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  1. Hey, I was messing about with energy networks earlier and found that it's not possible to create a loop in a network. I was trying to create some sort of clock/pulse generator using a series of not gates to make lights auotomatically flash. Allowing loops in networks would also allow us to create flip-flops/latches (great when creating mazes/puzzle maps - storing user inputs). If allowing loops in networks would be too difficult an alternative would be creating a pulse generator object and a latch object. I think that either of these would hugely improve gameplay. Sensors would also be really useful - proximity and light - to create warning systems for NPCs or other players, and to make it so that streetlights only come on at night. Hopefully it's possible to create some of these. Cheers.
  2. stephenhorton

    RESOLVED [Solved] Menu not loading - only black screen

    That worked -- thank you
  3. stephenhorton

    RESOLVED [Solved] Menu not loading - only black screen

    Just noticed I still had the game open when attaching the logs - here they are again now that it's closed output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. I'm trying to open ylands through steam but it's only opening the game window - never loading anything. I tried opening it a few times, restarting my machine between tries, and also left it for a while in case it was just loading, but I'm getting the same each time. I've not played it since before Christmas, and today got windows updates and the ylands updates. Anything anybody can suggest would be great - cheers output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt