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  1. owmyeye

    Merry Christmas!

    My 5 year old really loved playing the Christmas land. Free was a nice present for the season too
  2. owmyeye

    Glass roof

    I'm making a glasshouse for plant crops. It has wood posts and glass walls. But if I am not mistaken, there is no glass roof or even glass blocks to use as a roof? We need something to make sky lights and glasshouse ceilings, etc.
  3. My 5 year old likes playing Ylands to explore and plonk in lots of trees and animals. He doesn't have the patience to do the full collecting and crafting thing. He loves the pre-made scenarios, such as the Santa factory just added. However when you open these Dev made scenario's they are on 'Explore'/'Survival' mode. Is there a way to grab these builds and turn them into Creative mode, so my son can explore the ready made worlds but add his own (free of grind) stuff in? I tried copying and opening in the editor, but I'm a bit lost as to where the setting would be there.
  4. owmyeye

    Wooden Door

    Thanks. No it's not that it isn't intuitive, it's just when you need something to get something else to get something to get something to..... Easy to get a bit lost in that. Sometimes it can be figured out, but with so many items it can be a simple case of missing one thing and not noticing then being shut out from 5 other things. For example, I figured out the answer to my door problem: I missed seeing the Bow Saw. Once I found the Saw, I was like A HA! I immediately noticed I could then make a plank, so figured I needed to, then also saw I could make a Beam, so did it just in case. And yeah, door appears in the list. What's really needed is a guide and that's all. So far from what I've seen it's not like you would read it in a guide and say "well that makes no sense, how could I have figured it out?", it just mostly works out to be the case of "oh there is a bow saw, of course...". What's needed is the guide to be *in game*. I mean alt-tab is OK (if you have someone to actually go...) but something that fully integrates into the same crafting menu to show progression tree's will be way more user friendly. Especially if the progression tree will allow you to click on each part to go back to the crafting screen on it or to actually make it. That will cut down on the back and forward between the guide and the actual crafting.
  5. owmyeye

    Wooden Door

    I want to make a wooden door but can't figure out how. Only doors I can make are iron and iron bar doors. I have wood. Logs. Nails. Wood crafting kit, Hammer. Screw driver. And so much more. I can't even think of anything else to pick up to get a wood door. We really need a crafting guide. Don't anyone bother saying check the wiki... we all know it's *empty*. If you tell me to check it, go add a door listing first