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  1. DerEntinator

    Am I finished? [SPOILERS]

    I spent around 15 to 20 hours in to Ylands and i just cant stop. It is really an awesome Game and im waiting eagerly for new content.^^ Diving Gear ?!?! ´Immedialey starting Ylands`
  2. DerEntinator

    Am I finished? [SPOILERS]

    So i have the full Cyclops Armor with a propeller pack, a big ylandium generator with a charger and a mining drill. I have already tried the creative mode so i know that there is a power armor in the game, but is it possible to obtain the armor in exploration mode and are there more things to discover? If you know the answer please just say yes or no and not the way how to get everything.
  3. DerEntinator

    Reloading the Mining Drill

    Oh, just saw the Sneak Peak #21 from Ane
  4. DerEntinator

    Reloading the Mining Drill

    Is it possible to reload an empty Mining Drill if it says "OUT OF POWER" ?