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  1. Vokurka

    Dev Diary #142 - Experimental Build (and Ales)

    I'm so excited for new "exploration" because it's only mode what I play
  2. Vokurka

    Item's I would love seen

    1 - A water supply, fountains, pools 2 - We can build airports but we don't have planes. Speed same as boats will be ok. 3 - We can build cars but some people love trains ? 4 - The night is dark and full of terrors so we need more types of lights ? 5 - We can build energy doors so i want to know how to build a teleport station with possibility to teleport from one island to another. 6 - In the night I was looking at the sky and I saw the moon. In the future I want possibility to build a rocket. ??
  3. Hello. I play Exploration mode and I have a lot of fun. After more than 20 hours of playing I have few suggestions to change. 1. Barriere - I want relocate my barriere generator to the new location or possibility to buy a new generator for coyns or give us possibility to make new one with expensive recipe or give us a choice at the start of the new game to check (destroyable or fixed generator) if we want to play alone or with other people. 2. Zirconium helmet light is too bright in the night + give us possibility to switch that light off. 3. I'm almost immortal in my Zirconium armor. Is this a bug ? 4. I really want planes Thank you
  4. Vokurka

    Canal through my yland

    #Adam Snellgrove: It's sounds amazing. Thank you for reply
  5. Vokurka

    Canal through my yland

    Hello. I want to build something like a "Suez Canal" for my ships through the yland but when i remove some terrain I can't fill that hole with water like in older version of the "Ylands". I tried it in Exploration mode and Sandbox. How to do it know ?
  6. Hello. I can not save my ingame settings now (game version 0.12). In previous version everything was fine. I want to change graphic settings from low to ultra and invert my mouse because everything was reset to default after update and I can't play without mouse invert ? output_log.txt
  7. Vokurka

    Dev Diary #70

    I am still waiting for trains
  8. Vokurka

    So we made a thing...

    I have bought and played this game after launch. At version 0.7 or 0.8 I was taking a long break. Now I am trying to play sometimes when I have some time. :-)
  9. Vokurka

    So we made a thing...

    awesome :)
  10. Vokurka

    0.9: Comfortable Cooperation (08/06/2018)

    Need to do some repairs on my motorcycle but I cant now ! thank you very much
  11. Vokurka

    Sneak Peek #50

    ..With 0.9 the default size of the barrier will be made larger (currently we’re testing a volume three times the original size).... Thanks god for this !
  12. Vokurka

    Sneak Peek #49

    I still love this game
  13. Same problem. Cant login into to game.Play only single player (survive). output_log.txt my save: output_log.txt Everything was fine before hour ago. 298610.rar Aleš Ulm: "You press Play in your Steam client and this message pops up? Is it still happening?" Yes just press play in steam client and i have this message on my monitor. edit: grr .. everything is OK now .. look its happen sometimes
  14. Vokurka

    combine harvester

    maybe something for wood harvest but really dont need .. just for fun