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  1. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Server update with Christmas atmosphere.🎅 New animals and enemies have been added, the new mineral has also been added in the caves of almost all the islands and on the surface of the arctic islands. Any questions or problems you may encounter can speak directly with us in our discord community. https://discord.gg/p6GNkEs
  2. Spyler.X

    A special cube

    Wow 😮 it's getting more amazing😍
  3. Spyler.X

    New Realm Entertainment

    Welcome @Mcloutier87🙂
  4. Spyler.X

    We need shapes

    specifically to make buttons you can use several flat objects, I use a lot of gold coins. in fact, there is an elevator on the server that works with them😋 P.S.: but I would love to have a scalable disk😅
  5. Spyler.X

    We need shapes

    I agree that it is necessary, perhaps not for all objects, but scalable blocks or giant rocks would help a lot in the construction of landscapes or large structures, they could also be used as a way to protect some areas that would save us a lot Logic and many objects. It would also be nice to be able to model some 3D objects, I don't know if it will be an option at some point.🤔
  6. Spyler.X

    Mirror effect

    It's amazing🤩 I'm still trying to figure out how you got a mirror😅
  7. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Yes, I agree with that it is not a priority. But a little atmosphere never hurts, so taking advantage of the weekly wipe, this time we have a special Halloween version on our server🎃 and of course very careful with the undead😁
  8. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Yes, I vote for that 😁 it would be great to have some events in the game
  9. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    I thought that if I showed my legs and wore a pink lantern, they would be afraid, but it came directly to us😅
  10. Spyler.X

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 6 Winner

    Pyramid of Anubis 🐪
  11. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    no no, it wasn't me hahah I already found her like that ... I have proof🙄 I think that picnicking in front of the pyramid of Anubis, god of death, is not the best option😂
  12. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Yes, it is quieter. I use a command to fly. You can easily put it with the character bonus function I'm also super fast and I have super jump😏
  13. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Thanks ☺️ There are many interesting things to discover.😋 And many more things that we are preparing, for the first big server update
  14. Spyler.X

    Typical day in Ylands MP games.

    The logic works perfectly on servers. what does not work are the servers😅 At the moment I have the extra hell for the curious who only come to look, but I thought of something like this, my idea was to put a jail with annoying sounds as punishment and if someone dares to hit Christal's horse, he will be surprised😂 The Hell
  15. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Today was a very fun tour,😂 it seems that everything works as planned😏 Someone got caught, it seems that I still haven't found a way out Jijij, this will be a small clue for you if you see this