came onto my server but they were glitched and doing the weird stacking thing: and they were duplicated so I deleted them. After a few minutes I saw their nametag flying about the map (not attached to the player) and they were offline. Here are the logs: output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt I really hope this island isnt haunted
  11. Fompster

    Potion effects

    Hi, I think it would be pretty neat if creators could get hold of potion effects and assign them to players without needing to drink the potion through scripting, a bit like the already existing flying tile. Would it be possible to see this in the future? Thanks
  12. Fompster

    P1 and friends

    We have also finished our main base to protect us from the non existent mutants
  13. Hi, On my server (Rhino's Flavory land) I have a stone chest that where I show text above the entity like this: However, there is a chance that if you place a stone chest whilst playing then it will also have the words "SHOP" written over it. It honestly seems quite random. The same thing also happened to a needle which contains the same script. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Thanks
  14. I have no idea if this is relevant as I never linked my account but I seem to have 3 different usernames on the ylands forums and workshop combined and it is quite confusing how this happened (once upon a time there was just one Fompster )
  15. Hey, I was chatting to some fellow and the spacing in the chat got a bit weird suddenly, the formatting may just be due to the cyrillic characters but im noticing this for the first time. here are the logs: output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt Thanks