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  1. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Hello everyone, some will have noticed that the map has changed several times during the last month. We have made a series of updates to improve performance and add some new features. These are some of the new things you can find. -New eastern biome incorporated in some islands. -Dangerous marine life near the coast has been added. The system is in its first version, you can find more than 8 types of new marine animals, you can not kill but if you use the right fruit you can escape most of them. -A luck system has been added, now exploring the island is more interesting. You can get a lot of blocks and unique decorations from this map. -Random boxes that you can find spread across the map where you can get from food to some resources, along with the statue of the witch where you can get some potions -More than 5 new unique places have also been added -The number of animals has been reduced, in general only non-aggressive animals. We hope you have a better performance .: Light_smile: -Some npc have been updated -All the effects and sounds on the map have been deactivated, now they are only activated when someone is nearby. -The vegetation of the first island has been reduced to improve yield. -A new signaling has been added when entering and leaving the protected area in the spawn. -Many of the logic has been replaced, hopefully this will reduce the frequency of reboots on the public server. -It has been added to the moderator function, on the server. -The new fishing system has been implemented in its beta version. It has also included the start of the new Xp system that we would like to incorporate. Now fishing for fish or breaking oysters you get XP, with level 10 you can get the Pro fishing rod. Every 10 levels you can order a fishing rod in case it is lost or broken. There are 27 new types of fish, you can only get special fish in special fishing areas, which will be marked at the top of the screen by carrying the fishing rod in your hand. At this time the market value of the fish is not implemented, you can also find some objects while fishing. And be careful with the Dagon. Legend has it that sea monsters sometimes attack fishermen ... If you have not yet joined, join our community of discord to keep up with the news, you can find players to play with and we also have 2 maps in the shared game where you can play without losing progress. What are you waiting for Discord community YLANDS WORLD OF DREAMS
  2. Spyler.X

    A game idea that I had yesterday: "Mutiny"

    Hi @Indomitus, if you need to do a multiplayer test, we can help you, Christal and I are available and surely some of our players will be happy to join the test. You can also have your place here as creator and find people to help you. It is a community created for everyone, you can use it as a tool for your work.🙂 https://discordapp.com/invite/p6GNkEs
  3. Spyler.X

    flying boat

    Hi @Tinker-79e9f6687ebcf501 🙂 Now with the new animation systems it is easier, if you use a welding, you can configure the movements and assign them to the keys you want to be able to control it. For vehicles such as boats, it is the same thing that instead of moving it with animators you should use the vehicle speed logic together with a loop or a time activator that allows you to create the movement. I don't have tutorials yet, but I'm generally available in discord, If you have any questions or need anything, I can explain or show you what you need.☺️ https://discord.gg/p6GNkEs
  4. Spyler.X

    Donate mechanism

    For that you must open the internal logic of donations, there you will find the function that detects the player when the transaction is accepted
  5. Spyler.X

    Donate mechanism

    @Thom_YorkeThe donation system is very simple, simply configure the money you want and establish an interaction that calls the transaction. for the protection of the area it is something more complicated since there are many ways to break everything, you can join the discord if you want, we can explain better what you need https://discord.gg/MwHNt43
  6. I don't think I've ever used any of your mods and I have all that😋
  7. Spyler.X

    Need a way to save player items.

    What we really need is for servers to stop rebooting. In the server of * Ylands world of dreams * we have a global logic that is registered if the player has reached a certain advance and in that case, he has a // kit in the next game with everything he needs to go exploring in 2 min. although I agree that being able to have a comfortable way of saving the player's inventory would be really useful for many other things.
  8. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    And enjoy all a good night🎅😃
  9. Spyler.X

    Apply AI Behavior to vehicles?

    @Igor Q.It's true it works great that way
  10. Spyler.X

    Apply AI Behavior to vehicles?

    Hi. With vehicles it doesn't seem possible to move it unless it's with an animation, and making it look like realistic navigation is practically impossible. I tried and it does not seem that the npc can control a vehicle, you could use a broken ship or a weld that allows you to add a route. For vehicles, the best option has always been to make flying vehicles with the flight as a drone. The diagonals on the X, Z axis do not work well for the characters. Perhaps your best option is to make a boat that glides at a height of 1 and when it reaches 0 it floats again You should also keep in mind that by animating vehicles, your forces will affect the animation, this can be solved by creating your own vehicles with welds. If the route is a straight line, you can test with vehicle speed maybe you can achieve something with that.
  11. Spyler.X

    Lost Protective Barrier Generator

    @Indomitus is right, the best option is to generate it with logic, you can do it on an empty map and then extract it as a composition so you will always have it available. any of them works since you can generate a repaired barrier without identification. You can find two hidden in our server😋
  12. Spyler.X

    Editor Information and help

    Actually it is possible to add islands with a little patience. @megatarre In the editor you can add underwater terrain although it generates some problems can be solved mostly. You can even create sea caves. If you want it to be natural you must be careful with the size since it is easy to get into more than what was expected in the beginning, and making the beach can be more expensive than doing the island itself. The edition of land in the water does not allow you a margin of error with what you can only add terrain not to eliminate so you will have to use undo every time something fails. I recommend you try not to do too much with the beach since it can be quite heavy. you can look for creative ways to add new areas without touching the ocean too much
  13. Spyler.X

    Newcomer Help: Exploration Mode

    Welcome kysen 🙂
  14. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Server update with Christmas atmosphere.🎅 New animals and enemies have been added, the new mineral has also been added in the caves of almost all the islands and on the surface of the arctic islands. Any questions or problems you may encounter can speak directly with us in our discord community. https://discord.gg/p6GNkEs
  15. Spyler.X

    A special cube

    Wow 😮 it's getting more amazing😍