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  1. Jepopoi

    About Mystery Island

    i have no idea what to put in the footstool
  2. Jepopoi

    Xcrossbow and Sharktrophy

    Yes i have found them just now. At least with this thread people would know that it does exist albeit in a random encounter. thanks everyone
  3. Jepopoi

    Xcrossbow and Sharktrophy

    xcrossbow pistol i mean
  4. hello i can see that these 2 items are not craftable anymore. i would just want to confirm if i can obtain them any other way or am i just chasing after something nonexistent. i need it cause it's a requirement for a certain place
  5. Jepopoi

    About Mystery Island

    guys have you seen the shark trophy?
  6. Jepopoi

    Propeller wont cool down

    Hello everyone, we have resolved the issue. If this ever happens to anyone, open your inventory, left click the propeller, click drop. You can then wear a new propeller or if there is someone else with you, drop the propeller on the ground and let him wear it and give it back to you.
  7. Jepopoi

    Yland mobile and PC

    Hello my friend bought the exploration pack on mobile but can't access it on PC and she plays on PC. I thought the 2 accounts are connected to each other. Is it possible to connect both or transfer the exploration pack if it can't be connected?
  8. I have obtained all the keys necessary to open the spheres but the last key doesn't work on the last sphere.
  9. Yes i have added here thank you
  10. Nvm i got it! i sent already
  11. How exactly do i do this. is it through the Devs message thing
  12. Can this be resloved today i want to play with my gerlfrend pls i will send it now.
  13. How do I show you these logs thing. I havent logged in since I saw the duplication for fear of not getting my steamship back
  14. I have been working on my steam boat in exploration for the last 2 days or so. I have another boat as well that im using currently. So what happened is, I claimed ownership over the steam boat, and then i got disconnected, then when i logged in, the ownership was back to the wooden boat! BUT! now I have 2 wooden boats! With all the items inside! It might be a bug for duplication but i just want my steam ship back pls. Can you help me with my steam ship? i work very hard on that
  15. I have lost my steamboat that i'm currently working on and for some reason have duplicated my previous boat with all the resources inside the containers too. Has this ever happened to anyone?