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  1. Spyler.X

    Daily Screenshot Thread

  2. A small test of animation, is quite simple, but it is clear that the welds will be very useful.🤩
  3. Spyler.X

    Editor Bug - Saving Composition

    the same also for other keys as the "e" that opens the group editing and removes the selection for several groups. my solution was to save it with a symbol and then edit the name in the list of compositions.😂
  4. Spyler.X

    0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019)

    ohhh 1 year waiting for this, THANKS 😍 ... and who said there would not be kittens in this update?😅 I have tested the solder and it seems quite efficient, I have noticed that it does not work with vegetation or containers. Will it be possible to unite them in the future? It is still possible to traverse the ground, after creating the weld. Although I guess in this case it still has too many collisions. I liked the editor's map window but I do not have a function to find the maps quickly.
  5. Spyler.X

    Dev Diary #67

    oh sure, I'm going to have to update all my workshop models😅
  6. Spyler.X

    Dev Diary #67

    or sorry I understood wrong, maybe that composition is too heavy for you, then I send you a lighter version, you can also try another pixel art workshop, they are smaller https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/414
  7. Spyler.X

    Dev Diary #67

    @ovring mmm can I see a picture of what happens? I'm not home now, I'll try when I get back
  8. Spyler.X

    Dev Diary #67

    Hi Open the configuration menu, and select to align with the water, and adapt to the deactivated terrain
  9. Spyler.X

    Dev Diary #67

    You can do it with the match stick, but I use bullets for this. https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/311
  10. Spyler.X

    Dev Diary #67

    I also do my part, now I try to make it more optimized. you can always choose a lighter version🤣
  11. Spyler.X

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    elephants have all the ammunition needed for an army😋
  12. Spyler.X

    Daily Screenshot Thread

  13. Spyler.X

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    @Christalle Do not miss this opportunity and take advantage of the incredible discounts of Happy Pets, here you can find everything you need for your pet😂 P.S:awesome those insects, is great😍
  14. Spyler.X

    Daily Screenshot Thread

  15. Spyler.X

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Relaxing after the Castle Hunt map😋