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    Hi so no this does not come to my addons because with the account of my friend I see the workshop but with my count down nothing more Here is a faith disconnect I see all the workshop
  2. FriendZone38


    Hello I have not yet received yland workshop all pictures are white (only when I am logged in) and I can not subscribe to anything thanks for your help! (car I have had no support answer...)
  3. FriendZone38


    Thank you very much for your reply as fast and thank you also for facilitating the task of google translation (which does not fulfill very well :D) I confess I did not think to follow the seagulls thank you.
  4. FriendZone38


    français : Bonjour je suis nouveau sur ce forum et sur ce jeu j’orrais aimer savoir comment es que l'ont doit faire pour avoir un monde avec plusieurs régions différentes je pense que la fonction ne doit pas être encore implanté dans le jeu car je ne l'est trouvée nulle par merci de vos réponce et désoler sur si je poste ce message dans la mauvaise catégorie . anglais (google traduction) :Hello I am new on this forum and on this game I would like to know how to have a world with several different regions I think the function does not have yet to be implanted in the car game I do not find it by thank you Of your answers and sorry about if I post this message in the wrong category.