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  1. Hi, On my seacond boat, the stairs acted very weird. They teleported me to the stairs on my other boat. When i broke the stairs on the other ship and tried again it dropped me out of the world and I died. Then I tried the stairs on the other side of the ship and it worked. After arriving at a new island where i never been before, the polar island, and trying to use the ladder to get back up to the ship when it got cold, I droppen to the bottom of the world again and I spawned at my first Island........... Not fun.
  2. JensNysse

    RESOLVED Anvil and Saw missing in catalog :(

    My anvil and saw appeared eventuelly. Probably after I relogged
  3. Hi, I'm playing an multiplayer game visible to others with password. As I have reached to the point where I need an Blacksmith Forge, I can see it in the catalog, and I have all the missing recepies except Anvil. I have all the materials that the Wiki says i should have, 1x Iron Ingot and a hammer. But I can't find the Anvil in the catalog is this a bug or should I do something to unlock it? Same thing is for the Saw. thank you, best regards, Nysse