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  1. I am making this post to announce that I have submitted my island! Unfortunately, by rushing the last few hours I forgot to add / remove some things but hopefully I can modify these things before the islands will be integrated into the game. Best of luck to all who entered!
  2. Hi Nikki, I am slowly getting there indeed. I did have to cut some things out cause I tend to always underestimated how long it will take to build things 😆. But im now polishing some things and will manage to to hand it in (but it will be last minute 😝) Here is a little sneak peek on what ive been working on
  3. A new addition to my island! Who knows what could be waiting for you inside 👀
  4. Hi, I have made this little rhino for my island and I was testing the scenario whilst the graphics were on the mobile settings. During that test I saw that the rugby ball that is being used here is presumably in the wrong orientation and so it doesnt align with the rest. This happens for both of the high and low quality mobile graphics and not for the pc one. Thanks
  5. To add to this, it would also be nice if you go to a subpage, and then go back then the list is in the same position as it was. Currently, it makes the top row the item you were looking at and it is sometimes disorientating to not see what you were previously looking at.
  6. So the large attraction of my submission is the island itself. It is in a form of a large rhino surrounded by rhino horns. There is an underlying story that a group of voyagers came across it, and are chopping away at these horns to take home and make medicine. I am still bit unsure weather I should make the island more natural looking so it may still change, but I will gladly consider any suggestions
  7. Fompster

    Mystery Island progress report

    What a coincidence! I didnt want to show anything at first but I made my island a huge animal as well. Dont worry though, they are different enough from each other, I made mine to be a rhino 😝. Also I love the sketches you made, amazing!
  8. Hi all, Im also participating in this years competition! Unfortunately, I started a bit late and I am still a bit on the fence about what I want to do, so I am just as curious as everyone else on how this will come out 😋.Just recently I have created an island which I'm happy with, and will begin the building process soon. I am going for an adventure type of vibe where its up to the player to find out what happened on the island with a bunch of discovery and some puzzles, that is if the memory allows it. I will post some images here as soon as I feel like I have something interesting to share! (and without much spoilers 😉)
  9. Fompster

    YFS ylands farm simulator 😁

    Oh my god that is incredible! I cant believe it works without the game breaking. I still remember the days you were still learning how to script, oh how they grow up so fast 🤧
  10. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW Cant open map

    Hmm, nothing seems to have changed for me. Was there supposed to be a small update (the build number is still the same) or a new map?
  11. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW Cant open map

    Ive had it before where the banner doesnt leave when you finish editing the group, I think I may have reported it about a year ago. As to why the same things didnt happen to the map is cause I think I used to save it as a new map, where here I just saved it normally. No, sadly it just does nothing. I am able to open all my other maps normally, and have also asked a friend of mine to see if he can open it but I have low hopes. I think saving the game in that state made the file unreadable for ylands
  12. Hi, I was just in the editor, editing some groups with comps inside, when all of a sudden the header that says you are currently editing a group did not go away even though I was no longer editing a group. I was unable to get rid of it so I saved the map and restarted ylands. I thought that would solve the issue but sadly it just made it worse 😅 Now it will no longer allow me to open the map and if I switch to a different tab my map disappears. I really hope there is a way this can be fixed cause even though I do have some back ups, there is still a lot of progress to be lost. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt P.S. is it possible to send my map over to get it fixed? Thanks
  13. Fompster

    Save terrain in the editor

    Oh I can see the misunderstanding, I want the terrain to be a permanent addition to the map and not executed at some event. This is cause with script you can easily make something symmetric and even create some cool models which as far as I know is not a thing yet EDIT: I can open the map up again but as you can see, since it is an ongoing game there is no way for me to place logic objects in again. It would be great if there was a testing option that made it available for all changes made to the map to stay there permanently after the test has been finished.
  14. Hi, Since there is now a feature that allows creators to place terrain using logic, I have decided to create a script that can create amazing designs using it. I was then heartbroken to learn that after all that work, there isn't really a way to use this in a game (unless I were to start running the script once the game has started, but obviously that is not a good idea). Therefore, I think it would be a great feature if there was an ability to save the work you have done through that script. Whether it may be by selecting it, which I understand is a difficult thing to implement, or by being able to save the map with all the changes and re-open it in the editor (and still be able to place logics which is currently not possible). I really hope that this will be possible sometime in the future, thanks!
  15. Fompster

    Pixel Art

    I left my computer on for over half a hour trying to weld those blocks with no luck, but in Yland's defense it was a large chunk which I selected 😂 I cant take credit for the art, but thanks!