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    Oh yes oh yes! Absolutely into this!
  2. Can a filter be added to the game for Workstations/Crafting tables/Smelter/etc. for the "Crafting" menu? So when we want a specific table sometimes one may forget the name of that specific table or don't know if it he/she can build it yet, so maybe adding that could help on the quick search of it.
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    Capture blueprints in creative mode

    Ane, thank you very much for the clarification! I understand the point mentioned, now that being clarified, I would like to share a few suggestions/comments: Blacklisting "Creative only" items: Entities of animals, "Creative only" blocks, or items that cannot be crafted in any possible way could be blacklisted in a check line, how? Set up a list of items that are definitely not available/craftable/etc in Explore mode, and do a check: When the player selects a building to "blueprint", after selection is done there should be a back-end check to see if within the selection, there are any of the blacklisted items; Should there be any blacklisted item within the selection, an error should appear notifying that there are items not available in Explore for saving (Detailing which items on screen should help ) What if the player wanted to have those blueprints with non craftable items for creative only or custom modes? A solution to this could be to simply let the player blueprint anything, and still keep again, a blacklist of items not available for Explore mode, and a check that if the player is in Explore mode, the blueprint could not be crafted because of unobtainable items in it. How to identify non craftable/Obtainable items? -Add a special background colour, or asterisk, or identifier to the item in the creator cube menu. -Add a note or list of "Non Explore items" to the Codex. Why would someone want to get their stuff done in creative and pass it to Explore? -Less stress on building, having to correct mistakes that were found late (After an object/block gets hardened). -Smaller building times. -Easier "On the go" planning of buildings. I hope this helps clarify my idea behind the topic. Thanks!
  4. Greetings team! First off I'm really glad to see the Blueprints system, amazing addition! Though I'm kind of curious, why is the blueprint camera not allowed in Creative mode? Simple as that, create something in creative, blueprint it and when I go to Explore mode I can simply place the blueprint and get all the materials to build it, like in many other games that handle blueprints this way, there seems to be no harm in allowing this, does it? I would like to know (And I believe many others too) your take on this Screenshot attached of a test little house I made to check the blueprint work.