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  1. ovring

    Dev Diary #72

    Hm, that's a pity:(
  2. ovring

    Dev Diary #72

    What are these "random encounters"?
  3. ovring

    Dev Diary #71

    Will the new, faster combat moves be also a bit preciser, as the moves, we are posessing now? Because my real problem with them was newer the speed, but always their lack of precision. If you only add the speed, i fear, it will make the situation only worse...
  4. ovring

    Dev Diary #68

    And can we optimize other constructions (houses for example) in editor and put it in explore? and yes, possibility to export game logics to explore maps can be such a great thing...
  5. Have the same bug now. Restart helped.
  6. ovring

    Dev Diary #67

    Tried it, the same result:( Anyway thanks for your help! It seems I must do it myself and hope, it will work... Maybe the promised colliders optimisation in the next update will make it less troublesome:)
  7. ovring

    Dev Diary #67

    Its hard to really take a meaningful picture, the programm simply freezes right after I add the composition and then closes in about 10 seconds. Here are my settings:
  8. ovring

    Dev Diary #67

    Did as you told me to, but it still doesnt work...
  9. ovring

    Dev Diary #67

    Tryed to use this awersome asset in my editor, but it crushes every time i put it on the ground
  10. ovring

    Dev Diary #67

    Am I the only one, who cant see the pictures?:(
  11. ovring


    Ok, its a pity:((( Anyway thank you for your explanation...
  12. ovring


    It worked, I am pretty sure, but today i tested it one more time, and it doesnt function... Also the ladders I disabled before are enabled again although i didnt change the script... hm... Ok, i see, it works in the games, which are created in editor, but not in the explorer mode, is it possible to put such "broken" ladders into explorer mode?
  13. ovring


    Thank you a lot! It works! By events i must take "on game start", right?
  14. ovring


    Is it somehow possible to remove the climbing option from a ladder in the editor? And when it is possible, how I must proceed to do it?
  15. ovring

    Difficulty with free placement

    Yes, I had the same thing with a knife today...