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  1. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    Trial version 0.5 of ★ YLANDS KART ★ available in the list of games, it seems to have no serious errors, so we will leave it accessible while we continue correcting and finishing some things. In the test version all cars and options are free. In general, the game works very well in most cases, although some of the errors you can find and its temporary solution are: * ctrl key to attack does not appear -It is solved by opening and closing the chat. * The car is stuck in the water - you can use command / unstuck 3 until you get back to the race * The car is blocked in one direction or it is not possible to accelerate: -There is no workaround for this, just wait for the race to end, or for players to log out for the game to restart. * On some occasions the race does not start automatically. -All players must log out to restart the game. Enjoy😋
  2. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    I always try to get the best out of Ylands, and thanks to Christal who is with me in every project and the friendliest community anyone can hope for, everything is possible and motivates us to get the best out of ourselves. I also have many hours of the editor behind me, so it will be a pleasure to help you with everything you need to get here😋
  3. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    ★YLANDS ORIGINS★ At the request of the players, we have put our tundra map in its original version, and we have made a small update for a basic control of multiplayer problems. So here is ★YLANDS ORIGINS★ YWD-V0.02 A map with 5 great islands of tundra, of pure nature with an extreme environment and a pvp game. The old ylanders will remember this beautiful steep mountains and for the new ones you will also enjoy a unique landscape. All necessary resources and new enemies up to 1.2 have been added. We have protected the protective barrier, now it is exclusive to each player even if it is broken no one will be able to steal it and for those who took advantage of this to get more barriers you may be interested in trying your own barrier as bait to hunt unwary ylanders.😏 And if you really need one more barrier, you just have to ask for it.😉 On the other hand, we have also added the "Blueprint Licensing Office" to encourage creativity and control its use without having to ban them. In addition to some administrator commands to solve the problems that may arise, and a nice sword called "The Punisher", which is the only one capable of taking inventory from the player so do not think that you are safe, if necessary we will use it.😁 Stay classy ylanders😋
  4. Spyler.X

    Pixel Art

    It's been a long time since I did one of these, here are two more for my collection😁
  5. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    ★ JOURNEY OF THE 12 KINGDOMS ★ It is already available in the workshop, and although we still have to solve a problem with the hunting system, in general everything works very well, now our servers no longer experience daily restarts. So now you can enjoy a good exploration. And we'll keep updating the map for the next few weeks until everything works properly.🙂 For people who want to open a server with our map, we have a complete administrator system to handle any problem that may arise during the game, in addition to some extras. Although this system is currently limited for us if someone wants to be able to use it, contact us and we can find a solution to make it accessible to you as well. https://discord.gg/p6GNkEs stay classy ylanders😋
  6. Spyler.X


    I never despise good tea😋, but coffee is my daily bread before opening Ylands.😅 A difficult decision, I really like all pets, although I have wanted the firefly for a long time, it will go very well with my alien costume☺️
  7. Spyler.X


    Light shines in my eyes Annoying noise in my ears I have my coffee
  8. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    although the islands seem more peaceful they should not be trusted ... HELP😂
  9. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Hello guys The update is ready, surely we will not take long to add some more things, but at the moment these are the new things that we have added. -A mod has been added for the propeller pack, now it has a battery charge, it works with ylandium cells, the small one gives a load of 50%, the big one 100%. Those helicopter explorers will no longer have it so easy 😁 -The lighting of the coral area, the marine cave, the spider cave and the mushroom cave has been fixed Now everything looks more beautiful, I recommend a visit to the coral at night. --The rocket code has been changed, now it is generated randomly.😏 -All animals on the surface have been removed. In its place we have added the hunting system. You can get your hunting license by talking to Elmer, on each island you will find a hunter to interact with to activate hunting on the island. It will be activated for all the players of the island with the level of the player that activates it. The player's hunting level will increase to get to unlock the different hunting levels, up to a maximum of 3 at the moment. -At the moment the cave animals are preserved although we have included some new enemies. A mod has been added for the golem, they can attack you when you approach them or if you bother them, be sure they will come after you. You can find 16 types of golem, be careful with them😋 -And since you couldn't miss all this, 5 new places have been added.
  10. Spyler.X

    Not Saving Game

    Hi @D3m0n_69 I'm sorry you lost a few hours of play It is the fault of the server, for some reason it does not support this type of editor maps well and the map restarts itself.😑 We hope that they will solve this soon, meanwhile, we have 3 private servers in sharegame in our community, where you can save your progress and we can solve any problem that may arise.🙂 https://discord.gg/p6GNkEs
  11. Spyler.X

    ship stuff by zarwil

    @zarwil The ships are so beautiful🤩 I do them calmly, I already have 1 and a half...😅 Someday we can change some boat hulls 🙄
  12. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    Thank you.😊 Some parts were not easy😅
  13. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    While we work on the last details of the race we do tests, almost every day where you can join to play. You can join our community to be informed or find it on the list of servers, when it is available under the name of Ylands Kart.😀🚗
  14. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    I'm going to explain a little bit about everything we've done here, how we did some things and how the game works. After some tests, we decided that the best thing would be to start with an empty map, we wanted to have an area with water so we used an aquatic map for this. First it was shaped and the different parts of the land were created. Some of them were done with a lot of patience to get a smooth terrain that helps driving. The color and decoration style were decided. we also decided some of the game mechanics such as the different attacks. In the end we have left 4 different types of attacks, and we have tried to make it as level as possible. This is a summary of the process, when a player connects if he appear alone, a message where you can choose whether to start alone or wait for other players, if you decide to wait you can start at any time from the control screen with either button on the sides of the screen. With the control screen you can change the conditions of the race, which in addition to being able to change the time and the weather can be set up to 7 laps, these options include a small payout and can only be changed by one player in each race. If someone changes the race conditions, only he can change them again before the race starts. If you are waiting for more players and a player connects, the race will start automatically. You can also choose a car or buy one of the 3 available models, it's only necessary to choose it once since the selection for subsequent races is preserved. Each player has the hud of the race that indicates the elapsed time, the number of laps, the player's position, the speed of the vehicle and the available attack that is launched with the left Ctrl key. Attacks are achieved by picking up random boxes spread across the track, they only give an attack if you have none and regenerate every 15 seconds. Bombs: Placed on the court and explode when a player passes over them, making them lose a few seconds. PEM Pulse: An electromagnetic pulse that you can launch to affect nearby players and stop their engines, it lasts a few seconds and has a wide attack zone. The star: The star gives immunity for a few seconds to any type of attack. The missile: it is a guided missile, in this case it is the only one that has a different function depending on the position, if you are the first, it will attack another player randomly. If you are one of the intermediate players, the missile will always attack the player in front of you. And if you are the last in the race, you will launch a missile at each player. The standard 3-lap race lasts about 5-6 min and the finish will depend on the number of players. If if there is only one player, the race will end quickly when the player crosses the finish line. With less than 5 players the race ends 30 sec after the first one finishes the race. If there are 5 players or more, it will be necessary for the first 3 to finish the race for it to restart. At the end, your race time is compared with your best time recorded in other races and a phrase will appear indicating whether you exceeded your time or not. If you have exceeded your time it will remain registered and will be the one that appears in the list of players in the lobby when the game begins.
  15. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    ★New Ylands Kart The best ylands car game is almost ready. Inspired by Mario kart, Christal and I created our own version for Ylands, with his own style and a fully personalized circuit. Right now we have a beta version that you can try with us in our Discord community. The game is ready to run on mobile and PC with up to 8 players. In this first version, you have 4 types of attacks, with 3-lap races and random conditions in each race. The game has an automatic start, once you enter the game, the race will start automatically. Unless you are the only player, this will give you the option to expect more players. You also have additional options. Up to 7 different car types, 4 of them are completely free, the other 3 include a small payment, with which in addition to having a exclusive car, you will help us to continue to create the best content. You also have a control panel where you can modify the conditions of the race in exchange for a few coyns. You can choose the time of day, the number of laps between 3, 5 and 7 and the weather you want. In the clothing store, (coming soon), like cars, you will be able to acquire a special costume to distinguish themselves from other runners. We hope you'll like it, we have laughed a lot while testing so we hope you enjoy it too. It is a first version but it is already very complete and will soon be available to everyone.☺️