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  1. GrynnReaper

    DEV ANSWER Some bugs i have noticed

    i am, but i was unaware that it could drift north east or south east, i'll keep checking.
  2. 1- occasionally i will lose the ability to eat. reloading the game fixes this 2- While placing light sources on the ship works, they fall off when lit. this might also be true with campfire. will check. 3- not sure the sun rises in the east. 4- Periodic hanging of the game. Happens often, game hangs for a second or 2 then comes back.
  3. GrynnReaper

    Building a ship...

    ah thank you
  4. GrynnReaper

    Building a ship...

    Large ship already has a wheel on it, i asked how to make a sail, not make it sail. How do i craft a sail.
  5. GrynnReaper

    Building a ship...

    Ok, so i got the hull in the water, how do i make a sail?
  6. GrynnReaper

    exploration multiplayer?

    Just got a friend to buy the game only to find out that i can't host a multiplayer game on the exploration map. Whats up with that...
  7. GrynnReaper

    Sneak Peek #15

    Submarines! ironsight aiming. underwater construction. watch Seaquest you'll get it.
  8. GrynnReaper

    Smelting material

    Ah thank you, well that was 204 old coins scrapped and wasted lol.
  9. GrynnReaper

    Smelting material

    How do i use this stuff? got a forge and a smelting furnace blazing and i get nothing, i have 40ish smelting material
  10. GrynnReaper

    Sneak Peek #12

    Thats a mighty fine looking viking longship you have there...i need dat. Also nice looking...particle accelerator? Maybe a powered tram car rail?
  11. GrynnReaper

    Dev Diary #2

    Oh happy days i wasn't expectingit that soon! looks good .19 will be out in time for my birthday! Thanks
  12. GrynnReaper

    Three little suggestions

    Thank you!
  13. GrynnReaper

    Three little suggestions

    needle? where do you get the needle?
  14. GrynnReaper


    Are there fishing rods in the game? would be cool to take a break while searching for islands to fish off the boat or raft
  15. GrynnReaper

    Dev Diary #2

    So is there a soft ballpark guesstimation on 0.19? really looking forward to it! Mostly because i'm a hoarder and leaving stuff behind when i leave the island makes me cry.