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  1. Berzeger

    1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    We've released one more hotfix today which should finally resolve the eating problem for everyone. Thanks for your patience and happy holidays!
  2. Berzeger

    Nitrado Woes

    Please also note that the Scenario upload button on the left only appears after switching the settings to "upload".
  3. Berzeger

    error on start [Experimental Build]

    Hi, thanks for the report, it should be fixed in today's version.
  4. Hi, in order to delete your Bohemia account, please send an email to support@bistudio.com. There is no other way to delete the account.
  5. Hmmm, could you please try to see if you find the files in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Bohemia Interactive\Ylands\Crashes?
  6. By "in use by someone else" do you mean that it says the panel is open for someone else? Or is it a different message?
  7. Hi Aloyrdalla, can you please first verify that you can see the d3d11.dll file in your Windows\System32 folder?
  8. Thanks for the clarification!
  9. Hi Japle, do the crashes by any chance occur mostly when you're sailing on a ship? Or do they happen randomly?
  10. From what I see in the log, it looks like the game is constantly switching the input device from your KB+M to the gamepad and vice versa (which definitely shouldn't be happening). Is it possible that you put something on the gamepad which might be triggering some of the buttons or joysticks? Could you please try if you still get the lag even with the controller physically disconnected from your PC?
  11. The large files that you mention are actually the ones that we need! If you zip them, they should get significantly smaller. Judging by their size, something really nasty went awry.
  12. I realize that, but the issue appears to be happening on the server, projecting itself to clients ?
  13. Hi guys, can someone send us logs from a server that doesn't let you in?
  14. Hey guys, as a mitigation, we've increased the cloud size from 1.9 GB to 10 GB. That should help before we solve the issue in a more proper way. Thanks for your patience! This change should apply automatically, without the need to push out a new version of the game.