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  1. Fompster

    Griffin Mount

    Hey all, @FavoryPluto gave me the task of creating a flying mount within 10 days. After days of stress and plucking @MyPa553ng3r out of his life to help me build the mount we finally got a working product and I wanted to share the result with everyone as I am really proud with what we were able to accomplish: There are some parts in the video where the mount jitters a lot, I've fixed that and a few animation errors but couldn't be bothered to re-film everything Hope you enjoyed
  2. Fompster

    Ray casting

    @Indomitus Ray casting has been added to 0.15 by the way
  3. Fompster

    How to use game sets?

    Hey, I saw that this has been added to the game since the last update (taken straight from the changelogs). Game set Allows to group individual games in to a game-set. Games grouped in a set can share same persistent data. Players can be transferred between game instances using Visual scripting. Ive played around with the new tiles and such but i cant make any sense on how to use it and the wiki doesnt have any information either. Can it please be explained on how to use the game set manager and the tiles that come with it? Thanks
  4. Hi, I was on a multiplayer map when I died and when I wanted to revive all what happened was my character re spawned at the start of the map but I was still dead. I had to exit the current game to fix it. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt Here is a small video of how it looked like ( + the invisible horses 😆)
  5. Hi, When you have just selected a flag from the entity menu, then you cant see the preview rotate when you press the C and F key. Apart from that my rhinos and me are very happy 🦏
  6. Fompster

    Dev Diary #102

    The clouds 😍
  7. It sure did @Adam Snellgrove 😁
  8. Hi, I have a map and I get an error when exporting it. I think this happened when I changed an entity in the entity template and then undid that action whilst having the original item in the template deleted, however, the original item didnt come back when pressed undo (sorry no logs for that). Is there any way to get it to export again? Thanks
  9. Hi, Whenever you want to rename a variable in a script then the text size is significantly smaller
  10. Hi, Whenever I create a new scenario in the editor and save it then a extra blank scenario under the name "My game name" is created.
  11. Yes that solved it!
  12. Fompster

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 6 Winner

    If you are looking at it then its not very secret is it? 😜
  13. Fompster

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 6 Winner

    Hope its not too late
  14. Fompster

    Dev Diary #99

    Yay! Ive been wanting this for a while
  15. Hey, So I have a bit of a funny bug going on. Whenever I try to attach a literal to a tile it tries to flee the scene. Of course here are the logs output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Someone stop them before its too late!