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    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    I really appreciate the fact that you guys are planning to make it challenging, cause I gotta admit that at the moment it is not challenging at all... struggling to survive is fixed within a couple of minutes (there is no thirst to worry about and food is in high abundance) and the "enemies" are just a few, I mean you really gotta look for them to create some action. I would have love to be able to add game logic to a saved games in order to add spawn triggers and make the game more difficult and add some action (e.g. scatter around the island multiple trigger zone to spawn mummies when entered and exited by any entity so that the map get populated by enemies ). I know that this can be done within a scenario but the terrain in the editor are nothing like an explore map and are bounded to one type of biome (you may miss a key material like rubber) and just a maximum of 5 islands. That being said, I didn't mean to complain I love the game and its potential! I just wish that your vision is gonna take fully shape as soon as possible. You guys are doing a great job, especially for the excellent communication whit the community!