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  1. Spyler.X

    Rotating Objects

    Here explains a little and you have an image with the new logic in any case the time trigger for animations gives many problems should use loops with an instruction, it is safer
  2. Spyler.X

    Rotating Objects

    Hi @Deadeye_Rob If it is possible to do it with small rotations and a loop, but it is better to wait for the new update, you can do it in a simple way and without affecting the performance so much.😉
  3. Spyler.X

    Gravity system

    I would like to be able to change the gravity in some scenarios. Would it be possible to modify the gravity of the scenario as well as some specific areas? I was thinking of something like a gravity zone that can alter the gravity in an area or have a central gravity to create planets or walk through the ceiling.
  4. Spyler.X

    Ability to change crafting recipes

    If it's a good idea, it would save a lot of work. I have my little machine to create toys and some other things, but the programming is long😅
  5. amazing how effective😅 thanks
  6. Hello, if I prepare it and send it to you along with the other question, they have to do with the same file. And that should not be a problem, I have a small delay of 0.016 since the object falls and the entity is deleted at the end of the instruction. I also made a simpler version with a single model and I have not managed to reproduce the error. Instead I think, it can be the other way around. that the object is still detected in the character's inventory since generating an entity format with a solder in the player's inventory causes the same error
  7. Thanks houp I'll keep it in mind, I'll try other things while I wait for the update.🙂
  8. The editing of land is somewhat tedious. These are some things I could improve with. -Pinceles to lower and raise the ground. -Bigger brush size -other forms of brush like the star would also be very useful And to get a better atmosphere it would be very interesting to be able to choose the color of the earth and the stone, also being able to change the color of the water will be wonderful. use trees for this as it is the closest thing to a large stone, this is an example of how very different environments can be created only with the possibility of changing the color. Right now you can create some things but it also involves using some valuable resources only to have a different color and this will not always be useful
  9. If you wish, you can delete them all😅, I will upload them again in their improved and optimized version when you have them ready.😋
  10. some of my workshop models with old logic are not blocked and others that do not contain logic yes. In any case I intend to replace them all so it is not necessary to change them I will erase them at some time. But maybe they want to review if they have blocked something else by mistake
  11. Spyler.X

    Sounds suggestions

    I'll start by mentioning that the sounds in the editor are not translated into Spanish @Ane😋 And I have a couple of suggestions, it would be helpful to be able to see the duration times of each sound. And it is not well appreciated which is the sound that we have selected would be fine if it were more remarkable.
  12. When saving the composition with a template that contains an object with logic, it does not save the object with the logic but the standard object😩
  13. I have not been able to detect when a player reads a book, it has not worked with the logic in the book or with an event listener. Am I missing something or does it really not work?🤔
  14. When generating a random matrix composed of templates with a weld as a format, on some occasion an error occurs and the template is detected as empty, which generates the collision of the object in one place and the image in another. the logic seems to be fine since in general it works all the time and continues to work without problem after the error. can see the fault from minute 3:30
  15. When I throw the Nopal to the ground, it disappears and keeps falling constantly. When placing it with V works well It is the only object that has happened to me for now