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Found 3 results

  1. This is twice now I have tried to build the propeller pack which costs 10 yandiums too, and I hit the craft button, and no items... at this point I guess I am grounded until they fix this issue, because trying to find 10 yandium dust isn't the worlds easiest thing to acquire. lol I.E. JUST WANTED, everyone to know, that yesterday shortly after posting this the Propeller Pack suddenly appeared as crafted in the Locksmith Tool menu. It was not there before, but appeared after exiting the game and going back into it. Perhaps, this is a temporary fix. Before this incident happened by the way, I had trouble trying to get the CRAFT button to light up, even though I had all the materials to craft the item. In fact it took several attempts at closing and opening the Locksmith Tool to finally get it to allow me to craft it. Anyway, it did finally work, why it suddenly appeared after numerous attempts to find it eludes me. But, thank you for your follow up.
  2. I have all of the materials to make the propeller pack, but when I go to the locksmith table and click on the pack, the CREATE button stays grayed out and unclickable. So I select something else that I can make, the button becomes active for that item, I then select the propeller pack again and the CREATE button becomes active for making the propeller pack. I click the CREATE button and I get ..... FAILED The propeller pack isn't created. What did I do wrong?
  3. DerEntinator

    Am I finished? [SPOILERS]

    So i have the full Cyclops Armor with a propeller pack, a big ylandium generator with a charger and a mining drill. I have already tried the creative mode so i know that there is a power armor in the game, but is it possible to obtain the armor in exploration mode and are there more things to discover? If you know the answer please just say yes or no and not the way how to get everything.