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    RESOLVED [YLD-9389] groundhog day ...stuck time in MP ?

    Here are our Files, we had the same issue, or have it. But I think we don´t go to sleep, I just lay down on the Bag and disconnected. BR Chris log.txt log_clean.txt
  2. Mailman-95783b10849e5f3e

    KNOWN ISSUE Nobody is poosible to respawn on Server

    I will check it again after 0.6.3. I´m not sure that it is the same Problem, because you die -> OK but after this you get no new Character, but in the game other people can see copies of yourself for every Try, but you can´t play one of them.
  3. Hi, With the Files I added in [YLD-8307] Ship get´s black, unfortunely there is another Issue. We cannot respawn in the game, you get stucked in the "New Character" Screen. We have seen that when you die no Tombestone is created and the Body is lying there. It´s possible to remove the body with the Editor and copy the Game back to the DS. But´s that not possible for everyone. I think it started, when I removed in Editor the false mounted Protective Barrier of a Friend, but I´m not sure. I have tried, you cannot spawn in the Savegame on singleplayer either. Thanks BR Chris
  4. Mailman-95783b10849e5f3e

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8307] Ship get´s black

    Here you are, Serverfiles We can reproduce this Error every Time BR Chris log.txt log_clean.txt Savegame.zip
  5. Mailman-95783b10849e5f3e

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8307] Ship get´s black

    Hi, I have so much fun playing Ylands, so I help where I can Unfortunely the Server logfiles have 20 & 13Gb so I think it´s to big to put it here in Place. On the other side I think it´s not normal for an DS to generate this mass on Logfile running 5 Days. Please contact me where and how I can let you get the DS_Serverlogs. If you want them. BR Chris
  6. Mailman-95783b10849e5f3e

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8307] Ship get´s black

    Hi, Forget to say, it seems that this is an Server issue, We were playing on an DS, and all three who get out of Vision of the ship had this Problem, the guy who stay on ship not. Do you need some Server files too? BR Chris
  7. Mailman-95783b10849e5f3e

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8307] Ship get´s black

    Hy, Here you are, maybe a little bit big Thanks BR, Chris output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Mailman-95783b10849e5f3e

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8307] Ship get´s black

    Hi, We have much fun with this game but there are some issues For example, when you are on a new Island and you go out of the vision from the ship. when you come back the ship is only a black hull.. when you leave the Server and coming back, ship is ok again. Do you need something more? Thanks ! Chris