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  1. I suppose that Red refers to the error with the movement arrows that are fixed in a size and it is very annoying, it is solved by restarting the game
  2. Weekly sneaky WiP #1

    Oh, wonderful, this forum improves every day I think he's a nice Pangolin.
  3. fast time trigger__resource usage

    I agree that a lighter animation system is necessary, but what about the repetitions that do not have to do with movement? such as wanting to make a quick transition of colors, or other situations in which it may be necessary also say that reducing the time between repeaters would not solve the problem completely since it will still be possible to alternate several repeaters to accelerate the time, for example now they have reduced it to 0.03 and I once used two repeaters at a time to get that fluided, or adding instructions to the repeater to increase the frequency
  4. Doubt with list of online players

    ok thank you very much @Rudy.cz, I'll try the reps, they look better. And I'm waiting for that wiki, at this moment it's a constant trial and error but little by little things start to work, even with a long and ugly logic.
  5. I have tried to make a list of players online, and although it is fully functional. I think there has to be a way to make it simpler. What functions do I have to use to reduce this logic and that it is as elegant as in the Gold rust game?
  6. P1 wins Tencent competition!

    It was a hard work but the result is undeniable, I love it. Again, my congratulations for your great editing work. @RedEagle_P1. What will be next ...
  7. P1 the story build Spyler

    haha for that you will have to have patience
  8. What are you playing this weekend?

    This time has been a difficult start. I am a lonely man with a rifle, someone several blocks away is asking me for help, but I will have to leave him abandoned to his fate. He does not know, that a thunderstorm burned my crops and I do not even have food to spend the day. Maybe I have to sacrifice my pet if I want to survive.
  9. What are you playing this weekend?

    Suffering a bit with RimWorld maybe this time I can survive
  10. Logics with changed icon

    Hello, I am editing an old map, I deleted all the logic it contained and when adding a new logic, the icon appears changed as in the activated mode with the "o" key and it is a little uncomfortable to work. Is there any option for them to return to their normal state?
  11. Moving Trigger Zones?

    @Igor Quintero That spell is very powerful, , I want to see if someone is able to escape from that. If the same thing happened to me yesterday when I was testing, I did not detect the projectiles either
  12. continuous game and doubt of performance.

    thank you guys I'll keep all that in mind, I still have a lot to learn.
  13. continuous game and doubt of performance.

    Thank you very much @Igor Quintero, I'm going to put on that, I can make my system follow that path, but I think I'll start again to not complicate
  14. Moving Trigger Zones?

    I made a similar system for the missile tank with the old logic. I made a zone of activation throughout the area, I'm doing some tests of how it could be done, with a single zone of activation that recognizes the type of object. a small example the logic of the right the important thing is the rotation the rest is merely visual it occurs to me that if, for example, it detects the color, it could apply different spells depending on the color of the object it throws.
  15. Hi I'm starting to work on a game, and I was wondering if there is a simple way to keep the player's inventory, to always have that information in our game. I see two ways of doing it but I do not know which works best. One is to generate an inventory for each one, and when the player disconnects, the inventory is saved until it is reconnected, obviously this is giving me problems because it involves a lot of complicated logic for me. But it is a way to eliminate the player from the game without losing inventory. The other way I can think is to keep players disconnected in a room, it's easier, but I'm not sure if it would affect performance. I also thought that maybe eliminating the player does not eliminate their inventory, but I've had problems with that in the past, so I'm not sure it's the best option.