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  1. Spyler.X

    ★TINY SEA★

    Tiny Sea Beta 0.5 We have already released the beta version of our game, there are still things to do but we already have a basic system that works very well. Collision effects have been added for the different zones, you can also select your keyboard in the game options. We had some problems with the camera since if we adjust it to the predefined distance it is possible to increase the distance and have a much greater view of the stage so for an optimal game, it is necessary to set the field of view at 90. (Access your Ylands video settings to modify it) The health system has not yet been implemented although you can regenerate some health by sinking other players. Some parts of the scenario are provisional and may change later. The beta works both on pc and mobile, although the mobile version has not yet been adjusted for the best playability. I leave you a video of a small hand-to-hand battle and some screenshots of the progress Hope you have fun😋
  2. Spyler.X

    ★TINY SEA★

    yeah sure hopefully we'll have the beta ready tomorrow. It is already possible to play but we want to complete a couple of things before we can test that everything is fine. At the moment it is only necessary to be careful with Christal and his crab 🤣 she is dangerous ... although it is possible to defeat her😁
  3. Spyler.X

    ★TINY SEA★

    Thanks kiri, it is already a playable version so you are invited to join anytime 😋
  4. Spyler.X

    ★TINY SEA★

    Hello everyone 😀 Christal and I are doing a multiplayer pvp game, but we wanted to do something different so this has been the progress these days. We were very hesitant to make the game single player or multiplayer, so we did a test and it was so fun that we decided to take a chance with multiplayer mode, we will do a little ship battle called ★Tiny Sea★ We wanted a small stage, which we can adapt to its mobile version later and we wanted to avoid vehicles so we created our own. The idea is to do it for 10 players but that we will decide this week when we have a beta prepared and we can see how it works for everyone. The menu has been added taking advantage of the stage, and you can also see the players in the game while you choose the ship with which you are going to play. The menu will only show players who are here, so it will be difficult to see it this way. But we thought it was fun to put them all here if 10 players were on the menu. You can see here how it has been changing. There are 2 firing modes, the front and the side, the front can fire a fast bullet or a strong bullet and for the side each mouse button shoots towards each side. As you can see we have done some tests with different ammunition of fire, ice etc but we have discarded them for the moment since they could unbalance the game and it was also necessary to add some effects that could affect performance, instead we will focus on other systems that We believe more necessary such as getting some life or rewards for sinking a ship. Here I leave some screenshots of the game you can also see the first hud we did in the photo of the crabs. We hope to have a beta ready that you can play this week. And we will continue to report our progress here. If you have any comments or suggestions we will be happy to hear it, thank you 😊
  5. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    @ocnoglittle is amazing.🤩😍 I don't know what to say really cool. I already want to see some of your adventures in Journey Really thank you very much, this gives a lot of motivation🤸‍♂️ 😚😚
  6. Spyler.X

    RESOLVED Random tile not working properly

    I never had problems with the maximum value🤔 but it may be the one that appears the least, the random number can have a strange structure, if it is used at the beginning of the game the value that appears will depend on the time it takes to work, also the central value of the two established will be the one that appears the most. For example, if you put between 0 and 10, 5 will be the value that will appear more easily, to obtain a more random probability it is better to combine 2 or 3 of them or leave higher margins to increase the possibilities
  7. This happens since the last update, it usually happens when duplicating and changing a true to false, also duplicating the tiles for custom screens and changing the symbols of operations like - = or > < can give these problems. It is solved if you delete and replace the tile that caused it, but this is not always easy to know, it is best to close ylands and open, this will solve it although it. And although it is uncomfortable until it is solved, it is best to use a new tile every time you want to change it.
  8. Spyler.X

    Inktober 2020 day 05 BLADE

    😍😍 Wow it's amazing
  9. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Thank you very much @YadNiMonde☺️ Thanks to comments like this we continue to bring out the best in ourselves, Ylands is a wonderful game and while normal exploration is not too good at the moment, they have given us the ability to do it ourselves and allow us to get the best of it. . We are very happy that you can continue to enjoy both our games and the wonderful community that has been created thanks to them, really thank you very much☺️
  10. Spyler.X

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Hello we have updated the map of Ylands Origins, We have more and more things, so to have everything more organized I will separate the posts of each game, here we will put the updates of this map and you can also put your great screenshots.
  11. Spyler.X


    ★YLANDS ORIGINS★ V 0.03 and V 0.04 Hello everyone, here we will inform you of map updates, you can also ask what you need or post your great screenshots of this game here.🙂 I forgot to mention the 0.03 update so I'll do both in a row with the new additions. ★V 0.03 -Two new microbiomes have been added, along with some missing plants. *Desert *Flower island -The loot boxes system has also been added for extra resources, you can find good things in these places. -We have fixed the problem with the spawm, you should no longer find a forest of barriers here. ★V 0.04 The new version is available, we have fixed a few small things and added a new biome. -Fixed the player does no damage when approaching the npc -Fixed the tp to the players. -The lake water has been changed and the effects have been reduced. -Added corn and carrots. -The wooden golem and new animals have been added. -We have added the cave biome and some infinite resources with it, sulfur, saltpeter, gold, crystals, marble, rubber and mushrooms. *Sulfur plant *Saltpeter plant *Golden tree *Marble stone *Mushrooms Resources such as crystals or marble are normally collected with any weapon. Once the resource is depleted it will take a few days of play to regenerate. The resources generated from plants are collected with interactions and it will also take a few days of play to reappear. Indestructible rubber is normally extracted but will give more rubber than usual and has the possibility of giving seeds. We hope you like it and that you enjoy these additions. 😋
  12. Spyler.X

    Update 1.3: Watery Water

    I've been testing terrain editing for a while, the angle adjustment feature didn't seem to have any effect🤔. And I also haven't managed to create a flat surface in a comfortable way as it sets a slant angle very easily and there is no option for it to always be flat. In any case, I don't think the new functions are bad in themselves, as they allow some things that previously took a lot of time, but I think it would be better as a complementary tool to what we already had, it was really possible to create anything, quickly if you have the right technique. And I will continue testing maybe as you say I need to adapt, but it was really very frustrating the first contact I will try more and I will let you know if any option is not possible or if on the contrary I am wrong and I have rushed🙄
  13. Spyler.X

    Update 1.3: Watery Water

    Hello I have been waiting for this update for weeks and the truth is that I am very disappointed😩, ignoring the sweet tooth like the wooden golem, the in-game fixes and other objects and decorations. New terrain editing systems leave a lot to be desired, not only do they reduce the chances of creating different types of terrain, but they are much more cumbersome and slow to work with, and the water doesn't seem to be able to adjust properly. Even if we want to smooth the terrain, it is now very difficult to achieve a smooth, stepped surface that fits properly in the water. It is also not possible to raise the terrain naturally as before with the flatten tool. The same for the option to lower the terrain that was previously possible with the same tool. For ocean terrain it is not possible to edit it yet, is it something that will come back or has it been removed forever? So I wonder if Ylands ended up being a game only for mobile phones. Sincerely, as a PC player I feel that more and more things are taken from us for the benefit of mobile gaming only.😔
  14. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    Trial version 0.5 of ★ YLANDS KART ★ available in the list of games, it seems to have no serious errors, so we will leave it accessible while we continue correcting and finishing some things. In the test version all cars and options are free. In general, the game works very well in most cases, although some of the errors you can find and its temporary solution are: * ctrl key to attack does not appear -It is solved by opening and closing the chat. * The car is stuck in the water - you can use command / unstuck 3 until you get back to the race * The car is blocked in one direction or it is not possible to accelerate: -There is no workaround for this, just wait for the race to end, or for players to log out for the game to restart. * On some occasions the race does not start automatically. -All players must log out to restart the game. Enjoy😋
  15. Spyler.X

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    I always try to get the best out of Ylands, and thanks to Christal who is with me in every project and the friendliest community anyone can hope for, everything is possible and motivates us to get the best out of ourselves. I also have many hours of the editor behind me, so it will be a pleasure to help you with everything you need to get here😋