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  1. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18844] Excited Weld

    Whoops I didn't save it 😅 I do have the normal crystal but I dont know how useful that is
  2. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18844] Excited Weld

    The reference point is the culprit but either way it is still a bug and should not be doing that
  3. Fompster

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18844] Excited Weld

    @Igor Q. if you look at the video, I have two of (almost) exact welds. One shakes normally and the other one doesnt
  4. My weld gets a bit over excited whenever I hit it: output_log.txt, output_log_clean.txt
  5. Fompster

    Contest Building Contest #1

    Darn it only one? This will be hard 😅
  6. My bad, also all of these issues appear in the same log file but I think I could reproduce it if it is needed
  7. Fompster

    Time Manipulator

    After being addicted to Ylands due to discovering the new UI tools in the editor, I have decided to make a small project. It is a custom window which gives you the ability to change the speed, time and weather of the map. Here is a small demo, enjoy! (P.S it is also available on the workshop https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/1369)
  8. Hey, The flags still make noise even though the game volume is on 0
  9. Fompster

    UI Tools Suggestions

    Hey, Here are some things which I think the new UI tools are missing: ~ The parent tabs open up each time the editor map is reloaded, it is time consuming and annoying to close them all up or to find where you left off. Could it be made that they remember their states or are all closed by default ~ When right clicking widget which is low down the list, the bottom part of the menu is cut off. I have so many tabs that sometimes closing all of them doesnt help ~ Can the widget ID be easier to find when using this tile (eg. removing the widgets which come from other UI's when selecting the logic) Thanks
  10. Hey! So far I have been very addicted to the new UI tools since the update, however, there are still some bugs: ~You are able to drag out the same event tile for the buttons multiple times ~ My event has been deleted from the list ~ The events for buttons also stop being created after 10 (restarting Ylands did nothing) ~ Sometimes when deleting the parent widget and then using the undo button, the children get deleted ~ Random trigger objects appearing ( output_log_clean.txt, output_log.txt ) Thanks
  11. Fompster

    Image sprites in the new HUD

    Another useful sprite will be something that blurs the background
  12. Are you referring to the Good Side? If so then I dont have the logs (I will get them later if it occurs again) but it does not only happen during thunderstorms but also in the editor. It started happening after I placed in a rather large composition.
  13. Fompster

    Image sprites in the new HUD

    Thanks And one more thing would it also be possible to add a feature to rotate the sprites?
  14. Fompster

    Image sprites in the new HUD

    Can you also make them vector images to prevent them from blurring when you enlarge the images?
  15. Hey, Loving the update so far except for the fact that a game which worked before the update now gives off an error. The logic which produces this is a time trigger. I'm not getting much information about what's wrong and im not sure if it is an scripting error by me or due to something else. Thanks 😋