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  1. Apokh

    Editor not seeing files

    Same here
  2. Apokh

    Building Contest -- Which game should win?

    Thank you all <3 Awesome
  3. Apokh

    Building Contest -- Which game should win?

    I think ALL of these would be fun as part of a game. Thats for sure.
  4. Apokh

    P1 Building Contest #2 - Gameplay

    So here is my gameplay-submission. ENJOY! If you like it, i count on your vote - when the poll goes online! Instruction: Unpack the file attached to : \Steam\userdata\<yourID>\298610\remote\Scenarios\ LOOPME.zip
  5. Apokh

    P1 Building Contest #2 - Gameplay

    Biting thru some really annoying issues with the spawn logics of the editor atm but will circumnavigate with addidional amount of time for my project. Guess I´ll have it ready on tim tomorrow in the evening. @RedEagle_P1. Deadline is June 30th.... 0 hrs...CET/PST/EST??? Guess every Minute wil be valuable^^
  6. Apokh

    Crazy cool idea?

    You mean like an Y-ARK...nooou....
  7. Apokh

    Sneak Peek #52

    ...without a doubt hes referring to the "clutter my inventory with stuff I already put in some other container" bug But perhaps he means the thing, where u cannot stack items with items of the same type which you painted before. Or that, when you build smth and the part you just dropped is invisible until you relog..... Hmm...I don´t know nuffing, Jon Snow.
  8. Apokh

    P1 Building Contest #2 - Gameplay

    No hill needed, i dont even know wheather (or not) the physics in yland would make a difference in car speed (memo to the devs: add speed display in editor). Perhaps when i did some practise on the game logics i can build thrusters ;D This week my son is on a trip with his school, so no "role modelling" this week (regarding to PC time)
  9. Apokh

    P1 Building Contest #2 - Gameplay

    It can, after endless trial&error i found the correct angles for every segment. Atm its a little tricky to steer the car with full speed, which makes it kind of gambling to hit the right angle. After a little polishig according to the accelation track and the loop itself it should be not a problem.
  10. Apokh

    P1 Building Contest #2 - Gameplay

    I am in. Got my first little "game snippet" almost done. I guess I wont have enough time to present you the whole minigame as intended but I will provide as much as I can till the end of the week. But as I´m working on it - and got things working more and more ideas come together. I´ll probably work on this for a while (...0.10 come to meeee) ...
  11. Apokh

    Editor questions

    no its just buidling at this stage of my editor exp. Logics perhaps in the next step Trying to build something "round" out of "squared" blocks....
  12. Apokh

    Editor questions

    somehow i got the rotate thing to work now. Thank you. I wont tell now ...its for the contest (if it it works)
  13. Apokh

    Editor questions

    seems at least the rotate thing doesnt work as described. Doing atm every single stone in a row (which is very tedious) via the item settings themselves. The linked post I alredy read but its very basic.
  14. Apokh

    Editor questions

    Hey guys, trying to get familiar with the ed. Some questions at this: - how does the rotating thing work? Found the angle changer and the rotation tool itself, but it only does 90 deg steps (with that y-axis-rotation circle), managed to make somehow (one time) a 5 deg step but dunno how . Also found the Object settings where I can change the angle but thats not practicable for groups of items like stone blocks etc. - how does the grouping work? Managed to make a group and was happy i wont have to change angle, position etc for every single block (for I need hundreds to position) but the group seems not to habe "group settings" for position, angle etc to move/rotate all items within the group at once. - whats the matter with the scaling tool? did not get it to work, wanted to make a stone block larger/ longer. more to come... Best regards